The New 52: Because It's Far Too Early to be Asking This, I Will Ask It, Because That's How I Roll!

Based on the extremely cursory look that you've had at the "DCnU', how do you think it's going to work out for DC? Smash? Trash? Mixed bag?  As for me so far, I'm going with "mixed bag".  I don't think it's going to be the resounding success that will propel DC to the forefront of the comics industry, leaving Marvel in their metaphorical dust, but neither do I think it will be an utter flop, to be un-done with all due haste at the next possible Crisis.  I'm sure there will be an inital upsurge of interest, but I imagine that by early next year, things will have settled back down again, and DC will be hard at work on their next desperate publicity stunt.

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Not sure how long term, but I think it'll be here for a at least the rest of the year. I rarely read Superman Comics and never ever read Animal Man. This Wednesday I'm looking forward to issue 2 of Action Comics and Animal Man, the first issues were that good. Before the relaunch I was reading mostly Green Lantern books, the occaisonal Batman, and whatever Geoff Johns was writing. I now have close to 20 DC books in my file.

The Baron said:
I'll be the first to say - I've looked forward more to Wednesdays this past month than I have in years, and I bought a number of books I wouldn't have ordinarily.  I just wonder if the interest is sustainable, long-term.
Jason Marconnet said:
I now have close to 20 DC books in my file.


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So, how are we feeling about the "New 52" now?  After an initial flurry of interest, I'm down to two books  -  All-Star Western and Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., and looking forward to the Earth-Two "revival".  How about the rest of yers?

I am still reading and enjoying Superman and Action Comics.

I am disappointed that OMAC has been cancelled.

I am three weeks behind reading the latest Batgirl (never a good sign).

Swamp Thing I still like, but may switch to tpb after the first story.

I always did plan to drop Justice League after the first story. Hard to accept Cyborg as a founding member.

That’s all I’m reading.

There are two I'm enjoying more that I ever thought I would and that is the Wonder Woman and Flash comics. I was most disappointed in Men of War and dropped it and Red Lanterns already.

I like Legion Lost more than the main Legion book, because it's story is actually moving along at a pretty decent clip. The rest of the series I read I like well enough to at least continue to collect them for now. Although I'll be gone the issue before Liefeld's first issue on Grifter.

Hahaha! It's so funny that you say that, because I have comics that I really sincerely enjoy, but which I haven't read in two or three months. I just don't have much time to read them during the week, so most of my comics reading is done on sleep-in Saturday and Sunday mornings. I stack them up...sometimes when I get new comics, I almost dread having to find where a particular book's mini-stack is to insert it into the right spot.

So three weeks? You're much better than I am!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

I am three weeks behind reading the latest Batgirl (never a good sign).

I'm reading nearly half of the line -- 23 books. But I just dropped Firestorm, and OMAC and Men of War are being canceled out from under me. A couple other books (Batgirl, I, Vampire, possibly Frankenstein) I'll be dropping from my pull list soon (though I might pick up an issue here and there). I like those comics well enough, but some have to go. We'll see about Superman after the new creative team comes in, and Resurrection Man has never really wowed me like the first issue did, so that could be on thin ice, too. (I might, on the other hand, pick up an issue of Green Arrow once Ann Nocenti starts writing it. Possibly digitally, though, to save a buck.)

On the other hand, the new 52 includes what I consider some GREAT books -- particularly Batwoman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Batman. I'm tempted to include Swamp Thing and Action Comics there, but the lag in plot movement bothers me a little. And the amazing OMAC, of course, which is leaving us too soon.

Other books are just solid fun. I'm enjoying Birds of Prey more than the most recent Simone iteration (though part of that is because of Saiz's art, which she only had two issues of, and part of it is because the team isn't saddled with bores like Hawk & Dove). Red Hood & the Outlaws surprised me by being an absolute blast. Demon Knights and All-Star Western are two more books that deliver every time. 

I find myself liking Legion Lost more than Legion, simply because it has more direction. Batwing surprises me each issue by how much I'm interested in it; I hope it can keep that momentum once David travels to Gotham for a couple issues, because the African setting is a large part of what I like about the book. Aquaman & JLA are gorgeous; I'm not on the edge of my seat for either one, but I always enjoy each issue.And while I haven't been reading the Deadman story, I'm looking forward to DCU Presents' take on the Challengers.

Of the miniseries, I've really been enjoying The Ray and The Shade. Legion: Secret Origins is a little flat for my tastes.

I have interest in all of the new books except Ravagers, but GI Combat and Dial H will likely have to fight it out for my money. (GI Combat's the better bet of the two, but Dial H could really surprise.)

DCNu books I'm still buying and enjoying:


Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl, and Batman and Robin from that family.  I lurv Scott Snyder's Batman writing.


Action Comics...I was initially a bit "eh", but I've liked what I've read more recently and am sticking around.


The Flash...there is something very 21st century about this book, both in its approach to art and the cutting edge science they sprinkle into the scripts.  Really, you can google very wacky stuff from the stories and find real science journal articles talking about just that.


Justice League...I grew up with Cyborg on the Super Friends, so being there at the beginning is fine with me.  It's the crazy/funny action book it should be.


My sister is a huge Wonder Woman fan, so I pick that up for her.  Love the art, not a fan of the writer.


I'm hanging on to Demon Knights for the time being.  It's on a short leash and I may switch over to Cornell's other book about the woman running for office who is also an alien abductee when it starts.


I've dropped Swamp Thing...get Swampy already!...and Aquaman.  I thought Aquaman could be the lighter Gilmore Girls type of the book for the



Doc Beechler (mod-MD) said:

I thought Aquaman could be the lighter Gilmore Girls type of the book for the



Too many Gills, not enough Girls?

Exactly.  Johns take on the Marvel Family (starting with Gary Frank in Justice League #7) sounds like it'll be the lighter stuff I was hoping for.

Before the new 52, I declared that if DC could get me to buy a half a dozen series that would be a success as I was down to three series before the initiative.  However, that was supposed to be the low bar.  I'm surprised- and slightly disappointed- that I'm already down to half a dozen issues.  Green Lantern and New Guardians are staples I continue to enjoy.  Aquaman and Batgirl are new favorites (though I see a few others are dropping them).  Justice League and Wonder Woman have been good enough that I'm still buying them each month.  But honestly, I sampled about 18 titles and it's not a good sign that I've stuck it out with only a third of them. 

I actually think Batgirl is a really good comic, Chris. I'm not dropping it for its quality, by any means. I'm just dropping it because I only need to spend so much time in Gotham City. (And we'll see if I can even bring myself to do that.)

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