Justice League (movie, Cartoon Network, 6 p.m. ET/PT, Jan. 18)

The Expanse, "Hard Vacuum" (Amazon Prime, Jan. 20)

Riverdale, season 5 premiere, "Chapter Seventy-Seven: Climax" (CW, Jan. 20)

The Stand, "The Vigil" (CBS All Access, Jan. 21)

WandaVision, "Now in Color" (Disney+, Jan. 22)

A Discovery of Witches, "Episode 2.3" (BBC America, Jan. 23)

Teen Titans Go!, “Lucky Stars” (Cartoon Network, Jan. 23): Raven explains astrology to the Titans and tells their horoscopes, but Cyborg does not believe.

Teen Titans Go!, "Various Modes of Transportation” (Cartoon Network, Jan. 23): With the other Titans away, Cyborg is forced to take a road trip with Robin.

American Gods, “Ashes and Demons” (Starz, Jan. 24)

Batwoman, "Prior Criminal History" (CW, Jan. 24)

Charmed, "Curse Words" (CW, Jan. 24)


PG: Psycho Goreman (NR, comedy/horror, VOD/digital, Jan. 22)

Siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was entombed on Earth millions of years ago after a failed attempt to destroy the universe. They nickname the evil creature Psycho Goreman (or PG for short) and use the magical amulet they discovered to force him to obey their childish whims. It isn’t long before PG’s reappearance draws the attention of intergalactic friends and foes from across the cosmos and a rogues’ gallery of alien combatants converges in small-town suburbia to battle for the fate of the galaxy.


Count TPB (Humanoids, Jan. 20)

Writer/Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa

Kicking off a groundbreaking slate of upcoming original graphic novels and media projects, Humanoids is announcing a three-book deal with Eisner Nominated writer/ artist Ibrahim Moustafa. Humanoids, the Los Angeles-based publisher of some of the world’s most iconic and groundbreaking science fiction and fantasy graphic novels, will publish Moustafa’s graphic novel COUNT, a bold, science-fiction adaptation of the classic story The Count of Monte Cristo in March of 2021. The publisher will announce details of the other two books at a later date.

“Ibrahim Moustafa’s COUNT is phenomenal,” said Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid. “Ibrahim has taken a classic text and brought a modern sensibility to it, with widescreen storytelling and clever reinvention. This book is a signpost for the kind of graphic novels that we'll be publishing in the months and years to come.”

COUNT follows the adventures of one Redxan Samud. Framed for treason and wrongfully imprisoned at the hands of a jealous and corrupt magistrate, Redxan Samud escapes his breathtaking hover-prison with only one thing on his mind: revenge. Samud sets out to dismantle the lives of those who have wronged him, disguised as a Man of Status with a newfound fortune at his disposal and his Automaton Retainer Unit (Aru) by his side. But as collateral damage accumulates, Samud is caught between using his new fortune for the good of the people or to pursue the revenge he so desperately desires.

"Humanoids has always been at the forefront of publishing beautifully produced, imaginative graphic novels," said Ibrahim Moustafa. "I'm incredibly honored to have COUNT added to that pantheon, and grateful for a long-term commitment to publish more of the kinds of stories I'd like to tell."  

“With everything going on in the publishing world right now, we felt that it was important to let the creative community know that Humanoids is open for business and looking for transgressive, thought-provoking graphic novels,” said Waid. “And that’s just the beginning. It’s too early to do much more than tease our 2021 slate next year, but it’s thrilling to see so many creative voices joining Humanoids.” 



I finally got around to reading some of the Future State books. So far my favorite is Wonder Woman, which undoubtedly has to do with Joelle Jones' art. The rest I've found surprisingly forgettable. Still, there's a lot of baseball to go, so I'm not pronouncing judgment.

Future State: Catwoman #1 (of 2)

Cover by Liam Sharp

Card stock variant cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau ($4.99)

Written by Ram V

Art by Otto Schmidt

$3.99 US | 32 Pages | 1 of 2 | FC | DC

Masked vigilantes have been deemed illegal, and the Magistrate has commandeered a bullet train to take those they’ve captured to a reformation facility—and filled the rest of the train with innocent children! Catwoman is hellbent on ensuring it never reaches its destination. Armed with a new magnetic suit, assisted by her trusty band of Strays, and featuring Catwoman’s new protégé, she must pull off the impossible: a train heist where she steals … the train itself! But Selina isn’t the only person aboard who has plans for this train and its most unexpected passenger!

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 (of 2)

Cover by Jen Bartel

Card stock variant cover by Peach Momoko ($6.99)

$5.99 US | 48 Pages | 1 of 2 | FC | DC

“Immortal Wonder Woman” written by Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan, art by Jen Bartel

The Undoing are coming. Long past the Age of Heroes, few of Diana Prince’s friends survive, and most of her sisters have passed as well. As an immortal goddess, this is her lot. But then, a threat appears that even the mighty Darkseid can’t handle — and it’s up to Wonder Woman to take on the battle! It’s big action and high fantasy at the end of time, courtesy of Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Becky Cloonan (By Chance or Providence, Gotham Academy) and her Doom Patrol co-writer Michael W. Conrad, with the popular artist Jen Bartel (Blackbird) making her interior art debut for DC.

“Nubia” written by L.L. McKinney, art by Alitha Martinez and Mark Morales

Peer into a closer future as the original champion of Themyscira strikes out on her own. Things have not been stable on Paradise Island for some time, and Nubia has found a new home in Man’s World. Now, she is tasked with protecting it from the dangers of the world of myths and magic. The writer of DC’s Nubia: Real One, L.L. McKinney, takes this powerful Amazon to a whole new level. Nubia by L.L. McKinney, Alitha E. Martinez and Mark Morales.

