Holy cow, that was the best thing the CW has ever given me for my birthday.

This is everything I'd want a Flash show to be. There are some changes to the mythos -- the particle accelerator being the source of most or all of the super powers in the area -- but I'm okay with that. It gives the show some unity, and asks us to believe one unbelievable thing instead of asking us to believe a new unbelievable thing every week. I think it's a smart approach. 

Grant Gustin is perfect as Barry -- younger than when I'd first encountered the character, but with so much heart and good humor. I'm stunned at how well he inhabits the part.
I'm most concerned about Thawne's inclusion -- I hope they don't rush through that, putting the prime suspect for his mother's murder right up front. And, frankly, I think growing up with Iris is makes that relationship a little odd, too... and ultimately she might not be the one he ends up with because of that dynamic. (I don't think they plan for that not to happen, but it might be that the show finds itself unable to surmount the squick factor and decides to go another way.)

But I love the cast, the supporting characters (especially at the lab) are great, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes! For me, this is head and shoulders above Gotham -- even after this week's ridiculous Balloon Man episode, where I'm finally starting to enjoy it for the cheese it brings to the table.

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Yes, Jay was the name of Barry's older brother (played by Tim Thomerson, and killed in the pilot episode so that Barry would have someone to avenge, because that seems to be the only motivation for anyone to become a superhero anymore). They never brought in Daphne Dean or Fiona Webb, but reporter Linda Park was a recurring presence on the TV screens in Central City. I don't recall her ever having a scene with Barry (or Flash), though. Iris (played by Paula Marshall) only appeared in the pilot, and she was an avant-garde artist instead of a reporter.

The first Flash series had its own versions of the Trickster, Mirror Master, and Captain Cold, but there were a lot of Easter eggs, too. In one episode Barry went undercover as an eccentric scientist who claimed he created the Flash, calling himself Professor Zoom, and said that he used to work for a gang boss named Gorilla Grodd. There was also the time that Tina McGee dictated a letter to a Dr. Carter Hall in Midway City. And, of course, many scenes were set outside the Infantino Hotel at the corner of Fox and Broome.

Ron M. said:

Didn't they do something like that with the old show? And Barry's brother was named Jay wasn't he?
Bob Buethe said:

Mr. Silver Age said:

Maybe they need to introduce Daphne Dean.

-- MSA

That's what I said to my wife when they introduced Linda Park. "No! No! Wrong Flash! She should be Daphne Dean! Or at least Fiona Webb!"

'Course, it could have been worse. She might have been Joan Williams.

Tonight's season finale was amazing. Far more emotional than I expected: it made me cry three times (or possibly four, I lost track). The ending was complex, and not at all what I expected. For me this is the best superhero TV show going, hands down.

As you say it was complex. Not just the ending, the whole episode. It was absolutely packed with developments. I had to watch the scene's in Barry's childhood home twice and I'm still not sure what happened and why.

Apparently Cisco's remembering the other timeline is a clue to something about him.

Barry's scenes with Joe and his father were handled superbly.

All season Barry raced towards one goal but the lessons he learned along the way gave him a new path.

I had to wait until tonight to see it, but I was really knocked out. Usually I'm good with cliffhangers... but it's going to be a LOOONG four months, even though I know the world isn't going to end. 

Unless they decide to adapt Crisis. And it's way too soon for that.

I had no idea how they were going to resolve the season, and it’s now clear they didn’t either. (I’m being unfair because I wanted a resolution, not a cliffhanger.) On the other hand, I suppose there’s no chance the series won’t be renewed for a second season, but if not, having the Earth sucked into a black hole is pretty final as far as resolutions go. Having said that, I’d still like Neil Degrasse Tyson to fact-check that ending.

I think I may watch the ‘90s Flash show to fill the gap until the new one comes back. I have it on DVD but I’ve never watched it, not even during its original run.

If Eobard Thawne has been erased from existence, is Barry's mother still dead?

And is the real Harrison Welles still alive?

The Flash was renewed a long time ago. It's one of the CW's biggest hits, so there wasn't a concern that it was prematurely ending on that scene. I expected there would be a cliff-hanger so that didn't bother me.

It was such a gloriously nonsensical resolution, I have no idea what's going on. They CAN'T erase Eobard from existence by killing Eddie! If Eobard doesn't exist, then Barry's mother doesn't die, Dr. Wells doesn't build the accelerator for several more years, Barry doesn't become the Flash, he doesn't meet Dr. Wells, Eobard doesn't hate the Flash, he doesn't come back in time to build the particle accelerator, his theory doesn't create a black hole, etc., etc., etc.

And what was the deal with older Flash stopping to tell younger Flash not to interfere? Of course older Flash knew he was going to do that, because he'd already seen himself do it as younger Flash. So that means older Flash knew little Barry was in no danger--although he knew he had to rush him out of the place--and that Eobard was gonna kill his mother. Of course, older Flash HAD to tell younger Flash not to stop their mother from being killed, because then older Flash would stop existing, since saving their mom would wipe them both from existence.

I hate time-travel stories. But it was so Silver Agey I had to admire their embracing of so much total nonsense that it makes my head hurt. And what was with that hat that fell out of the wormhole? And how did Eobard know exactly what it meant?

I liked the idea that Tom Cavanaugh could conceivably continue on the show as the real Dr. Wells, but for that to happen, he has to go ahead and build the accelerator from scratch, etc. 

-- MSA

Now if it had been a fez that flew out of the wormhole... ;)

So if Eobard was never born, does that mean that none of the past season happened? There's a loophole, though, but it's one that I don't think they'll go with:

Eobard said that he and Eddie shared a family tree, but he never said that Eddie was his direct ancestor. Everyone assumed that, but Eddie might just be a great-great-great-great-granduncle, or something. If that's the case, then Eddie's death might change the timeline, but wouldn't necessarily prevent Eobard's existence. Time will tell.

The hat belongs to Mopee?

Oh, I wasn’t really bothered the season ended on a cliffhanger. As the finale approached, it became increasing unlikely that they would. As soon as Eddie was pegged as an “anomaly” I suspected he might take drastic action. I still wasn’t certain, though, because doing so really creates at least as many problems as it solves. The producers seem to be quite aware of that, however, which is encouraging.

I love time travel stories, and I’m looking forward to discovering what it is Eobard Thawne and the future Flash know that we don’t (the former about the helmet and the latter about the night of the murder). I, too, like the idea that Tom Cavanaugh could return as a true good guy, but the plot point I found most intriguing is that the story as we know it actually occurs in an alternate reality.

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