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Arrow,Flash, iZombie, Gotham Lucifer, Supergirl and Legends have all been renewed.

No chatter about the latest episode of Supergirl? This one had it all: Lex Luthor's mother! Evil Lois Lane! President Wonder Woman! A mind-controlled Superman!

And, best of all -- the long-overdue and more-than-welcome return of Cat Grant! 

I've been waiting for somebody to say something, too. That was a good episode.

We finally saw it last night. Looking forward to tonight's finale! Was glad to see Cat Grant back, and loved her speech -- even if the show is a little simplistic on how much good one inspirational speech can do. (And "Cat as the one public figure who can bring everyone together" seems like wishful thinking in this day and age -- popular as she is, even Oprah has her detractors, and she's nowhere near as nakedly political as Cat.)

Hope we get a few minutes of non-mind-controlled Superman at the end!

Really liked the season finale. Got more non-mind-controlled Superman than I expected, and he was as charming as ever. The outcome for one character wasn't quite what I'd expected, but pretty much in the same ballpark.

And that epilogue! WHAAAT?

Next season, I think we deserve to meet Lois. Don't you?

It was great! I'm glad Mon-El didn't die. They never explained his name!

It wasn't clear to me whether the epilogue was supposed to be a weird cult on Krypton sending a baby to Earth or some parallel activity on another doomed world. Either way, I think we're getting an evil super-person next season.

I think it was Krypton -- I think they panned from Kal and Kara's ships going up directly to the third launch. But as to who or what it is -- there was a baby's cry, but they called it "it". Could it be Doomsday? Braniac seems less likely, but also a possibility.  Or someone/something else. Black Zero? 

According to TV Line, it was Reign who was sent to Earth.

Oh, that makes sense. There was a line along the lines of "And when it gets to Earth? It will reign." So apparently they aren't trying to keep it a secret -- it's just that I'd never heard of the character.

I never heard of her (it?) before either.

I've never heard of the character, either. But apparently she does come from existing Supergirl continuity--whatever that means nowadays--so that's something.

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