With the addition of Yara Flor, we now have a white Wonder Woman, a black Wonder Woman and a Latina Wonder Woman. Can Asian Wonder Woman be far behind?

Future State: The Next Batman #2 (of 4)

Cover by Ladrönn

Variant cover by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez

Card stock variant cover by Francesco Mattina ($8.99)

$7.99 US | 64 Pages | 2 of 4 | FC

“The Next Batman” written by John Ridley, art by Laura Braga

In this second Future State: Batman chapter, wearing a mask in Gotham City is now a crime — and when it’s compounded with murder, it can be a shoot-on-sight offense! Batman is on the trail of a murderous couple but quickly finds that all is not as it seems ... and finds himself in the firing line of the Magistrate and their Peacekeepers! The gritty, street-level adventures of the new Dark Knight continue!

“Batgirls” written by Vita Ayala, art by Aneke

Also in this issue, Batgirls Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown find themselves in a prison where the Magistrate throws heroes and villains alike! What no one knows, though, is that Cassandra was sent there with a mission …

“Gotham City Sirens” written by Paula Sevenbergen, art by Emanuela Lupacchino

And in a story of the Gotham City Sirens, some girls just want to have fun—so what do you do when you find Gotham City in turmoil and overrun by Cybers? You go shopping, of course! Join Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and a new Siren on a gal’s night out. They’re on the town, looking for trouble … and finding it! 

The Next Batman

Even before the announcement of DC Future State and Future State: The Next Batman, by John Ridley, Nick Derington and Laura Braga, the news that a person of color could be the next to don the cape and cowl as Gotham City’s protector sent tongues wagging inside and outside the comic book community about who it could possibly be.

Today, the speculation finally ends with the reveal of this surprise variant cover to issue #2 of the four-issue January/February miniseries. Featuring striking art by Doug Braithwaite and Diego Rodriguez, Gotham’s defender in this dystopian future is revealed as Tim (Jace) Fox, estranged son of Lucius Fox and brother to the former Batwing Luke Fox.

Tim Fox’s first comic book appearance was in Batman #313, April 10, 1979. The character has since been teased in the current Batman line, first as a mention in “Family Ties,” the John Ridley/Olivier Coipel story from September’s Batman: The Joker War Zone anthology. In October’s Batman #101, he also shows up in a conversation between Batman and Lucius Fox, who has since acquired the Wayne fortune and technology as a result of The Joker War.

On Feb. 23, 2021. Ridley and Coipel reunite to tell another story of The Next Batman and give him a sidekick as part of DC’s Batman: Black & White anthology series.

Future State: The Next Batman debuts in comic book stores and participating digital platforms on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, with new issues available every other week (issue #2 on January 26, issue #3 on February 2, and issue #4 on February 16). Each 64-page oversized issue includes backup stories of other Gotham City heroes and villains taking on the oppressive rule of The Magistrate and its war on vigilantes:

Future State: Arkham Knights, by Paul Jenkins and Jack Herbert (issues #1 and #3)

Future State: Outsiders, by Brandon Thomas and Sumit Kumar (issues #1 and #3)

Future State: Batgirls, by Vita Ayala and Aneke (issues #2 and #4)

Future State: Gotham City Sirens, by Paula Sevenbergen and Emanuela Lupacchino (issues #2 and #4)

For the latest information on DC Future State, visit the hub page at For more information on the World’s Greatest Super Heroes, check out the main page, or follow on social media at @DCComics and @thedcnation.

Future State: Nightwing #1 (of 2)

Cover by Yasmine Putri

Card stock variant cover by Nicola Scott ($4.99)

$3.99 US | 32 Pages | 1 of 2 | FC | DC

Written by Andrew Constant

Art by Nicola Scott

Batman is gone! Now, Nightwing has taken on the mission of keeping the citizens of Gotham City safe from the Magistrate. But to do that, he’ll have stay one step ahead of the Magistrate! And you know things have gotten bad in Gotham when the safest place for Dick to hide out is the abandoned Arkham Asylum! When Nightwing gets a visit from a mask claiming to be the new Batman … does he fight like one? Pick up this dark peek into the future by writer Andrew Constant and artist Nicola Scott to find out!

Future State: Shazam! #1 (of 4)

Cover by Bernard Chang

Card stock variant cover by Gerald Patel ($4.99)

$3.99 US | 32 Pages | 1 OF 2 | FC | DC

Written by Tim Sheridan

Art by Eduardo Pansica

No one’s seen Billy Batson in years — not since the incident known as the Final Battle of Titans Island. Now leading a small band of heroes, even his allies have begun to ask who’s controlling Earth’s Mightiest Mortal. In a story set years after the events of Future State: Teen Titans, learn the truth behind the sacrifice Billy made to imprison an ultimate evil even he couldn’t destroy.

Future State: Superman: Worlds at War #1 (of 2)

Cover by Mikel Janin

Card stock variant cover by Riccardo Federici ($8.99)

$7.99 US | 64 Pages | 1 of 2 | FC | DC

“Superman: Worlds of War” written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, art by Mikel Janin

This monumental Future State title features four big stories! First, Clark Kent is gone, leaving a Superman-shaped hole behind. People gather in Smallville to celebrate their hero, little realizing that he is across the galaxy helping others. Superman has gone to Warworld, where he fights as a gladiator in the deadly pits of Mongul. But this is Superman we’re talking about — and his idea of a victory does not line up with the expectations of Mongul’s hordes!

