I started a similar thread several months ago, but I'm starting this new one because Amazon has listed a bunch of additional SPs for 2013, and I think it would be convenient to have them all here.

These are Amazon release dates, so they normally show up a week or two earlier in local comic book shops and book stories.

It's a pretty good mix of genres. Included in the new list are a couple that we thought we wouldn't see, because they break through the supposed mid-1970s (and post-Silver Age) reprint barrier. Still no Bob Hope or Jerry Lewis, though.


Showcase Presents: Weird War Tales Vol. 1
January 2, 2013
576 pages (!)
In this value-priced collection, war stories turn creepy as soldiers face ghostly foes, haunted weapons and much more.

A value-priced collection from WEIRD WAR TALES #1-21!















Showcase Presents: Justice League of America Vol. 6
February 27, 2013
528 pages
In this new, value-priced collection of stories from the 1970s, the Justice League of America faces foes including Felix Faust, the Shaggy Man, Eclipso, the super-power absorbing robot called Amazo, the Injustice Society, and more. Also, the team welcomes new members including The Phantom Stranger and the Elongated Man. Plus, the JLA joins forces with the Freedom Fighters, a
team from an Earth where the Axis won World War II.


Showcase Presents: Sgt. Rock Vol. 4
March 27, 2013
520 pages
Over 500 pages of classic adventures are included in this value-priced volume!
War is hell -- and no one knows that better than Sgt. Rock and the fighting men of Easy Company. These classic tales of World War II take readers deep behind enemy lines, where Easy Company never has it easy -- because battle can break out at any moment. These hard-hitting tales star the man they call Rock and the colorful members of his platoon, including Wildman, Ice Cream Soldier, Bulldozer and more, as they face the enemy in one hopeless situation after another.
In these tales, Sgt. Rock and Easy Company face the specters of battlefield cowardice and the death of an observer, meets ace pilot Johnny Cloud, is taken prisoner by German forces, and leads a new team of youthful soldiers into action.

Collects OUR ARMY AT WAR #181-216.

Showcase Presents: Superman Family Vol. 4
April 3, 2013
520 pages
In these oddball stories from the start of the 1960s, Jimmy Olsen meets Tom Baker, Power Lad, an army of miniature Supermen, and Jimmy becomes "The Fat Boy of Metropolis," "Super Jimmy," "The Giant Turtle Man of Metropolis," and a wolfman. Lois Lane, meanwhile, marries Astounding Man, imagines married life with Superman, complete with super-twins, gains super powers and battles a super-powered Lana Lang.


Showcase Presents: Strange Adventures Vol. 2
April 17, 2013
520 pages
A massive new collection of science fiction tales from the 1950s, none of which have ever been collected before.


Showcase Presents: DC Comics Presents - Superman Team-Ups Vol. 2
June 4, 2013
144 pages (!) (This has got to be an error)
Superman battles for justice alongside DC's greatest heroes including Martian Manhunterm Supergirl, The Spectre, Black Canary, Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and many more in this massive, value-priced title.

Showcase Presents Unknown Soldier Vol. 2
July 2, 2012
592 pages (!)
Assuming a wide variety of disguises to battle the Nazis in World War II, the Unknown Soldier plunges deep behind enemy lines in this massive SHOWCASE edition, collecting stories that have not been reprinted since they were first published in the 1970s.


Showcase Presents: Jonah Hex Vol. 2
August 6, 2013

544 pages
The 1970s adventures of Western bounty hunter Jonah Hex continue in this new, value-priced Showcase edition collecting Jonah Hex 1-22 and Weird Western Tales 34-38.

Showcase Presents: House of Secrets Vol. 3 (pulled from Amazon's listings)
September 3, 2013
528 pages
This massive, value-priced collection reprints strange tales of mystery from the 1970s for the first time.

Also of possible interest:

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess Archives Vol. 1
February 27, 2013
352 pages
No Amazon description, but this starts reprinting the Silver Age Wonder Woman stories with #98.

The Metal Men Archives Vol. 2
March 6, 2013
400 pages
One of the most colorful super-hero teams of the early 1960s, the Metal Men are six shape-shifting robots whose personalities are based on their metals: Hot-tempered Mercury, timid Tin, thick-headed Lead, etc. Invented by eccentric scientist Dr. Will Magnus, the team is ready to give their all - including their artificial lives - to protect mankind.
In these tales, never before reprinted in color, the Metal Men take on the Gas Gang, including Helium, Oxygen, Chloroform and more, save lives at the "Playground of Terror," try to stop the deadly rain of "The Missile Men," and battle Chemo, a giant, human-shaped vat filled with deadly chemicals.

DC Universe Secret Origins (paperback)
April 3, 2013
328 pages
The classic Silver Age titles are collected in softcover for the first time, including "Secret Origins" numbered 1, "More Secret Origins" numbered 1, "Even More Secret Origins" numbered 1, and "Weird Secret Origins" numbered 1! Don't miss the origins of "Wonder Woman", the Superman/Batman team, "The Challengers of the Unknown", "Martian Manhunter", "the Justice League of America", "Aquaman", "The Flash", "The Atom", "Bizarro", and more!

The Justice League of America Chronicles Vol. 1
May 28, 2013
168 pages
The first and earliest adventures of the Justice League of America told in chronological order! Learn how Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash, and Aquaman teamed together for the first time to battle the threat of the intergalatic conquerer Starro!

The Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol. 2
June 19, 2013
400 pages
The top teen heroes of the 1960s return in a new collection in DC's high-quality Archive Editions! Don't miss the action as the Titans -- Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and more -- take on The Mad Mod, Captain Rumble and The Scorcher, and get wrapped up in "The Dimensional Caper" and "A Swingin' Christmas"!

The Captain Comet Archives Vol. 1
August 21, 2013
400 pages
Captain Comet, born with an amazing intellect, photographic memory, incredible athletic skills and mental powers including telekinesis, battles for the safety of the future in these amazing stories. Captain Comet battles alien invasions and weird monsters from distant worlds in these stories from DC's classic science fiction series STRANGE ADVENTURES.

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I made it sound like I was reading Wonder Woman in the 50s. That's not the case, of course; I've read stories reprinted from the period in the 70s.

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