I love Blackest Night, but I am tired of everyone assuming there will be a white lantern (or lanterns). It's too easy to go there--I think Geoff Johns is a better writer than that. Infact -- If there's a white lantern, I'll frickin, wear white underpants (tighty whiteys), and run down the street -- That's how positive I am that isn't going to happen. It's too predictable and he's quite good at throwing curve balls. I could see white energy from the various rings being combined, but I just don't see an actual white lantern or lanterns.

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There. Done.

I am now a man of my word.

OK, then...
Larfleeze, I consider your honor officially restored. You may re-don your pants and walk proudly with your head held high.

May others learn from your example, that one should never make a bet and not follow through.
My library has just informed me that Black Lantern Corps Vol 1 is now ready for me to pick up, and I've also ordered the Blackest Night collection proper but it isn't in yet.

Black Lantern Corps Vol 1 collects the Superman, Batman and Titans mini-series.

Presuming that I can't read them before starting Blackest Night , and presuming the library is able to deliver said Johnsian meisterwerk soon, is there a particular order I should read the comics collected in these two books?

DC made a terrible hash of collecting the Sinestro War and tie-ins so I want to avoid that again, and read them in the right order.

(Thought I'd use this handy thread instead of starting a new one.

In blackest night,
In tighty whiteys
According to the Blackest Night page on Comixology, the order would be Batman (parts 9-11), Superman (parts 15-17) and Titans (parts 33-35). These numbers are the first I've seen to indicate what order to read this massive, 79-part story.

Incidentally, Blackest Night itself is

Issue 0, (part 1)
Issue 1, (part 6)
Issue 2, (part 12)
Issue 3, (part 18)
Issue 4, (part 30)
Issue 5, (part 45)
Issue 6, (part 58)
Issue 7, (part 73)
The problem is that the BK:Superman, Batman and Titans minis occur during Blackest Night as well as BK: Flash, Wonder Woman and JSA. Not to mention the eight "Cancelled Cadaver Calvacade" one-shots!
And Larfleeze, somehow I completely missed the evidence of your deed! Way to go!

Ha Ha Thanks.


I haven't posted here in a while because I've been too embarrassed.


After everyone has seen you in your tighty whiteys, it's kind of hard to face people.


And Figserello, your new oath both me laugh and turn as bright red as Atrocitus (which...as you can tell from above....I'm sort of tan, so that's pretty impressive).


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