This is the Three Word Story Game.

In this game, each poster posts three words that add to the story. For instance, let's say Person A says:
"The boy ate"

Person B could say:
"five chicken legs."

Punctuation doesn't count toward your word number. You cannot use more than three words per entry, nor can you have consecutive posts. Conjunctions count as one word each. You can end a sentence during your entry, like "in Montana. Next," Hyphenated words, like "Spider-Man" count as one word. If there are any questions, just put them in your post.

There is no scoring. There is only the Story.

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find the truth

without Superman's help,

of how the

Joker could get

out of Arkham

free card that

allowed him to

show up monthly

for the big

monthly crossover event

"Eternal Infinite Monotony"

which like all

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