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Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) Joins the Cast as Jay Garrick and Shantel VanSanten (The Messengers, The Final Destination) as Patty Spivot

BURBANK, Calif. (July 11, 2015) — Hit Super Hero action/drama The Flash (Tuesdays 8/7c The CW) is getting up to speed for season two by bringing two new characters to join The Fastest Man Alive in Central City, with both hailing from the DC Comics Universe.

Teddy Sears photo by Rainer Hosch

Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex, Raising the Bar) has been cast as Jay Garrick, who is well known to comic book fans as the first DC Comics character to take on the mantle of The Flash. In the TV show, Jay is a mysterious figure who arrives in Central City to warn Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs of an impending danger that he alone cannot hope to stop.

The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, “Having Jay Garrick come onto the show was one of our earliest ideas. It is so exciting, as we rush into season two, that we finally get to bring the Crimson Comet to life. We couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to play the original Flash than Teddy.”

Shantel VanSanten photo by Smile XXVII Studios

Shantel VanSanten (The Messengers, The Final Destination, One Tree Hill) has been set for the role of Patty Spivot. A more recent addition to The Flash’s comic book history, Patty Spivot is a police officer and science enthusiast who catches the eye of Barry Allen. Patty is obsessed with metahumans and partners with Det. Joe West this season but has no idea that her new crush is The Flash.

 “We were huge fans of The Messengers and are excited to have Shantel join us to help complicate Barry Allen’s love life in season two,” said Kreisberg.

Based on the characters from DC Comics, The Flash is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The series returns for season two on Tuesday, October 6, at 8/7c on The CW.

Jay Garrick, copyright DC Entertainment Inc.

Patty Spivot, copyright DC Entertainment Inc.

THE FLASH signing photos (Sat, July 11): or

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Good point -- with Zoom defeated, there's no reason Jesse can't return home.

Well, a major plot-hole in the Zoom storyline just became a major plot-point!

I loved the scene in which Henry Allan met Tina McGee!

Ooh! Wally learns Barry's secret!

Looks bad for Henry.

One episode left!

Yeah, I'll be really angry if this isn't a fake-out, simply because I want to see Henry & Tina get together (again).

It could go either way. They could have brought Henry back for a couple episodes to wrap up his storyline, and having him connect with Tina was a nod to old-time fans and make it more dramatic when they killed him. It seems like a lot of work, though, when Zoom could kill any of Barry's friends at any time and continues to threaten to do so but never does. Snore.

OTOH, killing Henry will make it more poignant when the Man in the Mask is saved and we learn he's the real Jay Garrick, and he's Henry's doppelganger! It's the only explanation for that mothers-maiden-name remark.

I still don't understand why Zoom/Hunter was recognized and accepted by Harry and Earth-2 media as the Flash. That was essentially why the Earth-1 people accepted him as the hero. What am I missing?

-- MSA

Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with that either. Hopefully they'll explain it next week. Maybe the real Jay/Henry vibrated his face under his helmet, so when Zoom took over and stopped, no one was the wiser?

I've been puzzling over that remark. I like your idea so much it hurts! 

Mr. Silver Age said:

OTOH, killing Henry will make it more poignant when the Man in the Mask is saved and we learn he's the real Jay Garrick, and he's Henry's doppelganger! It's the only explanation for that mothers-maiden-name remark.

-- MSA

I'm going to overlook the notion of racing Zoom on the idea that he would honor whatever agreement he was making if he lost, or that the Wraiths showed up to take him away after FLASH created a time remnant. I don't even understand what a time remnant is if they were basically mourning his "death." That his death looked a lot like Flash's dead in Crisis got them some bonus points.

What I want to know is: Why didn't distraught Barry go back in time and save his DAD? He'd been through the saving-Mom scenario and knew it was a bad idea and dad had just died. The only thing that would've changed if he saved his father is he wouldn't have had so much grief as he defeated Zoom, but I'm sure he could've worked up some anger at a man about to kill billions of people.

(OTOH, I forgot there was an unaccounted-for Flash at the death scene. Bonus points for  having a long-term game plan even if it is so bonkers only Flash could get away with it.)

Saving his Mom means he's no longer the Flash, which is no doubt where we're going for next season, but what does that do for Past Barry standing over his Mom? It's way too big of a time paradox. It's bizarre that a guy who just watched Time Wraiths take away Zoom for doing wonky things would decide he'd go do something really, really bad.

OTOH, I'm pretty excited about seeing Jay Garrick,and there are rumors of lots more of the JSA to come. Maybe in Barry's new world, Wally West is Flash, Cisco is Vibe and they battle Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost! That'd be worth a few episodes. It's gonna be hard to do a show called Flash when there is no Flash.

Of course, it changes Oliver Queen's world a fair amount, and even Supergirl's world if there's no Flash. I wonder if we'll address those needs at all. Considering there's a four-way crossover coming, maybe they will.

-- MSA

Saving his Mom makes me think they are going to "honor" Flashpoint. I hope I'm wrong, unless it's a two or three episode story that winds up resetting.

I was pleased with the season finale. I was happy with the revelation of the man in the mask,; although expected, it was a perfect moment. The ramifications of the cliffhanger ending have me curious. Maybe Flash simply (“Simply”!) created an alternate timeline rather than altered his own…? We shall see.

Thanks, Cap. I didn't realize this same scenario played out in the comics and led to the wonder and splendor that was the New52, so beloved it's now being junked. Didn't see that coming!

I assume Barry is not going to be the Flash, given that the first one simply disappeared in the final scene and what saving his mother's life will mean. But what that means, how long that lasts or if it has any carryover will be fun to see. It could certainly make a basis for the four-part crossover they're planning, but I doubt they'll let Flash disrupt the other shows as DC Comics did.

I will say that they set up Cisco and Caitlin with those names for a reason, even if they took their sweet time making it pay off. So I've got to think forcing in a Wally West and creating a Jesse Quick has to be planned to pay off. They both got hit with that Speed Forcy-blast, so we know *something* is in the works. Whether that ties in or stays in their back pocket will be something to anticipate.

I like that they're all filming together so they can do little cameos, like having Det. Lance show up for a few scenes in Legends (even as his younger, hairier self) and Barry can attend Laurel's funeral. That's what made early Marvel comics so much fun.

They've shown they do know their comics' history, so whatever they do, it will be choices they made knowing the various options.

-- MSA

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