That's a mighty buff Kal-El. I guess they're taking their cues from the Alex Ross Middle-Age Superman in Kingdom Come

“Mister Miracle” written by Brandon Easton, art by Valentine De Landro

Meanwhile, on the other side of Warworld, other agents are at work, struggling for a better life. Shilo Norman, the man known as Mister Miracle, has ridden a Boom Tube across the cosmos from Metropolis to finds himself at odds with an entire planet!

“Midnighter” written by Michael W. Conrad and Becky Cloonan, art by Gleb Melnikov

At the same time, Midnighter, the greatest fighter from Earth, is punching his way through a whole mess of trouble. He’s on the hunt for a new energy source deadlier than Kryptonite. His goal: to shut it down before it gets unleashed on an unsuspecting universe.

“Black Racer” written by Jeremy Adams, art by Siya Oum

On top of that, the Black Racer, a girl raised in the slums of Warworld to be one of its top competitors, turns betrayal into a crusade to fight for the freedom of others like her. 

KING IN BLACK (Marvel Comics)

King in Black #3 (of 5)

Written by Donny Cates

Art and Cover by Ryan Stegman

After last issue’s shocking finale, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are reeling. Outgunned and outmanned, but never outdone, they unite and face KNULL, God of the Abyss, as he ensnares the planet in the darkness of his reign! Superstars DONNY CATES and RYAN STEGMAN continue to raise the game — and the stakes for the Marvel Universe in this Earth-shattering epic!


Once again there are a lot of No. Ones I don't know much about, as they are from small indie publishers. 

Abbott 1973 #1 (of 5)

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Art: Sami Kivela

BOOM! Studios / $3.99

“An engrossing web of mystical intrigue and social commentary.” — AV Club

“Exactly what the industry was waiting for.” — Vulture

BOOM! Studios today revealed a first look at ABBOTT: 1973 #1, the premiere issue of a new series from Miles Morales: Spider-Man mastermind & Eisner Award-winning writer Saladin Ahmed and acclaimed artist Sami Kivelä (Machine Gun Wizards), with colorist Mattia Iacono and letterer Jim Campbell. Debuting in January 2021, this new five-issue series returns to the Hugo Award-nominated world of Abbott, as the eponymous unstoppable reporter tackles a new corruption taking over Detroit in 1973 and the supernatural threat behind it.

Elena Abbott is one of Detroit’s toughest reporters — and after defeating the dark forces that murdered her husband, she’s focused on the most important election in the city’s history.

But when someone uses dark magic to sabotage the campaign of the prospective first Black mayor of Detroit, it becomes clear to Abbott that the supernatural conspiracy in her city is even greater than she ever imagined. Now Abbott must exhaust all her abilities as a reporter and a supernatural savior to rescue Detroit — but at what cost to her own life?

ABBOTT: 1973 is the newest release from BOOM! Studios’ eponymous imprint, home to critically acclaimed original series, including BRZRKR by Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, and Ron Garney; We Only Find Them When They’re Dead by Al Ewing and Simone Di Meo; Seven Secrets by Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo; Something is Killing the Children by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera; Once & Future by Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora; and Faithless by Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet. The imprint also publishes popular licensed properties including Dune: House Atreides from Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, and Dev Pramanik; Buffy the Vampire Slayer from Jordie Bellaire and David López; Firefly from Greg Pak, Lalit Kumar Sharma & Daniel Bayliss; and Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers series from Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna, and Francesco Mortarino.

Readers can find ABBOTT VOL 1 available everywhere books are sold. In the uncertain social and political climate of 1972 Detroit, hard-nosed, chain-smoking tabloid reporter Elena Abbott investigates a series of grisly crimes that the police have ignored. Crimes she knows to be the work of dark occult forces. Forces that took her husband from her. Forces she has sworn to destroy.

I might get this one just to giggle at the fashions. Lord, the '70s were awful.

Cavewoman: Double Feature one-shot

Writer/Art/Cover: Devon Massey

Variant by Budd Root

Variant by Budd Root

Variant by Jacob Bear

Amryl Entertainment / $3.99

This book features two very cool short stories sure to please fans of Meriem and Carrie alike! Meriem is crossing a steamy and very dangerous part of the jungle to meet a mystery friend in her tale! Nothing to do on a summer night? Come on down to the Moon Valley video store and let the sweet and sexy shop owner Carrie give you a guided tour of the shop and upstairs, where you will see the funky charm of her cozy apartment!

I usually don't pay attention to this character, as the covers suggest soft-core porn to me. Leaving aside the question of what the purpose of soft-core porn comic books is, I wonder also who they're aimed at. Kids who don't have the Internet? Or are there, like, five adults who buy Cavewoman, but they buy an awful lot of them? I'm just curious what the business model is, since my shop doesn't even stock them.

Courier: Liberty & Death #1 (of 3)

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Art: Oliver Borges

Cover: Geebo Vigonte

Variant by Sun Khamunaki

Zenescope Entertainment / $5.99

When Eve returns to Liberty — the stronghold where she was raised — she reconnects with her brother who works for a ruthless gang leader named Gillings. And when old debts are asked to be paid in the form of murder, Eve must find a way to save not only her brother, but her soul.

The long-awaited sequel to 2017's hit comic book series is here!

