We started this one off over in the original forum, but timelines need extending, and a reminder here seems to be approrpiate,

For those who haven't played before - I invite you to nominate your ten top of a type of publication, ranking them from 10 to 1 and giving me a reason why you like them. I tot up the nominations, award points (1 for number 10, 2 for number 9, and so on up to 8 for number 3, 10 for numbr 2 and 12 for number 1) and then do a countdown.

The subject this time is Original Graphic Novels - the books that you feel are the best ever produced. Note this will not include collected editions of titles - we covered those in the top runs and top limited series - but original stories. So, for example, Death of Superman is not eligible, but Superman: True Brit is, if unlikely. Note also that something like Maus, because it was serialised in an anthology first, will be eligible as the anthology had more in it than Maus.

So, nominations are still open and will no wremain open until Friday 25th July. Get yoru nominations to me at mike_sez@hotmail.com as soon as possible - and post yoru thoughts here as well.

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My problem with this is that I don't own that many original graphic novels. Tons and tons of tpbs, yeah, but not many original works. Of those I do own, there isn't much that is so good that I'd call it "best." The one I can think of right now--I'm not at home to check my bookshelves for others--is Catwoman: Selina's Big Score. It was a great story and worth the price. Or it would have been worth the price if I'd paid for it. ;) Make that two because Star Trek: Debt of Honor is another blessed good story and I've never seen anybody before or since draw Star Trek starships as well as Adam Hughes did. All the art was terrific but even good artists often butcher the starships.
Catwoman: Selina's Big Score.

Good one. Ana had mentioned including that one in her list, though I don't think she got around to pulling a final list together.

Also, Jeff, you're not necessarily limited to the ones you own. You could also include others that you've borrowed from a friend (which is how I read Maus) or from a library (Pride of Baghdad). Of course, I mostly included ones I actually own but that's because those are the ones for which I have the strongest opinion.
It's unlikely that I don't own anything that I would consider in the top ten. If I thought it was THAT good then I probably bought it.

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