I've recently stumbled into buying Image's " old school Image " title, THE SAVAGE DRAGON, by Erik K. Larsen. I bought #252 which turned into #253 and now I guess I'll make it for keeps with #254, which I guess is not out yet. I have had extremely little contact with TSD over the years - It has been the one " Original Image " to continue, lo, these many years and under the original creator (SPAWN has continued under non-MacFarlane creators).

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I buy Savage Dragon very infrequently: three times in the last 20 years, the political covers. This most recent one was difficult to find at my LCS. The owner orders only for his P&H customers and none for the shelves ever since the titles went "all porn." He got tired of having to skim every issue to determine whether or not it had to be bagged before it was shelved. If that issue was an indication, I see what he means. 

...I lost a reply:-(.'--
#253 is a political gimmick cover, mine a second printing version. c, I didn't know was it was till the copy arrived. The first was a Biden-Harris endorsement I guess, this a post
Election Day celebration. What is " P&H "? I sawye nothing " porn " about this!

"What is 'P&H'?"

"Pull & hold."

"I saw nothing 'porn' about this!"

It is my understanding that not every issue is explicit, but enough are that every one must be checked in advanced and bagged if deemed necessary. I think the scene beginning on page 15 of #253 gives a pretty good indication of where the storyline has been recently. In it, porn stars "Thunder-Head" and "Gilf" arrive at a children's birthday party and are gushed over by Julia, the mother of the kids. Apparantly they are her mother and brother-in-law (not sure how that works), and she refers to them as "real-live cinema stars... raw-dogging in a porno movie." Then she grabs them both by their respective crotches. A couple of pages later, Gilf defends herself to Malcolm Dragon saying, "After your viral video you have no right to lecture me! At least we were paid for our performance!" 

Granted, there's noting explicit in that scene (except perhaps the crotch-grabbing), but there are references to actions that apparently were depicted in previous issues. Plus, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine customers who would be offended just by the dialogue. My retailer is not refusing to sell Savage Dragon; he simply no longer shelves it. 

...You're right of course about the porn reference...It seemed just like an intentionally tacky " Tommy Lee and Pam " reference to me.


was he consider all modern titles that way or just TSD?

My retailer? Savage Dragon is the only I know of he no longer shelves. Usually he would bag and board a comic that has content some might find objectionable and shelve it anyway, but I got the impression that Savage Dragon is inconsistent that way and had become more trouble than it was worth. Every once in a while he bags and boards a comic I would normally buy anyway, and it's usually for "full frontal" as they say. I had been keeping my eye out for the Biden/Harris cover but, prior to that, I hadn't even noticed the absence of Savage Dragon

...I have seen that TSD annoys some but using ths f-bomb in dialogue at times. without " notice "", that could be a sources of retailer annoyance.

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