We have a situation on this Board that needs to be addressed.  I have started this thread to get a dialogue going.  I do not claim to have all the answers, but I do have, and will make, some suggestions.

There have been several posts made on this Board in the last few weeks which, in my opinion, violate our Number One Rule: No personal attacks.  To me, this is a broad rule.  It applies to how we interact with each other, certainly.  We can disagree with each other, of course, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, even strongly held ones, even controversial ones.

But I think that "No personal attacks" also applies to our comments on comics creators.  We can criticize the work, certainly, but this is a place where we don't criticize the person.  Their work, yes; their actions, yes (for example, responding to a creator's Twitter comments).  But their is a line.  I think some posters do not realize that just because it is open season on creators on some corners of the internet, that type of thing is not okay here.

It's not just comics creators either.  I think the same should apply to any entertainer we discuss (because we discuss a lot of them); again, it is the work we should comment on, not people we really don't know.  I shudder to think if we started having threads on polarizing figures from the worlds of religion and politics.

We have seen several posts lately in the past few weeks where the "No personal attacks" rule has been broken.  What could be deemed as personal attacks on creators has lead to personal attacks on other posters.  This is not a place for flame wars.

It needs to stop.

This is the Captain Comics Message Board.  The members are collectively known as the "Legion of Superfluous Heroes" which is why we refer to ourselves so often as Legionnaires.  It's a little corny, but it also gives us a sense of identity. 

Because his name is on the marquee, this is Cap's house, and we are his guests, and I think we lose sight of that sometimes.  When we violate the rule of "No personal attacks", we disrespect each other, we disrespect the Board, and we disrespect Andrew "Captain Comics" Smith.  None of that is acceptable, and I will not be silent about it any longer.

It should be clear what the rules of this place are.  It should be clear who the moderators are, and how to contact them.  There is plenty of info on the home page, and this should be there for all to see.

This should be a Board where all are welcome as long as they are respectful of this place.  It is, as Commander Benson put it so eloquently only a few months ago, a haven.

This is a great Board, and what I have been talking about is a bump in the road.  But it's a big bump right now, and it needs to be fixed.

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Congratulations, John. 

Having been a moderator, i can tell you it is a great job.  It is not a fun job.  Especially when you have to use your authority to deal with the very thing you spoke of here in this thread. 

You may be called upon to vote on banning a member.  That comes when you deal with one that will not abide by the rules.  Some want to be hard to get along with and feel like they can say what they please.  Those do not need a forum here. 

Some will make a mistake.  They had a bad day and they come here and vent out of that frustration.  They will need to be spoken to about what they posted.  You will tell if there is regret and they will need another chance.  Those that receive that second chance will be thankful and will be better members. 

Best wishes as you take this role. 

Congratulations, John! I was also a moderator at one time. Thank you for stepping up before even being asked.

I have no idea what incidents you're talking about, but I'm thinking it won't take me long to figure it out.

Thanks for the well wishes folks!

Congratulations, John.

Congratulations, John. I, too, once upon a time was a moderator, and I am confident that you'll do well. You've already demonstrated the kind of initiative and responsibility the job calls for. 

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