Say, Did Anything Happen With the Purple Mystery Woman That Was in All of the First Issues of the DC nU 52 Zoo Revue, or Did I Miss It?

We all had fun playing "Where's Waldo Only He's a Purple Woman" with her, but then I never heard anything else about her. Was they something done and I missed it  because it wasn't in either Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. or All-Star Western ?

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The The New Zo Revue Theme, in case you're wondering what the title was all about.

Also, here's the Lidsville theme, just because I'm a whackjob with internet access.

I am genuinely curious about the Mysterious Purple Lady, however.

From last year's FCBD comic, all I know is that some Jew who loved money more than Jesus figures in your answer somewhere.  (Honestly!)

Isn't she supposed to be Pandora, one of the Unholy Trinity? Either that or she's just some DCnU super stalker.

I hate to say it, but DC's plans just seem so long and drawn out--which wouldn't be horrible, if they weren't so darn uninteresting. Trinity War? Pandora? At best, we're looking at two years this has been in the making, and there doesn't appear to be any sort of payoff in store.

Yep, she's Pandora, and she somehow figures in with Phantom Stranger and some version of the Question in the Trinity War, an upcoming crossover whose hype crested last May, and has since dwindled to the point where I wonder if DC's forgotten about it completely. She's appeared a few times (most recently in this month's Phantom Stranger #4), but the plot hasn't heated up at all yet. There's really nothing you need to know. 

So Pandora was cursed for eternity for the crime of CURIOSITY and for daring to see what was really going on inside the box?


This has nice parallels with internet bloggers and websites who dare to question what might be actually going on in the Big Two's comics these days, or with their publishing policies.


"No exclusives for you, or any access at all, come to that!  Consider yourself consigned to the wilderness for eternity!"


Still, gotta love the irony of GREED getting such a knocking in the Phantom Stranger's backstory.  Perhaps they mean the Greed of creators wanting a little more than mere crumbs from the table, rather than their own "loathing and greed beyond measure!", to quote someone who'd know.


I think the Question's crime is still ... a mystery (lol!).  Perhaps his crime was being created by industry visionary and famous refusenik Steve Ditko, and recently being brought to new heights and wider interest by more outspoken refusenik Greg Rucka?


"It's the wilderness for you too!  Our way or the endless highway of non-corpoate comicdom!"

Huh. I had completely forgotten about her. Then again I never looked for her, and really haven't been able to care one whit about her.

Thanks, gents, at least I know I didin't miss anything.

Yeah, it's been nothing but vague teases so far. DC seems to definitely be keeping its options open until the Trinity War is nailed down, so don't expect any significant revelations. 

Oh, and I totally remember the New Zoo Revue!

Once I hit the link, I immediately recognized both New Zoo Revue and Lidsville. Which further convinces me that people who created children shows in the 70s were constantly on something not for children. And maybe we're better off for that!

Watching the NZR's opening sequence (the link keeps taking me to Romper Room, but I found it elsewhere), I was mesmerized by all the unsupported parts of the frog's giant felt head. Something about how it drooped really gave me the creeps... How did I ever watch this as a child?

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