Dudes~Do any of you have recentexpenences with mail,U.S. Maildelivered,subscriptions to modern-day comic books?

I might want to be gettin' some for a few,the Lou might have to "go away",heh heh:-) to finish off some old matters/mistakes!:-),and,um,I might be outa reach of funny-book shops let alone Web downloads-It's odd looking this up I see that DC not only offers thir own titles through DC ads both online and in the magazines themselves,but there online outfits such as Speedymags and Magazines.Com that offer comic book subscripts even for prices less than the official companies themselves! How are they sent,either from DC 9or any other) or said retailers (Amazon too).

Another odd thing is that DC appears to offer few subscriptions-I went looking for Phantom Stranger but they did not have it on offer as a subscription.

-    Take It Easy          Poppa Lou

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  • I'd go through DCBS if I were you.

  • ...Thank you , but it kind of look like they don't do " subscriptions " - in the People/Harpers'/Feild & Stream sense of "pay something in advance and you get X moths". That's what I need.

    - PopLou

    Wandering Sensei: Emeritus said:

    I'd go through DCBS if I were you.

  • I managed to get a Superman subscription,dudes.

    Maybe that'll teach me,on those long nites after/before count Along with Wd. "SoS" breakfast that'll B somethin' 2 look forward 2,Dudes!!!!!!!!!!!:-)


    Take it easy , bye 4 now          Poppa Lou

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