Once again, friends, it's time for the latest guidance from Marist College, which has inherited the Mindset List from Beloit College.

See the 2023 list here, the 2022 list herethe 2021 list here, the 2020 list here, and the 2019 list here.

This year's version is fully a product of Marist College, which developed it as "a collaborative effort with Marist faculty from different disciplines with diverse backgrounds focusing on 10 major areas: arts, commerce, education, ethics, fashion, history and politics, language and literacy, science, sports communication, and technology."

(Consequently, it isn't nearly as much fun.)

Without further ado, here is The Mindset List for 2024. 

The Marist Mindset List For the Class of 2024

  • Emerging artists and designers in the class of 2024 will explore race relations beyond Black Lives Matter into a deeper understanding of how Whiteness has shaped bias and influence in contemporary American culture.
  • Incoming students will rely on smart devices for shopping, interactive wellness-centered consumer experiences, and engaging in the social good.
  • The class of 2024 may view the idea of “banned books” as an artifact from the past, but the Harry Potter series has been banned somewhere in America for their entire lifetimes, and To Kill a Mockingbird has appeared on the American Library Association (ALA) list of frequently challenged books eight times since 2004, due to perceived concerns over offensive language as well as racial and sexual themes.
  • Incoming students are willing to pay for their privacy. Privacy is now a commodity, and they value privacy for their real relationships.
  • The necessity of personal protection equipment (PPE) will drive fashion trends for the next couple of seasons as young designers in the class of 2024 adapt face masks and other PPE into functional objects of personal expression.
  • For incoming students, the world political stage has always been post-9/11; Vladimir Putin has always been the leader of Russia, Tayyip Erdogan has always been leader of Turkey, and the United States military has always been involved in Afghanistan.
  • The class of 2024 (and, often, their teachers) expect and embrace a richer diversity of voices in the books they read, and their enthusiasm for young adult (YA) literature has led to the emergence of vibrant new voices such as Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give), Marie Lu (Legend), and Tomi Adeyemi (Children of Blood and Bone). In addition, these students are shaping American literary culture like never before, by contributing commentary and adaptations in online forums such as GoodReads, Reddit, Twitter, and fanfic sites.
  • Incoming students are keenly aware of the major threats to the health of our society created by both an international pandemic and the global climate crisis, while at the same time, the value of science in our national dialogue is increasingly questioned.
  • Social distancing provided a captive audience for the ESPN documentary The Last Dance. This phenomenon allowed the Class of 2024 to see for themselves the evolution of the NBA game in the last twenty years, sparking new debate over how past heroes such as Michael Jordan compare to their favorite players of today like LeBron and Giannis as G.O.A.T.
  • Incoming students have never been more ready to embrace social distance by using technology to fill the distance gap. They are always looking for the newest upgrade.

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"(Consequently, it isn't nearly as much fun.)"

You're right about that.

Oof, yeah. I opened up this thread expecting to find out that kids today don't know anything about nickelodeons or rumble seats or compacts discs, and instead I find out that kids are ready to embrace distance learning? Kind of a bummer.

...Yes, exactly, Rob. More later.

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