I remember an early Next Gen episode where Wesley, possibly Picard, and some random bozo were stranded on an alien world, wandering around aimlessly. It was revealed that the random was hiding water from the others and drinking it all himself, but then in a later reveal we learn he was actually drinking alcohol to quench his thirst and Wesley, basically, explains to him why he's an idiot for doing this.

Anyone know the episode offhand?

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I think I found it - "Final Mission". I'll leave this post up anyway, just in case I'm wrong.

Whoever the 'random' was, I like his style. I'd get xxxx-faced too, if I was stranded on some planet with Wesley Crusher.

I think this notice describes the sequence.

I remember that episode. The drunk in question was played by Nick Tate, who played Alan Carter on Space: 1999.

By the way, Mr S, did you ever find that parallel worlds story you were looking for? I read "The House of Many Worlds" by Sam Merwin, Jr recently, and wondered if that was it, but I can't remember your description. In "The House of Many Worlds" the protagonists first travel to a version of North America in which the War of 1814 resulted in the overthrow of Madison's government and the refounding of the US as the Columbian Republic, with its capital at New Orleans. Later they travel to an alternative US ruled by a third President Roosevelt in a world where there is a threat of war due to over-population. In the sequel, "The Three Faces of Time", most of the action is set in the Roman Empire on an Earth two millennia behind ours, which is threatened with invasion by an advanced Earth which is a nasty matriarchy.

Luke - No, I never did find it. The story I read was a short story, and the twist at the end was, after being terrified that the locals would identify them as dimension hoppers, the heroes meet a bartender who casually produces a Triple-A style map of the dimensions and shows them how to get home.

resurrected photo res.gifThere's a list of  "Inn Between the Worlds" stories here which has several possibilities.

This post displaced the thread All-purpose newspaper strips discussion line from the home page.

Just saw your post Luke. Thanks! I will check that list out!

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