I have decided to post this final item after replies I've received about some of my own posts - most recently from Dagwan, on the "Thor material published 2009-2011" and "Fear Itself."

My great sorrow is seeing things happening on this board that I wouldn't have countenanced when I was Admin... ah, but we all know that what's done is what's done, and "shut up and get out" was the order of the day.


Regarding my comments and Dagwan's:


Interesting that I haven't heard from any of the admins yet... well, except for Dagwan, of course.  (Still an admin, Dags?  I know that when I was leader of the band, we extended you an invite.)


ELS (from Fear Itself thread):  Another summer crossover event, to go with Avengers books crossing over into Avengers books, FF crossing into Spider-Man (at least), Spider Island, and all these books requiring mini-series...  Wow, I am SO glad I'm not collecting this crap anymore.  And from the look of the posted panels above, I'm obviously not cool enough to get them anyhow.  Good luck to Marvel Comics, the house of idea.


Dagwan:  You went out of your way to post in a thread about Fear Itself that you're not reading it, and that it's crap. If you want to read something and don't like it, that's fine. Post about how you didn't enjoy it. What didn't work for you. Calling something that others on this board enjoyed quite a bit crap -especially sight unseen- is not just a judgment on the comic but on the opinions of the other members of the board who did like it.


You're right.  I DID go out of my way to post something, because I didn't have to come to the Captain Comics board, didn't have to read that posting, and didn't have to comment on it.  Same as anyone else who posts anything on this board.


But so we get our facts straight:  I wasn't criticizing Fear Itself as I haven't read it (which you very accurately noted.)  And I criticized Spider Island, and the FF/Spider-Man crossover, and Marvel's general concept of company wide crossovers - which you obviously didn't infer.  Okay, that happens.  I was criticizing the trend of mini-series, and crossing  through several issues of several titles, requiring readers to pick them up as well. I have said the same thing about Secret Invasion, Seige, that Avengers junk, etc.  Shucks, I wasn't all that fond of it back in Secret Wars (and, to be fair, not so hot on it in Crisis on Infinite Earths either.)


As to the opinions of those who did like it - what, is it the rule now to not upset the sensibilities of other posters by disagreeing with them?  Then shame on me.


Dagwan:  On a related note, do you have anything nice to say about any comics anymore?


This was in response to a comic which I think would have failed the standards of a lot of comic book companies, and I thought I gave the reason - characters out of sync with the current continuity (and damn ME for a fool for expecting continuity, right?), art that I really think is little better than high school level... y'know, a critical observation instead of "It sucks because I say it sucks!"  But again, you might not have gotten that - it happens, and although not everyone is happy and pleased with comics today, it seems to be the mandate on this board anymore.


Is this mean?  Some people might think it's mean, and some people - like, y'know, those who used to post on these boards - consider it discussion.  I was posting strongly about it because I feel strongly about it... my opinion, and it used to be implicit that that included " YMMV".  But I guess Dagwan didn't get that - okay, that happens.


I could go on, but this is obviously a comment on my postings, and, I think, a comment on my presence on the board from Dagwan and, implicitly (even by their silence) from the Admins.  What I think, due to whatever is going on with me, is what I think, and people used to be able to post such around here.


Instead, when I asked for what I thought was a reasonable action - if you think I've gone over the line, get the Admins to contact me about it, and if it really upsets you, please ignore it - got a biting, sarcastic reply, and a "don't tell us, go tell the comic book publishers, and stop whining."


Nice.  I probably wasn't going to be able to post here for a lot longer anyhow, but this does make it a little easier to decide.


So, after everything that has happened to me on this board - Dagwan's comments, the Administrator crap, etc. etc. etc., I will go away with one last comment for the admins.


Good riddance to every last one of you.


I remain,

  VERY disappointendly,

Eric L. Sofer

The Silver Age Fogey


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Hear! Hear! There have been times when I've gotten pretty hacked off. I just get up from my computer, walk around a bit, and cool off.

