Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show starts tonight. Anyone else watching?

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Ooh... I didn't get the reference, either (obviously).

Tuesday is definitely our favorite TV night, with both Ringer and Parenthood.

There were too many twists in last night’s episode to list, nor would I want to spoil them… for anyone who might still be watching this show. Those who aren’t watching the show wouldn’t care (and probably aren’t reading this discussion, anyway), but if there is such a person who follows the discussion of a show he doesn’t watch, know that I (for one, at least) think this show keeps getting better and better.

Last week, Bridget confided her true identity to Siobhan’s “best friend” Gemma. One might hope that the two would become friends in their own right, but that’s not a particularly realistic expectation, especially in a show of this type. What Gemma does with the information is the basis for a series of plot twists which barrel headlong to the episode’s shock ending.
Every time I see in the opening, “This is the story of two sisters,” I think to myself, “Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell.” :P

The plot thickens (as it does every week). We have learned who is behind whatever happened to Gemma, but still not what, exactly, happened to her. (Kidnapped? Murdered? Something else?) Bridget is walking a slippery slope in trying to frame her own true identity for Gemma’s disappearance. It’s only a matter of time before someone thinks to check “Siobhan’s” fingerprints. I wonder how they’re going to circumvent that eventuality?
I have been watching this. But the soapiness of it is making it hard for me to give it my full attention. From your summaries there's a lot I've been missing!

I haven't given up trying to get a discussion started just yet!


Good to know there's at least one other person still watching this show (and reading this thread).

I'm a couple episodes behind...we were gone for over a week and our DVR is full!
Ringer wasn’t on last night, so we watched the first episode of Once Upon a Time (from Sunday), the Fables-like TV show by the writers of Lost (as opposed to the Fables-like TV show by the writers of Buffy/Angel), and I understand at last why more people aren’t enjoying Ringer the way I am. I am, therefore, giving up trying to get a discussion going about Ringer. I’m done.

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