Every once in a while it occurs to me how attractive the women are in every comic book apocalypse. Who does their hair? And that's great skin tone for a woman for whom good hygiene is a memory.

Crimson Flower #1 (of 4)

Writer: Matt Kindt

Art/cover: Matt Lesniewski

Variant by Malachi Ward

Variant by Jill Thompson

Dark Horse / $3.99

From New York Times-bestselling Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt (BANG!, BRZRKR) with illustrator Matt Lesniewski (The Freak, Static) and colorist Bill Crabtree (The Visitor: How and Why He Stayed, Invincible) comes a brand-new, mind-altering journey through Russian folk tales, trained assassins, and government conspiracies in Crimson Flower! Crimson Flower will sport variant covers for each issue from artists including Malachi Ward, Patric Reynolds with Lee Loughridge, Marguerite Sauvage, and Tyler Bence with Bill Crabtree.     

After losing her family in a violent home invasion, a woman uses folk tales to cope. In a blood-soaked journey toward revenge, she tracks down the man responsible for her family's deaths, only to discover a startling government plot — to weaponize folk tales and use them to raise children into super assassins.

“‘Cold blooded Russian assassins?’ We've seen that before. But assassins trained using Slavic folktales as a brainwashing device? That's something new that really needed a unique visual style. When I saw Matt Lesniewski's book The Freak (nominated for an Eisner) I knew he was going to do something like we've never seen before. Our collaboration was alchemy - turning this book into a brutal, heartbreaking, psychedelic journey of a woman intent on revenge-killing every assassin that ruined her life.” — Matt Kindt

"When I first read Matt's idea for Crimson Flower, the entire concept seemed genius. What locked it in for me more was how drawn I was to the character and struggle of Rodion. The whole thing read like it was made for me to draw." — Matt Lesniewski

Praise for Matt Kindt:

"Mind MGMT is the best comic out there!” — Jeff Lemire

“Matt Kindt has developed into one of the most exciting and original talents in the business.” — The LA Times

“Matt Kindt is a storyteller so fully in control of his gifts that his graphic novels read like quietly compelling arguments for the comics medium’s narrative potential.” — NPR

“Kindt has long proven himself to be one of the most inventive and cerebral comic makers alive today.” — IGN

Cutting Edge: Devil’s Mirror #1 (of 2)

Writer: Francesco Dimitri

Art: Mario Alberti

Cover: Harvey Tolibao

Variant by Mario Alberti

Titan Comics / Mature / 170 x 258m / 48pp / FC / $5.99

Tomb Raider meets The Hunger Games in a brand-new series by renowned fantasy author Francesco Dimitri and award-winning Italian artist Mario Alberti.

Brought together by a clandestine corporation, the world's greatest scientists, artists and entrepreneurs must unite to solve a mystery of epic proportions! The Dodecathlon continues, but time is running out! The team's last hope is a lost artifact known only as the Devil's Mirror!


Gung-Ho: Sexy Beast #1

Cover by Daniel Clarke

Variant by Uwe Heidschotter 

Variant by Nic Klein 

Variant by Thomas von Kummant 

Writer: Benjamin Von Eckartsberg

Art: Thomas von Kummant

Ablaze / $3.99

The return of Gung-Ho! "Sexy Beast" picks up a few weeks after the events in "Short Circuit", where at Fort Apache, the situation is more tense than ever, as the threat posed by the rippers adds to an increasingly difficult life for the colony.  Kingsten briefs the fort council on the situation following the stolen goods from the train. The colony is running out of supplies, heavy weapons and ammunition, and so it is decided to ration even more.  She orders a team to be set up to find the stolen delivery in the danger zone. She also asks Bagster to put pressure on the government again for help. She believes a white wave is coming, a big attack from the rippers ...

I Breathed a Body #1

Writer: Zac Thompson

Art/Cover: Andy MacDonald

Aftershock Comics / $4.99

A science fiction horror series about social media, big tech and influencer culture.

It's The Social Network meets Hellraiser. When the world's biggest influencer posts something irredeemably horrific online, the world changes in an instant. Now it's up to his social media manager, Anne Stewart, to fan the flames of outrage and create a sensationalist campaign that rewrites the rules of "banned content." Thus begins a carnival of lust, revulsion, desire, and disgust - all for viral videos.

Written by Zac Thompson (LONELY RECEIVER, UNDONE BY BLOOD, X-Men) and illustrated by Andy MacDonald (Multiple Man, Rogue Planet), I BREATHED A BODY is a horror series about the voyeurism of violence and the Big Tech companies whoengineer patterns of fear in society.

I know there was a time in my life when I'd look at a cover like this and shout "Cool!" But I'm probably a few decades past that period, so I need a bit more than a repulsive cover to pique my interest. The solicit uses words like "social network," "big tech" and "influencer," topics I find soporific, so I don't think this book is for me. 

Iron Fist: Heart Of Dragon #1 (of 6)

Writer: Larry Hama

Art: Dave Wachter

Cover: Billy Tan

Variant by David Aja

Alien variant by Kim Jacinto

Marvel Comics / Rated T+ / $3.99


Someone is killing the ancient dragons that power the HEAVENLY CITIES, and only IRON FIST and the DEADLY WEAPONS can stop them...if they can discover who they are in time! Zombie armies, mystical portals, dragon hearts, some of the Marvel Universe's deadliest fighters all converge in one action-packed extravaganza, and the fate of all worlds hangs in the balance! LARRY HAMA and DAVID WACHTER are building a story that hits as hard as the Iron Fist itself!

