Holy cow, that was the best thing the CW has ever given me for my birthday.

This is everything I'd want a Flash show to be. There are some changes to the mythos -- the particle accelerator being the source of most or all of the super powers in the area -- but I'm okay with that. It gives the show some unity, and asks us to believe one unbelievable thing instead of asking us to believe a new unbelievable thing every week. I think it's a smart approach. 

Grant Gustin is perfect as Barry -- younger than when I'd first encountered the character, but with so much heart and good humor. I'm stunned at how well he inhabits the part.
I'm most concerned about Thawne's inclusion -- I hope they don't rush through that, putting the prime suspect for his mother's murder right up front. And, frankly, I think growing up with Iris is makes that relationship a little odd, too... and ultimately she might not be the one he ends up with because of that dynamic. (I don't think they plan for that not to happen, but it might be that the show finds itself unable to surmount the squick factor and decides to go another way.)

But I love the cast, the supporting characters (especially at the lab) are great, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes! For me, this is head and shoulders above Gotham -- even after this week's ridiculous Balloon Man episode, where I'm finally starting to enjoy it for the cheese it brings to the table.

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That's the first time that I heard of him too being fairly ignorant of DC's humor books.

Rory Calhoun? The person Mr. Burns said was always standing and walking?

Yup. As Mark Waid explained here, "I ended up turning in a Who’s Who on Heat Wave where instead of citing his real name as Mick Rory, I somehow pulled out of the ether the name Rory Calhoun, an old cowboy movie star.  Egg, meet face."

Heat wave was called "Calhoun" in several published stories soon after that. And now Google says there are about 50 websites that list "Rory Calhoun" as an alias of Heat Wave.

I think Heat Wave developed burns around the time he developed pyromania, which was during, I think, the Wally West "run." I don't recall him loving flames quite so much in the Silver Age as he did later. But I'm pretty fuzzy on all this, so take it with a grain of salt.

Electro had an addiction to electricity as far back as Amazing#9, but DC was a lot more old fashioned back then, and a guy that liked to start fires probably wouldn't have turned up at least until after the Code started lightening up in the 70s.

Another difference between Central City and Starling City ... In Starling, the "dive bars" don't have karaoke nights.

Does every woman Barry knows have to be hot? I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for him!

And I guess being on Glee paid off here!

How about their fixing Barry up with Wally West's wife?

Firestorm! Grodd!

It sounds like in March we will get a team-up with the Atom!

And two Tricksters!

We live in an age of miracles and wonders.

This seems to be the week for face-to-face meetings: the Penguin and the Riddler over on Gotham and “Barry Allen’s girlfriend” and “Wally West’s girlfriend” on Flash.

“Quentin Quayle” is a nice, alliterative comic-booky name, but "S. Quentin Quayle" was Groucho’s character in the Marx Brothers’ movie Go West. It is taken from a term synonymous with “jailbait” (underage chicks), namely “San Quentin Quail.”

They haven't yet tied Thawne to the Reverse Flash, but at least they've now eliminated Wells as a suspect. I'm enjoying the arc of this first season more and more (and I liked this series from the start).

In Fury of Firestorm, Quentin Quayle was Prof. Stein's boss at Concordance Research. It's also the name of the quail in Looney Toons who's feather kept falling into his eyes. That's a great history for the name!

I thought this episode wasn't one of the more exciting ones -- it seemed to be moving pieces into place more than telling a compelling story, IMO -- but I liked the character interactions a lot, as usual! And it was so good to see Isabella Hoffman again, as Clarissa -- I haven't seen her since Homicide!

Richard Willis said:

It sounds like in March we will get a team-up with the Atom!

They've released an in-costume pic of Brandon Routh in costume as The Atom.

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