Review: 'My Favorite Martian: The Complete Series, Volume One'

My Favorite Martian: The Complete Series, Volume One, Hermes Press, $49.99

I applaud Hermes Press for reprinting all the Gold Key books that Dark Horse and Dynamite Entertainment don't have the rights to, which is pretty much all the TV-to-comics stuff. So I want to read My Favorite Martian: The Complete Series, Volume One, and Volume Two, if there is one.


But let's not kid ourselves. This is bad comics, derived from bad TV. I'm buying and reading it pro forma. There's no other reason to.


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This is one of the few (the only, I think) TV comic book series from Hermes Press I did not buy. Even cheesy stuff like Land of the Giants, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Dark Shadows, I but to supplement the cheesy TV shows on DVD, but I don't care to own either the TV or comic book version of My Favorite Martian.

I was absolutely 100% sure that this post was an April Fool's joke. So I had to check, and either, it's not -- or the joke goes deeper than I expected, since it's on the publisher's website. It just makes no sense no how to me to do a book like this. (I actually have the issue pictured on the cover, by the way; I think my Grandma bought it for me back in the day.)

...How about a book of the Dell GET SMART title ? Steve Ditko drew for it !!!!!!!!!

  Speaking of Dell TVadapts - what about THE MONKEES ? Maybe another one'll die soon , and amp up the interest ( he he he ) !!!!!!!!!

  I guess THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. has a fan following...

  Jeff , are you aware of the Pictofiction - " Storybooks " -digest-sized stuff , combining prose stories and comics-style illustrations , by comics professionals , of DARK SHADOWS that Gold Key put out ???

  They put out others of these , too ( RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT ! , for one . ) . Have the DS ones been reished ? I've meant to write this hear for the longest...

Emerkeith Davyjack said

"Speaking of Dell TVadapts - what about THE MONKEES ? Maybe another one'll die soon , and amp up the interest ( he he he ) !!!!!!!!!"

Don't you think that was phrased a bit badly? As is, it definitely seems in poor taste to me.

Meanwhile... Personally, I would love for someone to collect the original Dark Shadows comics from Gold Key (I only have 1 issue), let alone the later attempt from Innovation, because distribution of the latter seemed to be sporadic to my local comic book store (circa 1990s) when originally released.

...I was , like , being ironic and stuff ( oh , and that " he he..." ) .

Craig, are you saying this entire post is on the Hermes website? Yikes, I hope not. I really do applaud Hermes for collecting this material, even if some of it isn't very good. I hope they clipped the last sentence!

Also, to Lee: Gold Key's Dark Shadows is being collected, by Hermes. They're up to volume 3, with volume 4 available for pre-order.

No no, I was just saying that maybe it was a joke that originated with them, and you picked up on it (or fell for it). Well, I guess not, since it's April 2 and it's still listed on their site. I just can't wrap my head around the idea of there being a market for a fifty dollar hardback collection of this particularly mediocre title for which, as far as I know, there is absolutely no clamor. And the presumptuousness of labeling it 'Volume 1' was, I perceived, them tipping their hand and going over the top with the gag. But hey, I learned long ago that I know nothing about marketing or what sells, so pay no attention to me. I guess there is a demand for DVDs of the TV series, so maybe that crowd would jump at this as well.

I think there's a market for material like this because of aging Boomers trying to recapture their childhood. Many of them won't blanch at the price tag, either. But that's just a guess.

I think my reaction was colored by the fact that, as a kid, I was as undiscerning as they came -- I liked anything! And I still thought that My Favorite Martian comic stunk.

What I remember most about My Favorite Martian was Bill Bixby. Even at the time I wondered if what he did on the show was what real reporters did. Seemed like an easy job! I wonder if that influenced my later career choice ... :)

If Bixby's name is familiar it's because after My Favorite Martian, Bixby did The Courtship of Eddie's Father, then David Banner on Incredible Hulk. He died a few years ago of cancer. 

"My Favorite MartainS",dude.


It had2 Martians,1 teenage,and 2 humans IIRC.Filmation made it." The World's Worst Animation Company"? (Surely not-please forgive me my hypocricy??,Lou.)

Bill Bixby once hosted this pretty jive "Revealing Elvis Presly's Secrets - Is He Alive" live TV show on which some Memphis Mafia members appeaed,they played up heavily the "Is the King still alive??" issue-They came to the conclusion that he wasn't.Oh well.

What,they could not get Geraldo?(Again-hypocricy.) Or Mike Walker from the Enquirer??

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

  There was a Saturday morning cartoon show I remember.  And for some reason when I think of this show I think of Mr. Ed.  Maybe they ran together in syndication.

There was also the 1999 My Favorite Martian film which was an odd mix of not-quite remake and not-quite continuation of the TV series. New actors were playing characters named the same as the ones from the original series, but then Ray Walston shows up, seemingly playing his old familiar character. The same maneuver was pulled for the 1997 McHale's Navy film.

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