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What books are you reading right now that don't have a narrative driven by images as well as words?

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The Cambridge Companion to Modern Japanese Culture, edited by Yoshio Sugimoto.
Tacitus' Annals of Imperial Rome (Michael Grant trans.)
Continuing with Atticus Kodiak, I started Critical Space. This one really gets off to a slow start, running through everything that happened off-screen since the previous novel. Not that I wasn't interested, but at 80 pages in I think we're just getting to the core story.
Finished Critical Space. I was dubious about Atticus taking Drama as a client at first, but the story pulled me along. I still think the changes in the status quo have made it into a different series than when it started. I'll probably continue with it, but I'm in no rush. Started A Gentlemen's Game, Rucka's first Queen & Country novel. I'm enjoying it so far, but I can't wait until I get home tomorrow and can review the events referenced from the graphic novels.
Ah I read Gentleman's Game earlier this year, and I liked it quite a bit. I hope you enjoy it.
Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian. The nautical terminology is a bit thick at times, making it difficult for a land lubber like me. It would have been helpful to include a glossary of terms in the back along with a map of the seas being traveled.
I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas by Lewis Black (to put me in the proper mood for the holidays), but I don't know if this one counts because I'm listening to the audio version (read by the author).
I've read/listened to three more novels by Anna Katharine Green,The Woman in the Alcove, The Millionaire Baby and Initials Only.

In one of them two murders are committed with bullets made of ice. That's one of those "that old chestnut" gimmicks, but for all I know, it was the first time it ever appeared. However, when it finally comes the explanation of the point is so casual, I doubt this.

Summer, Fireworks , and My Corpse, by Otsuichi.

Weird Tales a collection stories from every incarnation of the magazine with the same name when the book was published (1988). Pretty neat reading some of the more obscure works of people like Bradbury and H.G. Wells.

Into The Looking Glass by John Ringo, my first foray into military-science fiction. So far, it has been a quick and entertaining read.

The Girl With The White Flag, by Tomiko Higa.

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