I loved Ed Brubaker's Iron Fist so much that I'm probably spoiled for any other take on the character. More Orson, please! 

Maestro: War and Pax #1 (of 5)

Written by Peter David

Art by Javier Pina

Cover by Dale Keown

Variant by Ed McGuinness

Variant by Ryan Stegman

Marvel Comics / $4.99

After he’s finished revealing the Maestro’s shocking origins in the current limited series MAESTRO, writer Peter David will return to reveal the tales behind Maestro’s terrifying rise to power in MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX! In this thrilling new series, the legendary Incredible Hulk scribe will team up with artist Javier Pina to uncover even more secrets behind his landmark story Future Imperfect.

The man once known as the Hulk, the Maestro, has deposed the city of Dystopia’s ancient ruler and now commands in his place.  But why stop there?  As his ambitions lead him to wage a campaign of conquest across the entire Earth, he’ll discover that he’s not the only immortal left … and that if he truly wants to dominate the planet, he’ll have to face the most powerful beings in creation first.  Now, enjoy an exclusive first look at the Maestro’s invasion of war-torn Washington, D.C. in the MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX trailer, featuring never-before-seen art!  

“The Maestro has determined that life must go on in the world he’s living in, and that he should be the center of government,” teases writer Peter David. “He’s consolidating his rule. He truly believes he’s doing the right thing. After all, he’s seen what mankind inevitably does if left to its own devices. He thinks that free will has proven to be a noble experiment but ultimately didn’t work out. So now it’s time to try something new, and he’s what’s new. He’s setting up a world where he rules over everything, and to him it’s going to be a world of peace and contentment. And if some people’s noses are out of joint over it, then they should keep it to themselves.”

Is Maestro going to become a regular character? Look for him in the Avengers before long.

Rain Like Hammers #1 (of 5)

Writer/Art: Brandon Graham

Image Comics / Mature / $4.99

For fans of King City and Prophet comes an all new science fiction, mystery tale — Rain Like Hammers — by writer and artist Brandon Graham from Image Comics. The five issue miniseries will kick-off this January and every issue in the series will be extra length.

Eugene is a new inhabitant of Elephant, a walking city on the desert world of Crown Majesty. Far from friends and family, he spends most of his time navigating melancholy daydreams, toying with alien technology, and researching the best places to find high-quality fast food. At best, his life is lonely and monotonous — but all of that changes when a mysterious force begins destroying Crown Majesty’s walking cities!

"I'm excited for people to read Rain Like Hammers,” said Graham. “It's a very personal story but still chock full of distant future science fiction."

The art has a Mobius vibe. I wonder if the story does as well. 

Robyn Hood: Iron Maiden #1 (of 2)

Writer: Joe Brusha

Cover: Edgar Salazar

Variant by Igor Vitorino

Variant by Elias Chatzoudis

Zenescope Entertainment / $5.99

An outlaw, a vigilante, a hero bringing justice to those in need, Robyn has been there for her city, even when her city has had a target on her back. With Robyn, still an outlaw from the law in the city she calls home, it's pretty much torture for her daily not being able to freely roam the streets, and dealing with strikes from all sides.  But when a new threat comes to town, one too familiar with torture herself, will it be too much for our favorite archer to handle when she takes on The Iron Maiden?

I have the same question about this book that I do Cavewoman. From what little I used to see of Zenescope, it looked like a superhero/adventure universe with mostly female leads, one my LCS didn't stock. I thought no more about it. But recently I signed up for their newsletter, and now I'm pretty sure its business model is soft-core porn. That's because the "newsletter" is little more than a sales gimmick, with no solicits or information on upcoming books, but instead lots of variant covers, cards and other collectibles, mostly of topless women. So I ask again: Who's the target market? The Internet is chockablock with topless women, and much more than that, all for free. What itch does soft-core porn scratch?


Eternals TPB: Cosmic Origins

Writers: Jack Kirby, Danny Fingeroth, Bob Harras, Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio

Art: Jack Kirby, Jim Valentino, Steve Epting, Ron Wilson, Rich Buckler

Cover: Todd Nauck

Marvel Comics / Rated T / $17.99

When gods walk the Earth! Get to know the enigmatic Eternals — beginning with their introductory adventure by none other than Jack Kirby! The "King" introduced a new mythology for the Marvel Universe with the revelation that humankind is not alone. Thanks to the manipulations of the cosmic giants known as the Celestials, we unknowingly share Earth with the godlike Eternals - and their sworn enemies, the misshapen Deviants! Meet Ikaris, Sersi, Ajak and more, and learn the secret origin of their incredible race! Then thrill to a forgotten tale of the mighty hero Gilgamesh — and the thorn in his side called Sprite! And see the sorceress Sersi in a life-changing adventure with the Avengers — and her reluctant soul mate, the Black Knight! Collecting ETERNALS (1976) #1-3, AVENGERS SPOTLIGHT #35, AVENGERS (1963) #361 and material from WHAT IF? (1977) #23-28.

I think this is the last of the pre-movie Eternals-focused stories extant to get the collection treatment. Feels that way, anyway.

Justice Society of America: The Demise of Justice

DC Comics / 256 pages / $39.99

In this 1990s tale set in the 1950s at the end of the Golden Age of Comics, the world’s first super-hero team, the Justice Society of America, must join forces one last time to stop the powerful Solomon Grundy and the immortal world-conqueror known as Vandal Savage.

