I'm so excited! Tonight two new episodes of Chuck!

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No more Hannah? I don't know about that. She could quit her job and disappear, I suppose.

And, yeah, that was harsh.
Well, would Hannah want to keep working there with creeps like Jeff and Lester, Morgan hanging around like a lovesick puppy, and Chuck, the guy who broke her heart, right there every day?
I admit that I've never liked Morgan much. But I've never liked Morgan more than I did last night. In a situation where Morgan could have been written as jealous of Chuck, instead he was supportive and proud of Chuck and (channeling the audience) told Chuck what he needed to hear. During the key action sequence, Morgan has a "That's my buddy out there!" look that you'd want your best friend to have. And Morgan is brave (if foolish). And Sara backs up Chuck in his assessment of Morgan.

Yay, Morgan!

Still ... best line of the night? "Awesome is awesome. Grimes is a moron."

I don't think Chuck started flashing again for the reason Chuck thinks he did.

Oh ... and Jeffster!
Morgan being brave, if foolish, was the high point of the show. Discovering that there's a secret CIA base under the workplace and goons are about to blow it up, and he resolves to take them on, in all sincerity, with a pair of electric carving knives? Wonderful!
Have they ever established what, if anything, Buy More corporate knows about the CIA's activities? It seems obvious that Buy More isn't a CIA front per se, but do they have some sort of "understanding?" And what's the deal with the yogurt place?
Spooks have a thing about yogurt. Haven't you ever watched Burn Notice?
One thing I have to wonder: Isn't the secret headquarters impossibly compromised? I mean, the Bad Guys were crawling all over the place all day!

Doctor Hmmm? said:
I don't think Chuck started flashing again for the reason Chuck thinks he did.
Oh ... and Jeffster!

Really? What's your theory? Inquiring minds want to know!
Nothing deep. It's just that Chuck seems to think that what freed him up was that he was finally able to open up and talk freely to his friend. (At least, that's the reason he gives for keeping Morgan around, rather than shipping him off to a secure facility. Of course, he may just be trying to save Morgan from that.)

But it seemed to me that really opened him up again was admitting, out loud and to himself, that he was still in love with Sara.
So something that just clicked for me as I was watching the most recent episode, and please feel free to tell me how dense I am for not thinking of this before, but...

It just occurred to me that one of the recurring visual cues we've gotten for Shaw this season is a close up of his wedding band. So is it just coincidence that a touchstone piece of his character is a Ring?
Regarding last week's episode: I was more than certain that there had to be some way for Chuck to get out of this assignment without actually killing his target, but the target still had to wind up dead all the same ... and the answer was exactly as I thought it would be. However, this creates a new predicament (well, more than one); Chuck has basically passed his test by cheating. So how can he expect to carry on, especially once he's ordered to do it again?

Also, why exactly did this test require him to kill the mole rather than arrest him? Spies aren't necessarily (necessarily) assassins.

As for Shaw -- I'm waiting for that plotline to be over. I don't mind (too much) the Chuck and Sarah break-up-to-make-up stuff, but I just don't see Sarah and Shaw as a plausible couple the way I did see Chuck and Hannah. In other words, Hannah was a believable complication in the way of Chuck and Sarah's eventual happiness, but Shaw isn't.

Maybe there is something to this (wedding) Ring business ...
So what do we think of the Big Reveal in tonight's episode?
ClarkKent_DC said:
So what do we think of the Big Reveal in tonight's episode?

I haven't had a chance to watch the tape yet, so I don't know what the Big Reveal was. But I began having some suspicions of where this was going after last week's Sara flashback. Was I on the right track?

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