Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring Mademoiselle Marie One-Shot

Well, there's a swell Brian Bolland cover (The Power of Fishnets!) and the interior art is pretty good, too.

The story is OK, probably my favorite after the Sgt. Rock one. I never read any Mlle. Marie stories before, so it's hard for my to compare this to one of the old ones.

As far as I can tell, they get the French right, and they largely avoid that annoying thing where a character says a phrase in French, then repeats it in English, particularly annoying when it's a Frenchman talking to another Frenchman.

Over all, all of these books were OK - it's just that none of them were outstanding, is all.

Still they were all better than today's dreary, dismal. talky JSA book. I'm sorry, but by me, Obsidian was never interesting and never wil be. But's that's as may be.

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I wasn't able to make it to the shop today, but I'm looking forward to this one, because:

a) I've always loved the French Resistance. I think it appeals to the same part of me that loves prison escape movies -- there's a similarity to the situations there.

b) fishnets.

c) Kathy & I went to France on our honeymoon, and I've wanted to go back ever since.
Y'know, I cut my eyeteeth as a comics reader on the classic DC war comics, but I believe this is the first time I've ever read a Mademoiselle Marie solo story. I wasn't that thrilled with it, and I agree with you that the overall quality of this series is good but not great, with Our Army at War featuring Sgt. Rock and Weird War Tales the best of the five.

But I could go for two more, one featuring Enemy Ace and one featuring The Unknown Soldier. ("Hunter's Hellcats" is best left forgotten.)
The only Mlle Marie stories I ever read were the ones reprinted in the Sgt Rock 80 Page Giants. The most memorable aspect of the stories was discovering Mad artist Mort Drucker had done DC war comics.
I bought only the Our Army at War one-shot, but if DC released an Enemy Ace one, I'd buy that, too.
I loved it - reviewed it at my blog ... the key word in the above post is 'largely'!
ClarkKent_DC said:
Y'know, I cut my eyeteeth as a comics reader...

Every time someone uses that phrase I can't help but think of the Corinthian from Sandman.


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