I just heard on the nightly news that movie heart throb and JFK stand-in Cliff Robertson has passed away.


Of course, Spider-Man fans will recognise him as the actor cast to portray "Uncle Ben Parker" in the movies.


I remember him mostly from "PT109"  and later from the movie "Obsession".

But he also played Hue Hefner in "Star 80" to great aclaim.


At the risk of sounding flip, "Do you think Uncle Ben will stay dead?"

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Nobody seemed to care when he turned into a frog.

I also remember him yelling "Wahoo!", fighting with Toro, and flirting with the enemy. He also got shot although they later said that wasn't really him. Otherwise he was Robin.
Dave Elyea said:

In Bucky's case in particular, he's been so completely retconned to have been this teenage wetworks hotshot (because, of course, if you want someone to sneak around behind enemy lines and slit Nazis' throats in their sleep, you're gonna want a 14 year old boy in red pantyhose for the job!), when those of us who've read his actual WW2 adventures know that he spent an even larger portion of his wartime career tied up or strapped down than Wonder Woman did!

Mr. Silver Age said:

I didn't understand the need to revive either Bucky or Barry, and good reasons to keep them dead. It's not like anyone had read a Bucky story and missed the character. And that's nearly true for Barry, too, I imagine. In his case especially, there were replacements available and they had at least as much personality as Barry did (not a high bar).

-- MSA

Mr. Silver Age said:

I was amused about all the anguish and media coverage during the "Death of Captain America" story....

I remember that the right wing media outlets were outraged that the lefties had killed the Captain America character because they hated the USA.

Kirk G said:

I just heard on the nightly news that movie heart throb and JFK stand-in Cliff Robertson has passed away.

I remember him mostly from "PT109"

In Buena Park, California, a short distance from the Knott's amusement park there was (until 2005) an attraction called the Movieland Wax Museum. It had life-sized famous movie scenes with posed wax figures of the actors (they had a great Enterprise bridge scene from Star Trek TOS). The movie PT 109 debuted in June 1963. Some time that summer Movieland installed a scene from the movie, pictured below, where the JFK character is in the process of saving his men.

Initially the figure's face was that of Cliff Robertson. After JFK's assassination that November, IIRC, they changed the figure's face to that of Kennedy himself.

From Spider-Man and the Human Torch it's clear Marvel likes killing off characters for their 50th anniversary. I think I'll avoid reading anything about  the Silver Surfer in 2016.

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