The American Cartoonist has posted a notice (I can't link) that the King Features Syndicate THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN newspaper strip will switch to reruns of prior strips on March 25, rather than continue on with Roy Thomas assuming the credited scripter's position, which I had presumed that they would do in the wake of Stan Lee's demise. Too bad, Roy...and Alex Savuik and Joe Sinott and all uncredited assistants as well.

  The post does indicate/suggest that the strip will return to new stories at some point but I'm not optimistic on that. Are Disney/Marvel and-or KFS so fixated on being able to continue to use Stan's million dollar name that they decided to go to reruns for that reason?

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...You, Lee, are not hip and kewl!:-( Nor woke. You probably appropriate!

To Emerkeith Davyjack specifically: HUH???

To everyone else:

Obviously we have some difference of opinion here, and there are no rules that say you have to agree with mine.

Depending upon the frequency of release, I give a new product and/or creative team a decent amount of time before making a decision.

In the case of the Nancy comic strip, it was over a full month. If the strip has improved since I last read it, let me know and I'll give it another chance.

In the case of the Alley Oop comic strip, it's been over a full month but I'm still on the fence concerning the gag a day versus adventure nature of the strip. I'm willing to give the Lemon-Sayers creative team their fair chance, but while Oop had its moments, it was never a true gag a day strip under the Benders (previous creative team) and I just personally feel that if L & S wish to continue their current path, they should take a closer look at how Don Thompson does it on Rip Haywire.

And for those wondering, what isn't in my local newspaper I see on

I think Emerkeith is being tongue-in-cheek.

I get my local newspaper through an online subscription. I couldn't tell you which comics are still carried. I get all of the ones I follow through yearly subscriptions to and (which is the King Features ones).

Lee, I think it's pretty safe to say that if you didn't like the first month of the new Nancy, you still won't be on board.

And as far as your initial, confused reply: I suspect you speak for us all.

Richard Willis said:

I get my local newspaper through an online subscription. I couldn't tell you which comics are still carried. I get all of the ones I follow through yearly subscriptions to and (which is the King Features ones).

My local paper carries several comic strips online that it doesn't have in the print edition. 

Being the old-school kind of guy I am, I still look to the printed newspaper for comics. The only online comics I've developed the habit of looking for are PvP and Jane's World. Even then, I drop in every few months and read a batch at once. (Which is how I missed the news that Jane's World wrapped in October!) 

...The penultimate strip of RoySpidey appeared to-day, Friday, in case anyone wants to get in before the end. There's an above-average number of commenters and longer comments!!!!!!!-!
The last new THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN strip is up. EXCELSIOR! There's two " special guests " in it. There was a different one on Sunday, too - Did I mention it?

If Peter (via Mary Jane) had his Spidey uniform with him, it makes one wonder what Roy and Alex had planned for the Parkers in Australia.

And if Marvel does return to a younger, single Peter whenever the strip resumes, I probably won't be reading it because I prefer MJ as Mrs. Parker; so you can imagine how ecstatic I've been over DC returning Lois and Clark to their rightful (marital) status.

I used to buy the Spider-Girl comics, which had the teenage daughter of Peter and Mary Jane and off-spring of other characters. It was pretty well done.

Recently, I was buying Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, which featured Peter, Mary Jane and their daughter. They seem to have dropped the title.

Bleeding Cool interviews Roy Thomas: "The Last Spider-Man Newspaper Strip Runs Today – Its Writer, Roy T...

Thomas describes how he was recruited for the strip, his work schedule, how he did or didn't get along with Stan Lee.

He also mentions that after the last adventure in the strip that ran in its entirety -- in which Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson and Luke Cage team up against Killgrave, the Purple Man  -- he was setting up a story in which Peter Parker and Mary Jane go to vacation in Australia, where they would have encountered the Kangaroo. But word came down that the strip was being killed; only the first two weeks of that story ran. So Thomas changed some dialogue in the final week's strips to be a sort of farewell. (I noticed something looked funky about that final Sunday strip.) 

I lost a draft:-(
Thank you, Clark, if belatedly.
The Mar 34th strip has appeared. and it is in fact new - but it really appears to be what should have been last Sunday's strip with the seven days before it running AFTER it. Plus: a little more exposition to state that MJ's Broadway show has closed, and Marcella II has flopped, but with that and zzPeter's photograph money they have r ouch to go to Australia. But wasn't, now that I think of it, the Australian trip established before the fight with the Purple Man began? I do hope we can get a fuller publication of everything that was prepared before the plug-pulling came, including the presumed dropped and first version panels.

I don't think we'll ever see the unchanged original panels.

As for losing your drafts:

I know you said you had a simple phone of some kind. If you have any memo or email ability, try composing as if it was a memo or an email and then see if it will let you copy the text and paste it into your post. I have a smart phone and only recently figured out how to copy and paste multiple paragraphs. I found that if I held my finger down, options would pop up, one being to copy all of the text. Holding my finger down in the destination would allow me to paste. Give it a try.

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