Friends and neighbors:

As most of you know, I am writing a book about journalists in comic books. It's a riff on my Master's thesis. It's kinda fun, and I want to share that, since it's consuming all my time. I think maybe you guys would like to be in on the conversation in my head.

I know some of you have done books on your own, and haven't asked any help here. I acknowledge that, and am not asking for help myself.

I just think it will be fun.

So, do you guys want to go on this journey with me? Sure, you all get credit in the Foreword.

But the first question is ... do you want to play? If not, I'll continue to toil in darkness.

Let me know, Legionnaires!

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This might be well known, but I just stumbled across it.  Wonder Woman took a job as a romance advice columnist in Sensation Comics #97.  I don’t know if it was just for that one story, or if it was something she did over numerous stories.

I've gone through the Sensation Mystery issues, so I'll go back and check the earlier ones back to Sensation #97.

And I have found a third pre-Jimmy Jimmy Olsen!

I don't know how how far forward you're planning to take this, but if you're going all the way to the present, be sure to check out this week's Lois Lane #1 for a take on modern day journalism.

Yes, I will be carrying it forward to today. It's frustrating to read today's comics, knowing that I'll have to re-read them again and take notes sometime in the future. Taking notes now won't work, because I need to see various eras as a whole, to know what I'm looking for. So when the time comes, I'll re-read all the New 52 Superman books, then all the Rebirth books, and then the Bendis books.

I haven't read Lois yet, as I've had cataract surgery and reading is too difficult (until I get the second one done). What's the Bendis take on her job?

It's Rucka, not Bendis. It's just a look at journalism in the digital age. I have no idea how accurate it is, but I imagine he put a certain amount of research into it.

Here’s one I want to bring to your attention: “I Am Robot X!” from Amazing Adventures #4, September 1961: A race of sentient robots wrests control of a newspaper from a group of aliens to thwart an invasion.

Cap, have you considered buying digitally? I'm slooowwwwly easing into it, and with a decent-size tablet and the ability to zoom and do guided-view, it's in some ways superior to paper reading. I'm planning on buying the entire Lois Lane series that way. (Jimmy, on the other hand, seems like it'll be a fun one to read on paper, simply because of it's old-fashioned humor qualities.)

Jeff, thanks for the Robot X reference. I did already have it in my notes, thanks to a re-read of the Masterworks. But I'd rather have it twice than none at all. And it's one-off gems like Robot X that I want the most. (And also not to miss anybody major. Oh, the anxiety!)

Rob, I've got Marvel Unlmiited and DC Universe, so I've got a lot of digital era material available. Also, the Golden Age stuff I'm researching is also digital thanks to whatever sites I'm able to find them on. I'm really doing very little paper research, and won't until I get both eyes done. I have the new Lois Lane book, but haven't made it past the Intro. Reading is hard!

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