Collects Justice Society of America #1-8, Adventure Comics #466, and All-Star Comics #57

I'm sure I read this, JSA fan that I am, but I don't remember it. I hope they didn't kill half the team by the end, but they usually do.

Pulp TPB

Writer: Ed Brubaker

Art: Sean Phillips, Jacob Phillips

Image Comics / $12.99

NOW AVAILABLE AS A SOFT COVER TRADE PAPERBACK: A gorgeous original graphic novel from the bestselling creators of KILL OR BE KILLED, MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES, and CRIMINAL.

Max Winters, a pulp writer in 1930s New York, finds himself drawn into a story not unlike the tales he churns out at five cents a word-tales of a Wild West outlaw dispensing justice with a six-gun. But will Max be able to do the same when pursued by bank robbers, Nazi spies, and enemies from his past?

One part thriller, one part meditation on a life of violence, PULP is unlike anything award-winning BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS have ever done before. This celebration of pulp fiction set in a world on the brink is another must-have hardcover from one of comics' most acclaimed teams.

I got the HC of this book and loved it. I think I was supposed to be surprised by the revelation at the end, but I wasn't, and wasn't sure why Brubaker thought it would even be a revelation. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the journey. Brubaker and Phillips could adapt the phone book and I'd read it.

A Slight Case of Murder and other Stories by George Evans

This volume collects all of George Evans' EC horror. It features "Blind Alleys," one of the most chilling and famous EC stories (adapted for the 1972 movie Tales From the Crypt). A man who abused residents of a home for the blind winds up in an impossibly narrow corridor lined with razor blades as a ravenous dog closes in. "In Gorilla My Dreams," an innocent man's brain is transplanted into a gorilla ... who is then blamed for the death of his former self and hunted down. And in our titular tale, "A Slight Case of Murder," four pretty young women are each gruesomely murdered inside locked rooms with no way for the killer to get in or out. But one man thinks he knows who's behind it. In addition, A Slight Case of Murder and Other Stories also includes Evans's unforgettable adaptation of the Ray Bradbury story "The Small Assassin!"

I've got all the "New Trend" stories in collections already, so I don't get these books, which collect the same stories by artist instead of title.  But some of you have mentioned collecting them, so here's a reminder that a new one is available. 

Universe HC Vol 1

Image Comics will publish the Eisner Award nominated, Panel Syndicate five issue series Universe! by Albert Monteys in print for the first time this January.

The popular digital comic will be collected and available in landscape hardcover format.

Universe! features a series of self-contained, yet interconnected, science fiction stories involving alien life, robot love, corporate greed, and travel through time, space and perception.

“As a science-fiction fan I’ve always found that the short story format is the place where the genre casts a brighter light," said Monteys. "From the classic stories of the golden age of sci-fi magazines or the Twilight Zone to Black Mirror. Meaningful stories with powerful ideas, spiked with wonder that leave you wanting more. Graphically I find myself going back to EC science-fiction comics from the '50s, Warren Magazines from the '70s and Les Humanoides Associées from the '80s, all great stuff!”

Universe! will be a 9’25” x 6’93” landscape format hardcover. Universe! is also available in digital format at Panel Syndicate along with many other amazing comics.


Abandoned Sacred Beasts GN Vol 11

Asadora GN Vol 1

Beastars GN Vol 10

Blood on the Tracks GN Vol 4

Case Closed GN Vol 77

Children of Whales GN Vol 16

Cirque Du Freak Manga Omnibus GN Vol 1

Conditions of Paradise Azure Dreams GN

Coyote GN Vol 3

Cutie & Beast GN Vol 2

Dead Demons Dededede Destruction GN Vol 9

Demon Girl Next Door GN Vol 1

Story and art by Izumo Ito

Seven Seas / $14.99

The Demon Girl Next Door is the basis for the new anime of the same name, which is available on the subscription service HiDive.  It’s the story of Momo, a girl from a poor family who grows horns and a tail when she is 15 and discovers that she is actually a demon, and her family’s poverty is a curse that only she can break.  The catch is that she’s not a very powerful demon and to break the curse, she must defeat a magical girl who goes to her school and is not only more skilled than she is but is also so nice that it’s hard to start a fight with her.  Seven Seas will publish the series with a larger than usual trim size.

Fiancee of the Wizard GN Vol 2

Fire Force GN Vol 21

Fly Me to the Moon GN Vol 3

Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku GN Vol 6

How Not to Summon Demon Lord GN Vol 10

Jealousy GN Vol 3

Misfit of Demon King Academy GN Vol 3

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt GN Vol 15

Orient GN Vol 1

Our Teachers Are Dating GN Vol 2

Persona 5 Manga GN Vol 5

Pokemon Sun & Moon GN Vol 9

Re: Zero Sliaw Chapter 4 GN Vol 1

Rin-Ne GN Vol 37

Sachi’s Monstrous Appetite Vol 1

Seven Deadly Sins GN Vol 41

Splatoon Manga GN Vol 11

Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest GN Vol 3

Weathering With You GN Vol 2

Yamada Kun & Seven Witches GN Vol 20 Parts 23 & 24

Yo-Kai Watch GN Vol 16



Expanse #2 (of 4)

Gunnerkrigg Court HC Vol 8: Catalysis

Once & Future #10 2nd Ptg

Once & Future #15

Power Rangers #3


Barbalien: Red Planet #3 (of 5)

Disney Princess: Make Way for Fun TPB

You Look Like Death: Tales of the Umbrella Academy #5 (of 6)


Batman/Catwoman #2

Variant cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

Variant cover by Travis Charest

Written by Tom King

Art and cover by Clay Mann

$4.99 US | 32 Pages | 2 of 12 | FC | DC BLACK LABEL

Phantasm has come to Gotham City! Andrea Beaumont, the one-time love of Bruce Wayne, is looking for her lost child, and she’s pretty sure The Joker is involved. So, who better to have as an ally than Batman? And what better way to get to Batman than through Catwoman? It’s a knotted history for this costumed quartet, spanning past, present, and future. What The Joker did to Selina Kyle at the beginning of her career will have deadly consequences at the end of their lives. Tom King’s ultimate tale of the Dark Knight kicks into high gear as the story roars down the avenues only hinted at in the pages of Batman.

Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 4

DCeased: Dead Planet #7

Cover by David Finch

Card stock variant cover by Francesco Mattina

Card stock movie homage variant cover by Ben Oliver ($4.99)

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Trevor Hairsine and Gigi Baldassini

$3.99 US | 32 Pages | FC | 7 of 7 | DC

The Justice League fights an army of Amazos for Earth, while John Constantine goes head-to-head with Trigon! The Justice League fight for Earth and the lives of the...infected?! The final chapter of the best-selling series will be talked about for years to come!

Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #7

Legion of Super-Heroes #12

I haven't seen an LSH title listed in the post-Future Trend, trimmed-down line yet, so this could be the last one for a while.

Looney Tunes #258

Sensational Wonder Woman #3

Young Justice Vol. 3: Warriors and Warlords

Rorschach #4


George R.R. Martin: A Clash of Kings Part II #10

Cover A: Mike Miller

Cover B: Mel Rubi

Writers: George R.R. Martin, Landry Walker

Art: Mel Rubi

$3.99 / Mature / 32 Pages

The tensions between Cersei and Tyrion reach a breaking point as the Queen, convinced that Tyrion will betray her, seizes the woman she believes Tyrion loves. Meanwhile, Catelyn Stark reels at the news that her youngest sons have been betrayed and murdered by a man they had trusted. Prepare yourself for this visual retelling of George R. R. Martin's stunning epic — A Clash of Kings.

Red Sonja: Price of Blood #2

Cover A: Arthur Suydam

Cover B: Michael Golden

Cover C: Joseph Michael Linsner

Cover D: Walter Geovani

Cover E: Angel Ray Cosplay

Writer: Luke Lieberman

Art: Walter Geovani

Price: $3.99 / Teen + / 32 Pages

Red Sonja caretaker Luke Lieberman returns to the fiery-haired heroine for another chapter in her early adventures. He's joined by fan-favorite Sonja artist Walter Geovani (Death-Defying 'Devil, Clean Room) whose prolific work on the character goes back over a decade, most celebrated being his run with Gail Simone. Issue #2 finds Sonja awaiting her fate amidst the drama and intrigue of warring nations. Will she escape the hangman's noose?


My Little Pony Omnibus TPB Vol 6

Rom: Dire Wraiths TPB

Star Trek: Voyager — Seven’s Reckoning #3 (of 4)

TMNT: Best of Leonardo

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II #3 (of 6)

TMNT: Ongoing #113

Transformers #27


Black Magick TPB Vol 3: Ascension I

If you want to know why I swoon over Nicola Scott artwork, check out this title.

Chu TPB Vol 1

Killadelphia #12

Marked TPB Vol 2: Origins

Scumbag #4

Seven to Eternity #16

Stillwater by Zdarsky & Perez #5

Walking Dead Deluxe #7


Avengers #41

Black Cat #2

Cable #7

Conan Chronicles Epic Collection TPB: Song of Belit

Daredevil #25 2nd Ptg

Dawn of X TPB Vol 11

Immortal Hulk TPB Vol 8: Keeper of the Door

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7

Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1 (of 5) 2nd Ptg

X-Force #16

X-Men Days of Future Past TPB New Ptg


Adventureman #1 2nd Ptg

American Ronin #4 (of 5)

Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #316

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli

Cover: Pat and Tim Kennedy, Bob Smith, Rosario “Tito” Peña

192-page, full color comic, $7.99 U.S.

NEW CLASSIC-STYLE STORY: “Ice, Ice Baby!” Archie and Jughead decide to go into business with a sure-fire money maker ... a HOT CHOCOLATE STAND! In the cold of winter, they figure they can make a mint! But will their hot business get frozen when a huge blizzard arrives?

Archie Modern Classics TPB Vol. 3

Script: Various

Art: Various

Cover: Dan Parent

$9.99 US, 5 ¼  x 7 ½ ”, 256 pp, Full Color

After 80 years of humorous tales, the Riverdale gang are still going strong! Archie is proud to present the best stories from 2020 — collected for the first time ever. Don’t miss these modern classics!

Baby-Sitters Club Color Edition GN Vol 9

Belle: Dead of Winter one-shot

Writer: Dave Franchini

Cover: Igor Vitorino

 Zenescope Entertainment / $5.99

As a winter storm descends upon Philadelphia, something, or some things sinister arrives with it. Will Belle be ready to weather what is coming her way, or will the icy grip of death add one more to its ever-growing ranks?

Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #290

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Dan Parent, Jim Amash, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli

Cover: Bill Golliher, Rosario “Tito” Peña

Archie / 192-page / full color comic / $7.99 U.S.

