Captain Britain Weekly #1-39;
Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #231-253;
Hulk Comic #1, 3-30, 42-55, 57-63;
Marvel Super-Heroes #377-388;
The Daredevils #1-11;
The Mighty World of Marvel #7-16;
Captain Britain #1-14.
New Mutants Annual #2
X-Men Annual #11
Captain America #305-306
The Knights of Pendragon #1-18
Captain Britain and MI13

Shortly after I discovered the work of Alan Moore I learned that he had written Captain Britain for Marvel UK and I immediately wanted to read those stories. In 1987, Chris Claremont and Alan Davis collaborated on Excalibur Special Edition and I again wanted to read those Moore/Davis Captain Britain stories. A year later, the popularity of the Excalibur ongoing series led to the release of a trade paperback collection of the last 17 installments of Captain Britain’s UK series. These stories were very good, and although they were drawn by Alan Davis, they had been written by Jamie Delano. I still wanted to read those Alan Moore stories! Finally, in 1995, Marvel released a Captain Britain mini-series (somewhat deceptively titled X-Men Archives: Captain Britain) which featured the stories immediately predating those contained in the tpb, drawn by Alan Davis and written by Dave Thorpe and… Alan Moore!

I was familiar with earlier appearances of Captain Britain in his original costume (from Marvel Team-Up #65-66 among others) as well as more recent appearances (such as New Mutants Annual #2, X-Men Annual #11 and Captain America #305-306), but I was interested in the significance of his sartorial shift. The first story in X-Men Archives: Captain Britain #1 cleared that up, but the stories began in medias res (or so I had perceived at the time), and I wanted to know what happened before that!

Flash forward nearly 15 years to 2009 and the recently concluded Marvelman/Miracleman discussion which got me interested in Captain Britain all over again! Marvel recently released a Captain Britain Omnibus, and judging by the costume the title character was wearing on the cover, I was about to have my curiosity slaked at last! So I culled some duplicated comic strip collections from my shelves and traded them in for the hefty volume, only to discover it contained only the Thorpe/Moore/Delano and Davis stories I already owned! But I also found out that all of the original stories I was interested have been collected in British editions.

So starting soon I will begin to cover Captain Britain’s entire UK run!

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I just ordered the new Marvel (North America) HC Captain Britain collections. I don't think they get to "Otherworld" from the descriptions, but I hope they do. I hope to catch up with the rest of you soon!

I'm seriously thinking of getting the Panini TPB collections myself.  The Otherworld stories start before the end of the 2nd one of those.

I know, I know. The Panini collections don't get to "Siege of Camelot" (whatever that is) until vol. 4, but the new Marvel collections get there in Vol. 2. I suspect the latter start later than the former. But, dang, I wanna catch up right now!

I ordered those four Paninni tpbs via because at that time those stories had never been reprinted in the U.S. and I didn’t think they ever would be. The first two U.S. Captain Britain HCs reprint the pre-Moore material in the four Paninni tpbs, and the HUGE third volume (actually released first) encompasses Moore’s run in its entirety (and them some). For some time now I’ve considered getting rid of the tpbs in favor of the HCs. If anyone reading this is interested in a trade, let me know.

Just this week, Marvel released a tpb collection of British Hulk material (“From the UK Vaults”) originally presented in Hulk Comic (where the Black Knight stories discussed above are from). I was so looking forward to it, but when I first saw it I was a little disappointed. (Half of it is illustrated text stories.) I started reading it last night, and while it may not be what I’d hoped, I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought.

Is the third volume what's called the Captain Britain Omnibus? It's apparently out of print, as Amazon directs me to other sellers, where it's going for $170. Argh.

But it would be worth it if it collects all the Captain Britain appearances from the end of Marvel's Captain Britain Volume 2 and when his UK series ended. I have all the Marvel U.S. appearances.

Yes, what I think of as "volume three" is actually the omnibus.

The two volumes of earlier material came later.

Captain Britain 1 (tpk): The Birth of a Legend..

(Captain Britain (uk) 1-23-)

Captain Britain 2 (tpk): A Hero Reborn

(Captain Britain (uk) 24-39.)

(Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain(cb) 231-238-)

Captain Britain 3 (tpk): The Lion and The Spider

(Super Spider-Man &Captain Britain (uk)(cb) 239-253.)

(Marvel team-Up 65-66)

(Hulk Comic (uk) (BK) 1, 3-30)

Captain Britain 4 (tpk): The Siege of Camelot

(Hulk Comic(uk)(cb/BK) 42-55, 57-63,)

(Marvel Super-Heroes (uk)(cb) 377-389,)

(Daredevils (uk) (cb) 1-11,)

Captain Britain 5 (tpk): End Game

(Mighty World of Marvel (v2)(uk)(cb) 7-16,)

(Captain Britain (v2)(uk)(cb) 1-14.)


Sorry that they look a bit scrappy but the preceding few potsts show the covers and then the contents of the Panini Captain Britain trades as discussed in the thread. There seemed to be a lot of questions about them so I hope it helps.

I appreciate it, Richard -- it's pretty confusing. I've finally figured out that if it's a HC then it's Marvel, but if it's a TPB it's Pannini. But if other Legionnaires are confused, your pics above should straighten it out. I'll do my bit and post the Marvel covers, which cover the same territory in three books instead of five (I think!). They are, left to right:

Captain Britain -- Volume1: Birth of a Legend

Captain Britain -- Volume 2: Siege of Camelot

Captain Britain Omnibus

Has there been any announcement of a Volume 3?

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