Alan Moore wrote 24 issues of Supreme, but only 23 of them were published. For those of you scoring at home, that’s issues #41-56 from Image/Maximum Press/Awesome, and #1-6 of Supreme: The Return. Counting #1-6 as #57-62, that makes the issue released this week #63. (If you did the math and it didn’t come out quite right, it’s because #52 was divided in two, #52a and #52b.) #63 was the last script he completed, the penultimate in his planned 25-issue arc.

Issue #63 is drawn by Erik Larsen and is perfectly easy to follow if you haven’t read the previous 23 leading up to it. This I can confidently say because I remember few of the details from those issues. I do remember it got off to a strong start, and my favorite story was the two-part pseudo-GIANT issue #52a-b. The only issue in this run I have read more than once is issue #6 of the re-numbered series, a most excellent Jack Kirby tribute issue.

Alan Moore is no longer available to write #64, what would have been his twenty-fifth issue and the conclusion to his epic (and no one knows what he had in mind), so the plan is for Larsen to plot an ending which will return the character to its roots, a supremely powerful being without the moral restraint of Superman. I’m not quite certain what to expect from that, but it should be… interesting to say the least.

With Alan Moore (or his opinions, anyway) being so much in the news due to the forthcoming Watchmen prequels, my interest in his work is piqued enough that I may re-read his entire run on Supreme before #64 ships.

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ISSUE #64:


I have not yet followed through on my expressed intention to re-read Alan Moore's 24 issues (although I have pulled them out of the box) before Erik Larsen's #64 hit the shelf, but I'm not going to let that that stop me from posting a reaction to #64.


[SNARK ALERT] It reads pretty much like every issue of Savage Dragon I have ever read, except with a different set of characters. [END SNARK ALERT]


[SPOILER WARNING] In the end, Supreme uses "Silver Supremium" to remove the powers of all of the other Supremes, thus re-establishing himself as the one, true Supremem and setting up future issues going forward. [END SPOILER]


[SNARK ALERT] This issue also provides a six-page preview of this month's new Youngblood #71. It would almost be worth buying the issue just to find out how, exactly, it is they've counted to #71. [END SNARK ALERT]

I also pulled out my Moore Supremes. Made it through two issues. That was about two weeks ago. Might get back to it.

ISSUE #65: I typed up a snarky review of issue #65, but decided sounded too “internet fanboy” so I deleted it. Since last month, I have re-filed my Alan Moore Supremes unread.

I made it through the first 12. Strange, it just didn't click like last time.

Still think I blame All Star Superman some. It may have been that it had been so long since a Superman story I really loved that I got into Supreme more.

SUPREME #66: RobLiefeld’s fascistic Supreme has changed places with Alan Moore’s “Silver Age” Supreme as written and drawn by Erik Larson. Think a superhero comics version of Star Trek’s “Mirror, Mirror” episode.

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