Star Trek Fan Collective: Borg (Some Spoilage May Occur)

There's a series of these out there - this one is a collection of the most "important" Borg episodes of the various Star Trek series. I thought I'd take a look at them and report on what I find.

I always liked the Borg as enemies, similar as they are to those other favorites of mine, the Cybermen. I thought they got a bit overused, particularly during the Voyager years, where I felt they made the transition from "An enemy so deadly that one of their ships was a threat to all of the Federation" to "A bunch of feebs who were regularly being outwitted in the heart of their own territory by Mrs. Columbo".

Anyway, I'll go through the collection story by story, and see what I can see.

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The Baron said:
"A bunch of feebs who were regularly being outwitted in the heart of their own territory by Mrs. Columbo".

Still laughing at this, because truth is the funniest thing of all.
In the Voyager story "Unity" the ship encounters a planet of people who were formerly Borg-linked, some of who want to reestablish a group consciousness. I thought the outcome was awful: it's really a story in which the bad guys win.
Yeah, I wasn't wild about that particular story - maybe no one else was, either, and that's why it wasn't included in the collection.
Maybe it was Ensign Mopee'ed.

I never picked up on the fact that Elizabeth Dennehy, who played Commander Shelby, is the daughter of the late Brian Dennehy.

The Baron said:

Last night I watched both parts of "The Best of Both Worlds", which was the season-ending cliff-hanger for the third season of Star Trek - The Next Generation. This was my first exposure to such, and it was quite well done. I remember when I first heard Riker say "Mister Worf - fire", then saw the awful words "To be continued". I was on tenterhooks all summer, waiting to find out how it would all be resolved. In the end, the wrap-up wasn't quite as good as the set-up had been, but it was still quite good. Gosh, I'd forgotten how obnoxious Commander Shelby was. Although, with the passage of time, one does question Riker turning down promotion over and over again.

This was probably the zenith of the Borg, they were never quite such an "unstoppable" threat, again.

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