It's that (increasingly vague and amorphous) time of year again!

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I thought it was odd there was a new show titled The Goldbergs, but it doesn't seem to have any connection to the old series. One might think so, owing to the name ... if one was an old-timer who even knows about the old series.

(For my part, I've heard of it, but never seen it. I'm not that old.) 

Here are the shows that I enjoy watching: Brooklyn 99, Agents of SHIELD, Haven, The Goldbergs, Person of Interest, Glee and American Dad. To name a few. Futurama is off of the air. I was sorry to se eit go and I liked how it had tenets of  science fiction, fantasy and horror genres in the last episode. I still enjoy DC Nation shorts and would like it if they were to include characters of yesteryear such as Mr. District Attorney, Binky's Buddies, Windy & Willy, Batman Jones, the original Red Tornado and Hero Hotline, to name a few.

I've had a love/hate attraction for Glee, mostly on how prominently any given episode indulges in the shenanigans of the Sue Sylvester character. Thus, the season premiere put me right off -- last season, she took the fall for the kid Becky having fired a gun in the school building and resigned, but she returns by planting drugs and pornography in the principal's desk(!) and is named Acting Principal.

Never mind. Glee has the unenviable task of dealing with the death of one of its lead actors, Cory Montieth. The third episode is when they'll present the death of his character, Finn Hudson, and by all accounts, one should watch it with a case of Kleenex nearby. 

I watched the first episode of The Goldbergs and that was enough for me. I couldn't even make it through the first episode of Welcome to the Family.

I saw the first episode of Welcome to the Family and thought it was very good.

I caught the season premiere of Hawaii Five-O. I'm only an occasional viewer; like Ironside, as noted above, it's not for people who remember the original. 

The season premiere grabbed me because an stunning if outlandish premise -- a band of armed gunmen storm the Five-O headquarters, ostensibly to rescue a prisoner being held in the bowels of the facility. "Ostensibly" because, after shooting their way into the place, and hacking into the computer in the main office, and forcing team members Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams and Chin-Ho Kelly to deliver the man they're after -- they shoot and kill the guy themselves

Wha -- ?

And then, they just surrender! Wha -- !   photo eek.gif

Ah, but there is a plan: the moment the SWAT van drives the gang of thugs off to the hoosegow, McGarrett gets a phone call telling him to make sure they're released in 10 minutes or they'll kill his girlfriend! So he jumps in his car, runs the SWAT van off the road, and releases the gang of thugs!

Of course, he and the rest of Five-O chase them, to a stadium, where there's a fierce firefight and the leader tries to fly away in a helicopter, so McGarrett jumps onto the landing skid and climbs aboard and gets into a fight which resolves with the pilot shot to death and the leader tossed out the open door -- ! 

Yeah, this is not your father's Hawaii Five-O. It's a little too crazy for me.

Also, like with Ironside, I know what the differences are between this version and the old one. Where Steve McGarrett in the original was a steely, humorless leader, McGarrett Version 2.0 is a cowboy in Navy drag. I don't remember ever seeing original McGarrett in anything other than a two-button business suit, but today's McGarrett breaks out the blue Class A uniform all the time, when he isn't dressed like a slob. 

The modern Danny Williams is less of a sidekick here, which is a plus, and more of a partner, and they have a good give-and-take going. I like the new versions of Chin and Kono; it was a good move to add a woman to the team, one who is sharp and capable (and, let's be honest, hot, too). 

Of course, the biggest plus is all that lush Hawaiian scenery. For some reason, some bean counter had the notion of shifting production to Los Angeles, and I'm glad he was overruled. Bad enough they faked Miami in CSI: Miami; you can't fake Hawaii.

Another canceled show: We Are Men. CBS will bring back Mike and Molly to fill the gap.

Jerry O'Connell and Tony Shalhoub in full-on smarm mode just ain't pretty.

The History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" is always an interesting watch. I do not get to see The Science Channel's "The Unexplained Files".

ClarkKent_DC said:

Well, as promised, I watched the second episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. This one was more like the Law & Order of old, in that there was actually a trial. Oddly, Capt. Cragen was not in this episode, but Detective Munch was, acting as if he was the commander. When did that happen? Did he get a promotion to lieutenant or something?

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

I saw that episode as well, and I thought it was pretty good. I've never been a regular of this version of the show though. I do recall (last season maybe?) Munch had passed the Sergeant's exam and temporarily took over for Cragen. I noticed the absence of Cragen this episode as well, but saw him in the clip of next week's so he looks to be around.

Well, I've GOT to watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit next week -- Detective Munch retires!

Here's an interesting chart from Bloomberg Businessweek, comparing the ratings for this year's season and series premieres: "The Ratings Are In: The Crazy Ones Kills It; NBC Is on the Rise"

In the latest episode of Big Bang Theory, Amy tells Sheldon that Indiana Jones is irrelevant to the outcome of Raiders of the Lost Ark because the Nazis would have found the ark and died whether or not he was in the story.Is this a new opinion? I couldn't find any other references to it.

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