To help us appreciate comic book art I'd like to start a sort of forum game. Respond to this post with a "GIVE ME AN ARTIST!" message and I will will assign you a comic book artist.


I'll list an artist and everyone who wants to join in can do so! When I list an artist, you have 24 hours to post an image before we move on to the next one. 

It doesn't matter if you don't know their work; just Google the artist and choose an image of the one you like most, and add it into this thread. Try not to repeat images someone else has posted.

I'll urge you to make comments about your post and others people have posted.


  • Mike Allred
  • June Brigman
  • John Bolton
  • Rich Buckler 
  • Ramona Fradon
  • Don Heck
  • Mikel Janin
  • Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
  • Bob Layton
  • Steve Lightle
  • Ron Lim
  • David Lloyd
  • Tom Mandrake
  • Khoi Pham
  • Joe Stanton
  • Curt Swan
  • Lee Weeks

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Did you mean Rich Buckler? I just googled Rick and he's in the band the Jam. But Rich Buckler comes up as a comics artist.
Lumbering Jack (M'odd-R8-Tr) said:

Jason, you get Rick Buckler!

I'm going to assume you meant Rich. This is a powerful image to me. Image from

Hey, I'll give it a shot. Go easy on this mostly non-superhero reader!

Mark Sullivan, you get David Lloyd!  (A vertiginous creator just to be nice!)

And yep, I meant Rich, not Rick. Ha-ha!

Rich, by the way, was the guy who illustrated all of the entries in the Master Edition of the "Handbook of the Marvel Universe." I think they picked him because his style is so classically uniform. I don't mean that as an insult either. He does it right!

Can I get another?

Lee Weeks just recently had a turn at Daredevil, but man I just love his Captain America:

Lumbering Jack (M'odd-R8-Tr) said:

Clark Kent asked for one too (in an e-mail) ... 

Clark, you get Curt Swan!


Okay ... Curt Swan wasn't always one of my favorites; I preferred more "realistic" artists like Russ Heath or Neal Adams, or more dynamic artists like Joe Kubert. Plus, he did Superman for so long that I got bored with his work and totally took him for granted.

I didn't appreciate Curt Swan's art, actually, until I saw him draw an issue of Batman. I forget which one it was, but this was in the '80s. Sure, he had handled Batman before, in who knows how many World's Finest issues, but somehow, I never took note of that, probably because Batman stories then were obligated to hew to the Bob Kane house style, and then I didn't care to discern who the Batman artists were who weren't Jerry Robinson or Dick Sprang, two other favorites.

Anyway, this Batman story had one scene that made me really, really notice Curt Swan's talent. It featured a heart-to-heart conversation between Bruce and Dick. Batman was in costume, but his mask was off -- I think Dick likewise was in costume sans mask, but I don't remember -- and the two of them were in a room lit only by the roaring fire in the fireplace.

Looking at that scene -- it was just a page or two -- I really, really noticed how Swan captured the mood, with the framing of each panel, the body language of the two men, and the facial expressions, and I realized, this man is really good at what he does.

I don't have that example readily at hand, so I'll show this one:


One other thing about Curt Swan; he did understand, in a way that too many artists don't, how to draw children and teenagers. As the saying goes, a child is not a short adult. The proportions of the body are different -- notice the Superboy figure left of center and the Superman figure right of center. Even though they're posing the same way and wearing the same outfit, you know which is the teen and which is the man on sight.

That is the artistry of Curt Swan.

I was introduced to Lee Weeks when he was drawing one of the last Marvel magazines ... Remo Williams: The Destroyer.  And because of him and Will Murray, I love the character!

Since he asked for another, I'm sending Jason out deep!

Jason ... you get Ramona Fradon!

This is one of my favorite Curt Swan  Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez images. I always loved the cool but silly design for the Supermobile!

 (Corrected the name!)

Lumbering Jack (M'odd-R8-Tr) said:


This is one of my favorite Curt Swan images. I always loved the cool but silly design for the Supermobile!


Dude, that isn't by Curt Swan. That's by another favorite of mine, José Luis García-Lopez.

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