So, after far too long in my book they finally release the collected Twin Peaks in the UK, and I have the box in my grubby little hands to work my way through. Who wants to join me in a walk down memory lane of twenty years ago?

Twenty years - I need some coffee...

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Episode 1

“Fellows, don’t drink that coffee!! You’ll never guess... There was a fish in the percolator!”

We learn that Agent Cooper likes the Great Northern hotel – especially the coffee. Ben Horne owns most of Twin Peaks – and has designs on the mill. The time he spends with Catherine makes that clear – and Audrey has inherited some of his sneakiness.

Leo Jackson is a control freak who likes to dominate women – but the blood stained shirt Shelley finds could be incriminating.

Laura Palmer had a dark side – drug use, sex, and dealings with some very bad people. She was also seeing Lawrence Jacobi for counselling – and the good doctor has dug something up – literally.

Big Ed and Sheriff Truman are part of a group called The Bookhouse Boys – Ed was spying on the barman Jacques Renault, and thinks he was drugged at the bar. James is also part of the group.

We get a further glimpse of a long haired man, and a one-armed stranger in the hospital.

Episode 2

“Damn good coffee – and hot!”
“My name is Mike. His name is BOB.”

Ben’s brother Jerry Horne returns, and we visit for the first time One Eyed Jack’s to meet Blackie.

Bobby and Mike meet up with Leo to discuss business – and get a taste of intimidation.

Agent Cooper demonstrates a Tibetan method of deductive reasoning – and his colleague Albert demonstrates a lack of social skills. Meanwhile, Ed seeks solace from a conflict with Nadine with Norma at the diner.

Pete is trying to help Josie discover what Catherine’s plans are, as we see some samples of evening and home life in the town with Ed and Leland.

That night, Agent Cooper has a most unusual dream...

If there were any doubts in people’s minds that this was not your run of the mill series, the first two episodes quickly put them to rest. They certainly raise more questions than answers – although it is made clear fairly quickly that at least one of the regular cast cannot be the killer.

The dream sequence in the Red Room has become the stuff of legends, both in the way it was executed and the way it puts a definitive stamp on the story. What I had forgotten from the first viewing is the way Cooper reacts after the dream – this is something that has had a profound effect on him, even if he doesn’t realise it yet.

We also begin to learn more of the secondary list of characters – especially the supernaturally strong and obsessed Nadine, Big Ed’s wife, with her compulsion to find the noiseless drape closer. Booby’s father, Major Briggs (as played by Don S Davis) and of course the Log Lady also begin to play a part in proceedings.

Finally, there is Albert, played brilliantly by Miguel Ferrer. The forensics expert only gets a brief scene, but already it’s clear he is going to annoy some people – Sheriff Truman amongst them.
What was the stunning shot of Laura’s eye and the secret it reveals? I watched the show off and on, but I've not seen the pilot.
Without hopefully spoiling it - towards the end of the pilot, Cooper and Truman are watching a video they found of Laura and Donna on a picnic. When the natural question is asked "Who shot the video" Cooper zooms in on a close-up of Donna's eye...

Luke Blanchard said:
What was the stunning shot of Laura’s eye and the secret it reveals? I watched the show off and on, but I've not seen the pilot.
Thanks, Mike.

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