• I'm really surprised about that. But I feel confident that they'll be doing it well. I'm sorry to hear the series is ending, though I haven't had a chance to read it yet. Maybe the final issue will follow it up with a Life After Archie series, who knows?

    And, of course, Archie will still be around every month, regardless. 

  • Have you seen some of the alternative covers that Bleeding Cool has posted? Some of them are real heartbreakers.

  • I wonder why they're ending the Life With Archie series, and why they have to end it in such a final way. I've enjoyed it since issue one. It's "adult" in just the right way, with the kids from Riverdale all grown up and grappling with careers and health issues and business ventures and responsibility; it didn't take "adult" to mean brutality and violence and profanity and infidelity.

    There are people who argue that the Marvel Universe should have grown up in real-time as it seemed to in its early years. I never bought into that view. I preferred what Archie did; a separate line for the reader who had outgrown the original. I was happy to follow where they were going with these, and regret that they chose to bring it to an end. 

  • Any chance that In a month they'll bring out Teen Clone Archie, Cyborg Archie, Grim Vigilante Archie and Armored Archie?

  • There are some good covers there.

  • Here's the press release, with the nine variant covers.

  • I think it's funny that Adam Hughes's cover is the only one that wasn't finished yet. Oh, Adam! Late but always awesome.

  • I think this is a natural progression for the title. It had to end somehow!

  • I saw some of the covers yesterday. The Alex Ross one is...disturbing.

  • I think of it as the zombie Archie title, just a very large What-if story arc.

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