I'm so excited! Tonight two new episodes of Chuck!

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Doctor Hmmm? said:
ClarkKent_DC said:
So what do we think of the Big Reveal in tonight's episode?

I haven't had a chance to watch the tape yet, so I don't know what the Big Reveal was. But I began having some suspicions of where this was going after last week's Sara flashback. Was I on the right track?

I don't know how to answer that without giving it away if you haven't seen it yet, but you probably are ...
Dear Producers of Chuck:

You can stop making episodes now. Chuck's Great Character Arc has come to an end. The only story left to tell is how Chuck and Sara get out of the spy biz and live happily ever after -- and I'd just as soon use my imagination for that one.

Thanks, and have a great post-Chuck career.

Dr. Hmmm?
I understand that that last episode was meant to be a season finale, but the network ordered six more episodes for this year.

I had to figure, what with all the hand-wringing Sarah was doing about Chuck being the guy she fell for that he would have to lose his virginity, so to speak, and shoot somebody. It kind of bothers me, a bit, that this was accomplished by reducing Sarah to a mere damsel in distress, but it ultimately was a satisfying tale.

I also liked the bits of business with General Beckman and her increasing exasperation with Chuck and Morgan (and Casey). They don't give her a lot to do, but she certainly makes the most of it.

I think there are a few more stories to tell with Chuck and Sarah, but I'm not looking forward to Ellie finding out Chuck's secret because we can expect her to whine that Awesome and Morgan knew before she did. As a doctor, she ought to appreciate the need for confidentiality.

By the way, anyone who is a fan of Jeffster! should keep watching ...
I got a bit behind, and saw last week's episode of Chuck the day before this week's, so I'll talk about them both.

First off, Chuck and Sarah! They're together at last! And on a slow train ride to Prague (the only way to travel), where they're banging each other nonstop like a pair of rabid, sex-crazed weasels! Ah, young love ...

It is nice to see Sarah have something to smile about; she's beautiful when she's happy. I think this ought to put to rest the notion that a show goes downhill when the writers resolve the sexual tension between the leads; I think the will-they-or-won't-they business was more harmful to Chuck than letting them be together. (The whole we-have-to-keep-them-apart stuff between Betty and Henry on Ugly Betty certainly damaged that show, perhaps irreparably. *sob*)

And the developing bond between Morgan and Casey is interesting. It certainly seems that Casey has come to respect Morgan a whole lot sooner than he did Chuck, and he might even like Morgan, too.

But then there's Ellie and Awesome ... I was kind of glad they were sent off to Doctors Without Borders, because I thought it meant we won't see them again. No such luck. Awesome I like, but I've never seen Ellie do anything but whine and nag and nag and whine that Chuck doesn't talk to her any more, Chuck keeps secrets from me, Chuck doesn't pay attention to me, my little brother Chuck is growing up -- enough, already!

So, she goes to Africa, and finds something new to whine about. Typical.

Granted, she doesn't really want to be in Africa doing Doctors Without Borders; she's doing it because Awesome led her to believe he wants to do it. But he doesn't really want to do it, either; he's doing it to get away from Chuck and his spy life and entanglements. But I just know that when Ellie finds out Chuck's a spy, she's just going to whine that everybody knew before she did.
Chuck made NBC's Fall schedule. Hip hip hooray!
So ... how about that season finale?

Except for the last five minutes, this could well have served as a series finale. Everything was wrapped pretty neatly: the Ring was vanquished, Shaw was defeated, Casey connected with his daughter, Ellie learned the truth, Chuck and Ellie lost Dad (*sob*), Morgan and Awesome stepped up in the crunch (yay!), and -- surprise of surprises -- the Buy More was destroyed!
Just added this to the video section: http://captaincomics.ning.com/video/jeffster-blaze-of-glory

Jeffster!'s video from the season finale in all its cheesy glory.

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