So, DC has found itself in a controversy thanks to the situation with Eddie Berganza and the controversy flaring up in the wake of Shelly Bond being let go.

What does this board think?

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Captain Comics said:

CK said: "I don't have absolute faith in either the fairness nor the impartiality of human resources departments. HR is a tool of upper management, and can only be as good as upper management allows."

Man, is that ever the truth. Every HR dept. I've ever been worked with was absolutely there to protect management and enforce its will. In my last job at the newspaper, we even had to do all the personnel stuff ourselves (attend to our own insurance, fill out our own timesheets, etc.), so what did HR do? What I said above: Protect management, and enforce their will. No dealings with HR were ever in service to the employee.

Heads up to all my fellow Legionnaires: If you've got an HR department that appears solicitous and helpful, keep your guard up.


To illustrate the point, here's something from today's Washington Post"They were sexually harassed at work. They reported it. Here’s what...

Take note of this comment: 

Genece, assembly line worker: The day after I wrote the report about him rubbing my shoulders, someone from HR told me: “Everything’s taken care of. He’s going to stop.” A week later, they let him go. Right after that, they let me go, too. They said my position had been eliminated. My husband still works at the factory, so I know that’s not true.

and this one:

Shannon, sales representative: I wrote a seven-page document for HR about the hostile work environment. Within a month, I was put on a plan to “improve my performance,” and my commission was taken away.

Another heads up: When HR puts you on a "performance improvement plan," your job is over; it's about concocting the paper trail to cover their tracks. 

Yes, as I assume most women know, but most men have to learn, if you report abuse, you're labeled (formally or informally) a troublemaker or malcontent and your days are numbered.

That's one answer to the oft-asked question (by men), "Why didn't you report it at the time?"

"Why didn't you report it at the time?"  

I don't get, and never have, why not reporting at the time, somehow discredits or disqualifies the veracity of an allegation. We know there are several reasons why people don't report at the time; how does not reporting at the time make things untrue? 

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