BRAND NEW STORY: “Pussycats for Hire!” Josie and the Pussycats are getting ready to perform at Riverdale’s Winter Dance, when a series of unfortunate calamities cause Melody and Valerie to sustain injuries and force them to sit out the performance! In need of quick replacements, Josie calls on none other than Betty and Veronica! But what happens when Betty and Veronica AND Josie can’t play? Let’s just say there’s no rule saying you can’t have MALE pussycats …!

Byte-Sized #2

Dark Wing #2 (of 10)

Deadworld: Frozen Over TPB

Dryad TPB Vol 1

Essential Judge Dredd: Apocalypse War TPB

Fishkill #3 (of 4)

Five Nights at Freddy's HC Vol. 2: Twisted Ones

Geeky F@b Five Vol. 4: Food Fight for Fiona

Written by Liz and Lucy Lareau

Illustrated by Ryan Jampole

Papercutz / $7.99

Rainbow volcano cakes, glitter you can eat, and an effort to help end student hunger at Earhart Elementary are all part of the Geeky F@b 5’s next adventure.  As the girls dive into a frenzy of volcano cake baking, a new girl has just transferred into the GF5’s class at Earhart Elementary. The Geeky F@b 5 befriends Fiona

and her young brother, Freddy, who always seems to be hungry. Both are pretty impressed with Sofia’s tablet, Marina’s knowledge of outer space, Zara’s fancy headphones, A.J.’s ladybug car, and Lucy's sassy kitty, Hubble. They all become fast friends and later discover Fiona and Freddy don't live in a home like most kids.

In class and on a special field trip,  the girls are learning about food: how to eat the rainbow, milk a cow, and discover not every student has enough food over the weekend.  To help, the GF5 rallies their school to lead the way in the annual student hunger drive to help stock the local food bank. Join in as the GF5 rallies behind their friends  to tackle food insecurity in a “Food Fight for Fiona."

Great Gatsby GN Adaptation

Gung Ho Sexy Beast #1

Hollywood Trash #4 (of 5)

Hope TPB Vol 2: Hope Under Fire

How to Draw Star Wars SC

I Survived GN Vol 3: Nazi Invasion 1944

Infinitum Afrofuturist Tale GN

It Eats What Feeds It #3 2nd Ptg

Kidz HC Vol 1

Legacy of Mandrake the Magician #4 (of 4)

Lemonade Code GN

Life Is Strange: Partners in Time #4

Author(s): Emma Vieceli

Artist(s): Claudia Leonardi, Andrea Izzo

Cover A: Claudia Leonardi

Cover B: Sarah Graley

Cover C: T-Shirt

Mature Themes, 170 x 258mm / 32pp / FC / SC Comic, $3.99           

Max, Chloe, and Rachel continue their epic trip east. Two universes are drawing closer! Original creative team returns with acclaimed writer Emma Vieceli

(Doctor Who), and fan-favorite artists Claudia Leonardi & Andrea Izzo!

Miskatonic #3

Patience & Esther GN

Pizza and Taco Vol. 2: Best Party Ever!

By Colleen AF Venable & Stephanie Yue

Age Category: Middle-Grade

Published by: Random House Books for Young Readers

*Part of the Random House Graphic line

The second in a hilarious young graphic novel series about Pizza and Taco. This time around Pizza and Taco are bored, so they decide to throw an awesome party! What could possibly go wrong?

Pizza and Taco have the oh-so-relatable problem of not knowing what to do when boredom strikes. The answer? Throw a party! They have a location, and a guest list, and decorations. Everything is perfect ... until it isn’t. In fact, it’s kind of a DISASTER! Ice Cream has a meltdown, and who knew Hamburger was lactose intolerant? (Who invited Cheeseburger anyway?) Well, now they know how NOT to throw a party!!

Rick & Morty Ever After #4

Rick & Morty TPB Vol 12

Savage Circus #2 (of 10)

She: At the Tower of All That Is Known HC

Tales of the SS Junky Star HC Vol 2: Raiders of Orbiter 8

Terminal Punks #3 (of 5)

To Drink & to Eat HC Vol 2

Van Helsing (Legacy Number) #50

Vietnam Journal Series 2 TPB Vol 3

We Live #4

Yasmeen #2 (of 6) 2nd Ptg

Zorro: Galleon of the Dead #3

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With the addition of Yara Flor, we now have a white Wonder Woman, a black Wonder Woman and a Latina Wonder Woman. Can Asian Wonder Woman be far behind?

There already is one, you know.

Actually, there are two!

The Baron said:

With the addition of Yara Flor, we now have a white Wonder Woman, a black Wonder Woman and a Latina Wonder Woman. Can Asian Wonder Woman be far behind?

There already is one, you know.

"I'm sure I read this, JSA fan that I am, but I don't remember it."

This is the 8-issue 1991 mini series set in 1950. I found it to be highly forgettable.

Oddly, the 10-issue 1992 min-series set in the present day I quite enjoyed.

The collection includes All-Star Comics #57 (the last JSA issue) and "The Defeat of the Justice Society!" from Adventure Comics #466. 

"I've got all the 'New Trend' stories in collections already, so I don't get these books, which collect the same stories by artist instead of title. But some of you have mentioned collecting them, so here's a reminder that a new one is available."

Someday I'll post a picture of how cool these titles look on a shelf. We have them in the bedroom and, when Tracy takes a nap in the afternoon, she reads the titles (I have them shelved alphabetically) in lieu of counting sheep. I used to say, "I have every volume from 'Aces High' to 'Zero Hour', then they released 'Accidents and Old Lace' and ruined it.

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