When Jim Steranko was drawing Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD in Strange Tales, he would work on the design elements as much as telling a story.

In the recent tell-all book Marvel Comics: The Untold Story, Sean Howe describes not only the revolutionary design, artwork and graphics, but also how it was imitated. In a passage about Neal Adams, Howe adds  a footnote on page 88:

*In one issue of Strange Adventures, Adams tweaked his peer in a panel of outrageous wavylines that spelled out, when the comic was tilted, Hey! A Jim Steranko effect!


Is this well known?  Who knows what issue this occurred in?  And most importantly, does anyone have a scan of that page or panel to share here?



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Assuming nothing happened to them physically during the possession, they've generally had no memory of what they've done or said.  It's like they just woke up from sleeping.

I think weird post possession affects would give the heroes a less charitable attitude towards him.

Kirk G said:

So, just how do they recover? What do they say, or think about what they've just done...

I can see Robin waking up from being possessed and asking, "How did all this beer get spilled on my tunic?"

I read those CotU books as well. They were interesting you got that right. I even gave a brief look at the final issue in one of my Comic a Day threads.

Figserello said:

Are the 3 tpbs a 'set'?  With similar trade dress etc?


Also, do they include the Kirby version from The Forever People?


I'm reading Deadman's apprearances alongside Swamp Thing in Keith Geffin's short-lived 70s Challengers of the Unknown comics at the moment.  Interesting little exercises in brand maintenance.  I wonder are they in the trades?


Deadman doesn't have any mission or quest, so he's just hanging around aimlessly, as is Swamp Thing.  The Challs don't even realise Deadman is there so far!

There was an issue of Superboy and the Legion of Super-heroes with a similar effect, although no mention of either gentlemen.

Mike Grell drew a Legion cruiser flying away from an explosion, and allegedly the panel is silent. However, if you read the wavy lines, it says "Holy Cow! Dig the fireworks!"

Sorry I can't remember more, and my books are far from immediately accessible.

As for Deadman, his appearance in the opening arc of DC Universe Presents touched on a lot of things about his past, present, and future. Not sure that I agree with everything that happened, but it was an interesting adventure.

Not to further de-rail this topic but I am reminded of yet another hidden message. Drawing a scene where Conan has walked into a room filled with coins Barry Smith wrote a message in the coinage to the effect - "I am sick of drawing these bloody coins"

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