Scooby-Doo Team-up 36 - A tribute to Silver Age DC comedy

I bought this issue because it had Angel and the Ape on the cover. I was surprised that they weren't the only Silver Age DC comedy characters to show up inside. I've posted a few panels. See if you can recognize or remember them. There may be some I missed. I won't spoil the ending, which features a couple of beloved characters who speak their own language. 


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An appearance by Sgt. Blinko might have been nice, but I did appreciate the nod to Goody Rickels. 


Didn't see it, don't want to see it, you can't make me see it.

-- MSA

I presume that is in response to my last comment, and so I will decline to read it. I'm sure everyone else appreciates it (not). At least we all were saved an artistic rendition, which I'm sure everyone appreciates (for real).

-- MSA

>> Buzzy wasn't licensed and didn't make it into the 1960s

That's not actually true. Buzzy co-starred in a comic book that launched in 1969, called Binky's Buddies (he was, natch, one of the buddies).

In fact, Buzzy made it onto the front cover of some of those Binky's Buddies issues (he's the blond guy). Since we almost never even mention the guy, whose long (77 issues) comic book run ended in 1958 in the early days of the Silver Age and who snuck back into the Silver Age in its waning days, here are a few Buzzy covers.

Thanks, Dave! I didn't realize he and Binky were buds.

Sad to say, by the late-1960s, my interest in DC's teen-humor books had pretty well disappeared (it was never very high to start with). Swing with Scooter was as far as I felt I needed to go.I was more a Tippy Teen kind of guy.

-- MSA

The net tells me the Flips were the band the Teen Titans assisted in Showcase #59.

Rob Pope says he hasn't seen any monsters since high school, which would be a reference to Benedict Arnold High School from the latter days of the Bob Hope title. 


Since Stanley & His Monster are included in this Scooby-Doo story, I wonder if The Three Mouseketeers made any cameos? Although they, like virtually every other DC funny animal comic of the mid to late 1950s (other than Fox & Crow), were cancelled to make room for the superheroes and adventure titles that launched the Silver Age, The Three Mousketeers did make a return at the very, very end of the Silver Age in 1970 when their title was reprinted for a run that went for about a year. Yep, at the same time that Kirby was launching his Fourth World series and Green Lantern was teaming up with Green Arrow to find America and Lois Lane was becoming an African-American and Superman was losing his powers and the JLA was fighting pollution, The Three Mousketeers were brought back as well.

I just found out that the U.S. Postal Service put out a first class stamp last month honoring Scooby Doo.

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