Thought maybe I'd just make this an undated, running thread -- and just date the entries as the weeks turn.


Of the books I've read so far, Flash 7 is my favorite -- I loved Flash running through the wormhole, the promise he made to Snart (and the resolution of that promise), an interesting wrinkle in what will likely wind up being the Golden Glider's origin, the hint at Captain Singh's love life, and more. I liked Iris going through the wormhole -- it'll give Barry some alone time with her (though I'm by no means anti-Patty). And I'm looking forward to Turbine, next issue!

All-Star Western never disappoints, either -- the lead story made good use of Hex's origins and I like the gladatorial scenario. And the backup art had a real John Severin feel to it, which I appreciated -- and I liked the look at Nighthawk's background, as well. My one quibble was that I couldn't tell if Cinnamon was wearing a mask or not -- in some places, it looked like she wasn't drawn wearing one, but the colorist might have been trying to fix that.

Aquaman, sadly, I'm thinking of dropping. It's good -- objectively a good comic, I think, well drawn and exciting in parts -- but it isn't really connecting with me. Maybe it will in trades, sometime down the road.

New Deadwardians: I was planning on waiting for the trade with this one, but I decided to give a single issue a chance. I love the mystery it sets up, and I love the low-key nature of the supernatural here. It's well worth checking out.

Legion of Super Heroes: Secret Origin wrapped up with a nice moment for Phantom Girl, in particular. That said, I'm not sorry to see it go. While it approached the formation of the Legion in a different way than I'd ever seen before, and Chris Batista delivered some nice Ernie Colon-inspired work, the book as a whole was kind of flat. I much prefer the modern-day Legion, with characters who have a long history behind them. 

Still to come: Daredevil and The Unwritten.

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Daredevil was terrific as usual -- a great wrap-up of the Mole Man storyline, showing how personal this was for Matt, and also offering an elegant solution for the problem the grave robbing posed. Plus, we get a nice moment from an absent cat.

This week's Unwritten was the last of the .5 issues -- 35.5 -- and it gives us some insight into how the cabal got its legions of readers to work against Tommy's magic. Plus, it introduces us to one of them, who's sure to be a major player in the months ahead. While my wallet'll be glad the book is returning to monthly shipping, I found these done-in-one issues fascinating, and suspect there'll be a more rewarding spinoff than Fairest will turn out to be.

I liked the Daredevil issue too, Rob. The artwork is awesome, but the story really takes it this time around. I like the way Waid is writing an imperfect hero here, and Foggy is used to good effect as well. Pretty great story.

It was a small week for me but most of what I read was solid.

Aquaman #7- Decent issue. I still like the series. I think with this new arc, Johns is building up to something big for Aquaman, like he did with Green Lantern. I also like the character designs for the Others.

Avenging Spider-man #5- Great issue and my favorite of the week. Good moment between Spidey & Cap.

Avengers vs X-men #0- This was good. It was two seperate stories about the two characters that Avengers vs X-men is going to center on, Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers. The Hope story was better but the Wanda one wasn't bad.

Daredevil #10- I agree with what was said above.

Flash #7- Fun issue, the art is fantastice as well. Glad to see a hint of Grodd.

Spaceman #5- Another good issue from this mini by Azzarello and Risso. Probably a good tradewait. It's quite an interesting world that Azzarello has created here.



My only problem with the resolution to the grave robbing problem in Daredevil is, no way that cemetery isn't going to have people trying to rob it all the time now...

My shop was sold out of The New Deadwardians by time I got there (as well as Astonishing X-Men #48. And Avengers vs. X-Men #0, but I'm not worrying about having them get me one of those...). Glad to hear it's got a promising start.

Good point, Alan!

Ugh. I read Justice League International this week because OMAC came on board with issue #8. I had hoped that since issue 1 and 2, it had become better. It hasn't. It has some of my favorite denizens of the DCU in it: Guy Gardner, Fire, Ice, OMAC, Batwing, Booster Gold... but the writing by Dan Jurgens is just so BLECH...boring, bland, and completely lukewarm that I can't stand it. I was so so sad to see OMAC go this week, but I just can't stand to see him being written this way.

Is this why people keep reading bad comics? So that they can see their favorite characters even if they can't stand the way they're being written?

I had a pretty big week, so I haven't gotten through everything.

Avengers vs X-men #1 was pretty good.

Daredevil #10.1 was excellent. This is how, I think, Marvel intended their point one issues to be.

Fatale #4- was good, things are picking up.

Action Comics #8- was a dud, to me.

I've got 4 or 5 more comics yet to read though!

So far, the best comic I've read this week is Saga #2. I love nearly everything about this comic... with one minor quibble, of people's frustrated reactions to their technology as if it were our technology. ("I couldn't get a signal," etc.) But beyond that, I love it. And the Stalk? brrrrrrr.....!

On the other hand, this issue's Batwoman cemented my feelings that I'm glad Amy Reeder is off the book. She's a talented artist, but I think this is the wrong project for her. And I've moved on from being disappointed in her depiction of Maggie Sawyer to downright hating it. She looks more like Chloe from Smallville than a grown-up with a real job.

Loved the cover, though!

If you like Daredevil, you should really pick up Avenging Spider-Man this week for the first part of the Spidey-Daredevil-Punisher crossover as it looks to be the big conclusion of the "crime data on the FF unstable molecule clothing scrap" storyline.  And it's funny.

Kevin Keller #2 hit the stands yesterday and it's about another Riverdale student struggling with coming out to friends and family.  It's well done and I'm still amazed that it's an Archie book. 

I meant to pick that Spidey issue up; I sent a tweet to my retailer, who's put it aside for me for next week.


Lotta great stuff this week. While the usually reliable Wonder Woman disappointed me -- it's all build-up, and might read better once I see what's next -- Justice League was a lot of fun, and the Shazam backup was even better (Billy finally shows a little rough virtue!). Saga was probably my favorite of the week so far. Red Hoodwas a blast, Legion had some great sequences, and Shade was my favorite-so-far of the week's DC books. And Daredevil delivered a fun battle and two great cliffhangers (not just the Latverian abduction, but What on earth has Foggy discovered?), and even if Pham's art was the weakest of the run, that's only because previous issues have been so spectacular.

Still on deck: Batwoman, Conan, and Saucer Country.

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