Oh, what a difference a week makes. Fear the Walking Dead is (temporarily) over, replaced by the far superior The Walking Dead.

Not only was the show better, but my wife joined me. She refuses to watch FTWD and is actively angry at it. "How they could take a great idea like 'Walking Dead' and screw it up so badly is almost criminal," she huffed. And I couldn't agree with her more.

Not that this episode was anything to write home about. It was a mostly table-setting exercise. But It had some interesting moments.

Daryl is learning American Sign Language, and even has an ASL guide in his back pocket. Daryl is not exactly intellectually curious, so this is an obvious sign that he and Connie are destined for romance. Maybe now he'll wash his hair. (Or his wig, if that's what it is.)

Aaron has apparently become something of a hothead, and much more of a warrior. Given his lack of hand, I expect a weapon on that stump shortly, and for the character to act out some Rick bits from the comics. He is apparently the leader of the communities' combined armed forces.

Fun to see the new civilization go back to the past for their tactics and weaponry, including a shield wall straight out of Vikings

I was a bit let down by them trying to stop the forest fire. That's not smart, because it's really dangerous, and it's unlikely they'll affect the fire very much. We can't stop forest fires in the present, and we're using machines. They're using a bucket brigade. Their best use of manpower would be digging a ditch between their homes and the fire. The resultant ditch could later be re-purposed as a walker deterrent. Or a latrine.

Also, it took them into Whisperers territory, which they are supposedly are avoiding, but do so a bunch of times in this episode, none of them necessary. And then Carol and Daryl do it for no good reason, and Alpha sees them. It's no more fun to see TV characters acting stupidly for the sake of the plot than it is to see comic book characters do the same. We've all seen it, and none of us like it, so why do writers keep doing it? Anyway, it looks like war. They should have let the forest burn.

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Captain Comics said:

So it wasn't a foregone conclusion that Negan would kill Alpha because of the comics. The show really could have gone another way.

* Speaking of which, when Daryl shows up, he doesn't do a Rick and explain it all to the little one. He just sits down with her, and maybe she'll feel better for that. Or not. He's a man of few words -- no, he's a man of NO words, and stunted emotional behavior, and the writers have never forgotten that. I really appreciate that.

I kind of figured the show might stick with Negan killing Alpha.  My theory has been that the writers intend to incorporate Negan into the group.  Or at least position him as a more heroic figure. Especially now that most of the more iconic/heroic characters in the show have departed.  I've always hated the Negan character. Mostly because of the comics. And I've always felt like he needed to be killed in order for justice to be done. But I have to admit that J.D. Morgan's version of the character has really started to win me over and I would hate to see him leave the show.

I don't know if it was intentional but the scene with Daryl and Judith sitting together seemed like a callback to an episode from a few seasons ago where Daryl and Rick were seated next to each other against a car after Rick had just been forced to take a bite out of a guys neck in order to save Carl.

Sunday's episode was largely disconnected from the main show at this point -- so much so that for some reason, our Tivo had it listed as an episode of Fear the Walking Dead, and we didn't catch that in time for it to record the first run. But it focused on Michonne i her quest for munitions to help out in the fight against the Whisperers. 



It didn't go well. There were no weapons, and she wound up being trapped by Virgil for days, at least. But eventually she escaped, with a handful of other people, and also discovered evidence that Rick was alive! And after a tearful walkie-talkie conversation with Judith and her son (no idea what that kid's name is, to be honest), Judith convinces her to go looking for Rick, leaving them  behind in the community. And so Michonne leaves the show, likely to appear in the Walking Dead movie with Rick down the road.

To be honest, I didn't care for this episode much. So much of it was a drug-induced fantasy sequence, and then the rest of it was spent among characters we just met (and who wouldn't stick around) and Michonne herself -- who I like, but I sure liked her better before she became so mopey.

Tying up unresolved Rick & Michonne plot threads has very little interest for me at this point. I'm much more interested in the characters who are at the thick of things, not on the periphery. Rick and Michonne aren't intrinsically interesting -- although Michonne, as designed in the comics and as brought to life by Danai Guirrera, has a great physical presence -- nothing can take that away from her. But I've largely forgotten about Rick. I don't miss him, and think the show has improved a lot without him. And while I'm sure I'll like their reunion when the movie rolls around, right now this episode felt like filler at a time when I'd really like to know what's next.

Actually, I want to retract some of what I said above. Rick's a good character, and Michonne is a fantastic character. I just didn't find Michonne compelling in this last storyline, which gives her a bit of thematic closure, but also sends her off on a quest that I'm not super interested in. But judging from the nomadic group she spots at the end, it could get interesting along the way.

I think Michonne, because she's so interior, is a character that needs a good foil -- someone to play against and contrast with. I don't think she ever had a better one than Carl. The two of them together -- growing into the roles of mother and son -- were really special.

Season 10 finale delayed due to corona virus.

Big agree on this episode feeling like an interruption to the ongoing story. It was interesting to see the alternate history Michonne who joined the Saviors and became Negan's lieutenant, and just to see her onscreen so much for a change. But her departure was more of a footnote than a main event, which is a shame.

"Sunday's episode was largely disconnected from the main show at this point..."

TWD is the third show this week which "disconnected" itself from the rest of the season in some way. First, there was This Is Us (which presented a "what if...?" scenario as part of a psychotherapy session), then Supergirl (in which one of the characters became trapped in a "virtual reality" world) and now TWD (which was largely a "drug-induced fantasy sequence").

I noticed that, too. And both Walking Dead and Supergirl had characters appear without the actors who played them coming back to set. On Walking Dead, there was a bunch of re-used footage of past events. In Supergirl's case, we saw both Psi and Jeremiah Danvers from behind in a brief shot before either a cutaway or, in Danvers's case, a disintegration.  I suspect Danvers was killed offscreen because no one at the show wanted to work with Dean Cain anymore.

Rick has been missing-and-presumed-dead for about six years (show time), yet the image etched on Rick's phone reflected how Judith looks now. What's up with that? Has Rick been secretly observing them, or were the images etched by someone else? Frankly, I'm inclined to go with the second option. Rick has never displayed any artistic talent before. Also, there was Japanese writing etched in the surface as well.

That was something Yvette Nicole Brown mentioned on this week's homebound edition of Talking Dead, which Scott Gimple underlined. Whatever's going on with that phone, it's not a mistake. 

There are three episodes left in the season, but the finale was in post-production when the shutdown happened. So they're going to air the next two episodes, end the season on a cliffhanger, and then air the intended final episode as a special between seasons. 


Fans are divided; they either love her or hate her.

Me, I love her! I’m really looking forward to how they develop her on TV.

I was so happy to see her! What a burst of color!

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