Alexandra Kitty said:

I think we can all get po'd over what people say sometimes -- they can be negative, patronizing, whiny, myopic, rude, and so on, but really, it's just comics. Sometimes it's us. Sometimes it's the other person. Sometimes it's just a book disappoints us. Sometimes it's stress. And sometimes it's a little bit of everything.


And when that happens, you just need to cool off for a while, and realize it's not a big deal, it's still a nice group, and then you come back a little more accepting than you were before...

Clark Kent D C said: "On the other hand, it does not mean being a relentless cheerleader. Part of this exchange is pushing back against the notion that one must be "positive" or be silent."


Yes, I've noticed too many people lately who (seemingly) get angry or upset if you criticize almost any comic. Unless you're a paid PR flack for the comics industry, you shouldn't be offended by criticism of this medium's weaker efforts.


Also, remember this is COMICS we're arguing about. Not the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, or health care reform, or who should be the next president. This should be fun. Keeping your cool -- and your sense of humor -- always helps.



"And when that happens, you just need to cool off for a while, and realize it's not a big deal, it's still a nice group, and then you come back a little more accepting than you were before..."


Alexandra, you said it all.

Former Administrator here:


I remember several years ago, when I was an administrator, spewing out on the administrator board a bevvy of personal problems I was going through at work, and SAF sent me a PM that I printed off at the time and still look to sometimes for personal encouragement. He gave me the "slap in the face" that I needed at the time. He's a good guy. This is a poor choice.


A person can't take all this stuff so personally or seriously.


You have to realize that some people are going to enjoy things that you don't. I have fifth grade students who sincerely enjoy top 40 music. I cannot fathom how this is possible. They, however, cannot believe that I haven't ever heard a Justin Bieber song. I wear that like a badge, and I'm proud of it. Does it mean I don't like my fifth graders? Hell no. This is because I know that one day, they will be telling their children and, for some of them, their students about the virtues of Justin Bieber that the "kids these days" can't appreciate.That's because their Silver Age is now.


I don't care that they love Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, and they don't care when I roll my eyes at them for liking it. There is no loss of respect for either party. It's different tastes. Kids these days love horrible music, they wear ugly shoes, and they talk way too much about going to the bathroom. I don't care.


My Silver Age is made up of things like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Giffen/DeMatties Justice League, Giffen/Bierbaum Legion of Super-Heroes, Glenn Robinson, Chris Sabo, and Northern Exposure. In my opinion, nothing will ever be as good as that time. Everyone has their own Silver Age, and the fact that theirs doesn't match yours is natural. Heck, I would even throw the old discussion board as a segment of my own personal Silver Age. This one is nothing like that one was, and I miss it still.


But really, look at Alex Kitty's and Doc Beechler's responses if you need any more sense knocked into you.

Detective 445 said: "I have fond memories of the old board being a hub of activity with lively discussions and exchange of ideas.  .. Sadly that board (like many of the comics we grew up) with seems to be a thing of the past.  That's okay though.  Everything has to run its course."


I liked the fact that this board was civil, compared to so many other boards. This wasn't a place where idiots hurled accusations and profanity at anyone with a different opinon. It's still more civil than a lot of places. See -- if you can stand it -- Ain't It Cool News.


But something has been missing from this board for the last year. (Fun? Passion? Intellectual stimulation?) I've mentioned it a couple of times; I think I once used the term "increasingly boring." I bemoaned the lack of female voices here. Ana (Mrs. Fluit) seems to confine her comments to TV shows these days. At least Alex Kitty is back.


"Everything has to run its course." This board has stayed interesting for longer than many I could name. Most boards and blogs I've frequented were engaging for a year or two or three, then they faded away. A lot of times the creator loses interest or is too busy with other things. I'm starting to wonder if that's the case here. Anyway, I'll still check in and post from time to time, for as long as this board still has the "few charms" Det. 44 mentioned.

