I've been sitting on this for a couple of weeks now, trying to see what I could find out myself and these questions may be more speculative than factual. Still the Original Teen Titans always get shunted aside for the New Teen Titans so here's to Comics' Fab Four (or Five) (or Nine):

Above is the first true appearance of the Teen Titans. The previous year in Brave & Bold #54, Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad teamed up but not as the Titans. Now Wonder Girl is a member and they are organized. So I ask:

  • Did they ever mention how the guys met Wonder Girl? It seems that there are missing adventures. Technically this is the debut of this Wonder Girl though you would never know if you read it. How did readers react to her? Was DC called out for putting a teenage Wonder Woman on a current team? Did anyone care?
  • All kidding aside, why was Speedy left out? In both TEEN TITANS #4 (Au'66) and TT #11 (O'67), his appearance is a big thing but when he joins for real in TT #19 (F'69), there's little fanfare.
  • Aqualad was phased out for Speedy. Yet Aqualad was a big part of the Aquaman cartoon show. Were the writers simply tired of trying to fit him in the stories?
  • They introduced the Ant in TT #5 (O'66) and the Russian Starfire in TT #18 (D'68). Were they ever intended to become members? They seem such oddities now.
  • There seemed to be little contact with the Justice League and never in a good way like TT #25 (F'70). Did the JLA supervise the Titans in any way? Why didn't the two teams join forces? What did the Titans think about Snapper Carr?
  • How careful were Kid Flash and Speedy about their secret identities? Mister Jupiter knew them thus he was privy to the Flash's and Green Arrow's as well. Did he know Batman's?
  • Mal--was there any justification to him joining the team besides diversity? And what's your favorite Mal persona? Tan suit? Hornblower? Guardian? Herald? Can anyone add scans please? I seem to have lost that ability.
  • Was Lilith patterned after Marvel Girl? Psychic redhead in a green mini-dress? Was she really Juliet/Esmeralda? Was there a Silver Age origin for her?
  • Did Bat-Mania affect the Teen Titans?
  • Was Speedy's drug use brought up? Robin going to college?
  • Were the Titans brought up much in Batman, Detective, Flash and Aquaman?
  • Could Kid Flash have gotten his own book? Technically he was the most "super" Titan and was featured a lot there and in Flash.
  • Was Wonder Girl ever mentioned in Wonder Woman as the Separate Version?
  • Why did Aqualad get several solo stories in Teen Titans, not Aquaman?
  • The Five Teen Titans vs the Original X-Men: Who Wins? My money's on the Titans! Your pick?

The Teen Titans are a favorite of mine for the longest time but until 1980, DC treated them like second class citizens. Hopefully you all share my feelings and will be kind enough to respond.




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That was my point! It was another "Teach-Lois-A-Lesson" scheme (deservedly for sure...this time) concocted by the Condescending Kryptonian and his Caped Collaborator which could have backfired BIG TIME if Lois decided to "settle" for Bruce!

But good times were had by all except the Lane family!
Luke Blanchard said:

And he's a millionaire!


"Damn! He's not SUPERMAN! Only rich, and muscular, and handsome, and rich, and suave, and - um - rich, and, um - Superwhoagain?"

Another thing about Robin: Was there ever a story that told how and why Superman revealed his secret identity to the Boy Wonder? He knew that, the location of the Fortress and about Supergirl which was more than most of Superman's supporting cast AND the Justice League did!

Superman #76 had a story in which Superman and Batman met and learned each others' secret identities. In that one Robin only appears at the beginning and end, and doesn't have an opportunity to learn Superman's ID.


World's Finest Comics #94 had a story called "The Origin of the Superman-Batman Team!". I think I have read it but I don't recall the details. At that point the Superman/Batman series had been running a while. World's Finest Comics #271, from 1981, had a Roy Thomas continuityfest about how Superman and Batman first met. This included elements from the radio show, on which Superman and Batman had met, as Earth Two events. (According to an interview with Thomas about his DC years in Alter Ego I was just looking at the story was the editor's idea.)


In a story in Adventure Comics #253 Supes met Robin as Superboy when the latter travelled back in time to save his life. My dim recollection is that this story was referenced in World's Finest Comics #271, but that was probably the first time a later story treated it as in-continuity.


I can think of a few further items having to do with how Supes got to know Batman pre-Crisis, but they have no bearing on your question. Adventure Comics #275 had a story which represented Superboy and Bruce as having met as teenagers. Superboy knew Bruce would one day be Batman due to a device he used to view the future. That story got a sequel in the 70s, in Superboy #182. The Legion told Superboy about Batman in Adventure Comics #341 but, of course, he had been conditioned to forget anything he learned about his future when he returned to the present. A Batman/Superboy team-up appeared in The Brave and the Bold #192 (1982).

Oddly enough, Robin seems to have told the other Titans that he'd revealed his identity to Jimmy, since Speedy knew that Jimmy knew when they met during Jimmy's quest for the Guardian, altho iirc, Jimmy had no idea that his Uncle Jim had been the original Guardian.  If that was the case, I wonder what Roy thought when his uncle's estate gave him the Guardian gear that he stashed in the TT's storage bins and promptly forgot about.

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