Many of you remember Dagwan from the old boards. Brian as he was known by those who shopped at his comic shop. Brian passed away sometime earlier this morning or late last night. I do not know the exact details as I just received word. Please keep his daughter in your thoughts and prayers during this time.

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When I joined the board in 2012 I think he had already stopped posting, so I never had the pleasure.

I see there are Facebook pages for both Brian Jacoby and his store. No indication of his passing. He last posted to Facebook from the hospital on November 27, saying he was awaiting more information about his respiratory problem.

I added a short post to his store's Facebook page to make people aware he had passed and that his store would probably be providing more information.

This is so sad. He was a good man.

I'm sorry for your loss, Jason.

I had to wait a day to say anything. I'm really too choked up to say what needs to be said.

I loved having him on the board. I loved tweeting with him. I loved asking him for quotes for the column. I loved talking to him, period.

Good journey, Dags. You'll be missed more than it's in my power to say.

A little Beanworld for Brian...

That is so, so sad.  Dags was such a great guy, and such a great member of the Legion.  He'll be missed by so many.

It is a shame. He was a good guy.

Sorry to hear that. His family will probably never be able to enjoy Thanksgiving again.

Not necessarily.  My mother passed away a week before Christmas, in 2007.  That Christmas and the next one were hard, and we will always miss her.  But it was also her favorite time of year, and we know she would want us to enjoy the holidays; and as far as I'm concerned, she's with us in spirit, especially then.

Some people never adust to that though.

The day after Thanksgiving they ran the MASH episode where they struggled to keep a soldier from dying on Christmas Day. Finally Hawkeye moved the clock and said "Look, he made it."

That's true, but I hope that isn't the case for Brian's family.  Losing a parent is never easy, but speaking from experience, time does help to heal.

Well said, John. I concur that the time of year doesn't necessarily mean a lifetime of grief.

John Dunbar (the mod of maple) said:

That's true, but I hope that isn't the case for Brian's family.  Losing a parent is never easy, but speaking from experience, time does help to heal.

You know, whenever I think of Dagwan and Baby Bean I think of that two foot tall Galactus toy... in diapers... and it never fails to bring a smile to my face (even now, although it's a sad smile). He loved his daughter so much. My thoughts go to her at this most difficult of times.

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