Late to the party (if that's what this is). Sorry to see you go, SAF, and though I question the need to slam so many doors on your way out, I'm glad the noise of it has engaged so many of us. I hope you'll be back sometime.


Sometimes I struggle with balancing wanting to be positive and respectful and really itching to get into an argument. (Not a fight, but an argument.) Because I think message boards are at least in part fueled by arguments -- they keep people going back and forth on a thread, returning again and again. But it's important to keep a little distance when the arguing begins, or else it can devolve into a fight, and there are plenty of better things to do than fight with your friends. 


Then again, I can't think of any comics these days that would engender the kinds of ethical debates that really fired us up a few years ago. Where have you gone, fascist Iron Man? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. 






Rob Staeger said:


Where have you gone, fascist Iron Man? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. 


ROTFLMAO! Thank you, Rob Staeger!






;) Thanks.


(I'd thought about adding a line about Zatanna, too, but figured in this case shorter was sweeter.)

"My Silver Age is made up of things like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Giffen/DeMatties Justice League, Giffen/Bierbaum Legion of Super-Heroes, Glenn Robinson, Chris Sabo, and Northern Exposure. In my opinion, nothing will ever be as good as that time."


That's one of the problems with fans: every generation's insistence that the pop culture of its youth was superior to everyone else's. It's really gotten tiresome, whether it comes from boomers or from Gen X or Gen Y.


I don't know of any WWII veterans posting on this site, but if they were, I'm sure they'd insist that the Golden Age of 1938-49 will never, ever be equaled. In fact, I know they would.


Maybe people should develop more of a historical perspective, and learn that every decade has produced great entertainment. That's more interesting than wallowing in nostalgia.

I love dissenting opinions as long as they are backed up with critical thinking and valid information.  One of the things I tell my students at the beginning of every school year is, "You are not entitled to your opinion in my class.  You are entitled to your INFORMED opinion."  I then go on to explain that if one of them doesn't care for a particular work we read, I DO want to hear about it, but I will not accept, "it's stupid," "it sucks," "I hate it" without some rationale as to how they came to that conclusion.  The same goes for "I loved it," "It's awesome," "it's genius."


Simply stating your hatred/love of something without being able to back it up is simply whining, pure and simple.  And if you haven't read something and want to bitch about it, You. Are. Whining.  I certainly don't like everything that's coming out today, but I'd be frightened about my ability to be discerning if I did.  I cannot in good conscience bitch about a book or series that I haven't read.  To do so goes against everything I know and love about critical thinking.  Nor do I continue to read books that I don't like.  I can't imagine someone having so much money that they can continue to purchase books they despise simply to bitch.


Recently, someone in my district took issue with a book I've been teaching in the ninth grade for nearly twenty years, Robert Cormier's The Chocolate War, and because of the complaint I was called upon to write a defense of my position on teaching it.  I wrote a detailed, three page explanation of why I feel the book is pertinent and appropriate for the ninth grade, and I included areas of concern, including the various potentially offensive words the book contains.  The response I received was that the person involved in the complaint wanted me to give the context of each vulgarity in the book.  My response was to offer this person a copy of book to read, after which I would talk to them about it to their heart's content.  I have yet to hear back from them. 


It's easy to gripe about what we don't know, and it's hard to defend opinions lacking in real knowledge of the material in question.

So true about one's personal Golden Age not always holding up - when I was 9 or 10 years old, I thought The Dukes of Hazzard and Buck Rogers in the 25th Century were the greatest shows on television.  Years later, in my mid-twenties, I saw them again in re-runs .... I don't think "doesn't quite hold up" adequately covers it.

I know what you mean. One night, I saw Emergency! at 2 o'clock in the morning on TV Land. The bad acting was nearly intolerable.


I used to watch that show every Saturday night, and every afternoon when it was in daily reruns. I even tried my hand at making up stories for it. But man -- ! It was painful to watch as an adult.

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