• Did the BLOODSPORT movie with Vin Diesel that came out just as/before the Coronavirus hit prove a financial success? IIRC, it came out theatrically just before the CV hit and was an early transfer to pay VOD early as movie theaters closed down, so I"'ve supposed it might've been the only recent superhero movie to be available to curious hands that were newly shut in, so I've supposed it might have done well, in fact! And after thinking that I think I saw something backing that up...

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Are you speaking of Bloodshot? If you are, it was a flop, but the coronavirus outbreak hurt. 

On the other hand, it was a hit in China when it was re-released there last weekend: "Dolittle, Bloodshot Top China's First Box Office Weekend Since COV...

...Thank you, yes, BLOODSHOT.

I read the FCBD comic of Bloodshot and X-O Manowar (Primaily the latter), also plugging a Shadowman comic as on sale by now, obviously it reflects the pre-COVID world. Have any of these titles made it to the shops?

  Especially the BLOODSHOT #10 plugged. I liked the four pages I saw enough that I am.inclined to order it if it's available!

Any opinions on Bloodshot? Both as a character on his own, and as he compares to other Valiant properties?

Valiant seems to believe in to be a particularly marketable character, but I can't really figure out why.

I've never read a Bloodshot story, save for the occasional Free Comic Book Day special. The character seems to me to be just a Deathlok knockoff.

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