Thought maybe I'd just make this an undated, running thread -- and just date the entries as the weeks turn.


Of the books I've read so far, Flash 7 is my favorite -- I loved Flash running through the wormhole, the promise he made to Snart (and the resolution of that promise), an interesting wrinkle in what will likely wind up being the Golden Glider's origin, the hint at Captain Singh's love life, and more. I liked Iris going through the wormhole -- it'll give Barry some alone time with her (though I'm by no means anti-Patty). And I'm looking forward to Turbine, next issue!

All-Star Western never disappoints, either -- the lead story made good use of Hex's origins and I like the gladatorial scenario. And the backup art had a real John Severin feel to it, which I appreciated -- and I liked the look at Nighthawk's background, as well. My one quibble was that I couldn't tell if Cinnamon was wearing a mask or not -- in some places, it looked like she wasn't drawn wearing one, but the colorist might have been trying to fix that.

Aquaman, sadly, I'm thinking of dropping. It's good -- objectively a good comic, I think, well drawn and exciting in parts -- but it isn't really connecting with me. Maybe it will in trades, sometime down the road.

New Deadwardians: I was planning on waiting for the trade with this one, but I decided to give a single issue a chance. I love the mystery it sets up, and I love the low-key nature of the supernatural here. It's well worth checking out.

Legion of Super Heroes: Secret Origin wrapped up with a nice moment for Phantom Girl, in particular. That said, I'm not sorry to see it go. While it approached the formation of the Legion in a different way than I'd ever seen before, and Chris Batista delivered some nice Ernie Colon-inspired work, the book as a whole was kind of flat. I much prefer the modern-day Legion, with characters who have a long history behind them. 

Still to come: Daredevil and The Unwritten.

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My only problem with Hickman's writing is that so many of his stories move at a glacial pace. Which is why I loved Red Wing so much, because he only had 3 issues to get it done. East of West is a faster pace as well (at least so far). Otherwise, I think he has some great ideas.

Wandering Sensei: Emeritus said:

This is an excellent series. It's unlike many of Hickman's other books in a lot of ways. Not that Hickman is a bad thing, but if you avoided this because you have hang-ups with his style, you may be surprised when you pick this one up.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Thanks for all the reviews, Trav! East of West is a book I definitely have my eye on.

Yeah, he's definitely a tradewait guy for me.

Picked up only 5 books today, and I've already read four. Let's get to it, for May 1, 2013.

The Movement 1: The first issue of a new series, and Gail Simone makes the interesting choice to frame it in the POV of the police captain (and seemingly one of the few uncorrupt people on the Coral City force), instead of any of the Title characters. It makes the kids seem even more out of control and dangerous -- a good thing -- but also keeps us from sympathizing immediately with them. I'm interested to see where this is going. Oh, and Freddie Williams's art is terrific.

Earth 2 #12: The conclusion of the Wotan storyline, as Khalid truly takes up the mantle of Dr. Fate. Plus we get a little forward movement on the mystery surrounding Sam's death, and we're left with the cliffhanger of the world going back to war to get Steppenwolf. So, yeah, a lot happened. Some great art from Nicola Smith, too.

Swamp Thing 20: Swampy's trip to Metropolis ends here, giving us a nice, neat little two-parter to start of Charles Soule and Kano's run. There's not a whole lot of action, but the atmospherics are nice -- I especially like the expanding evergreen in the dream sequence, while the (certainly artificial)  fern stayed the same size. I'm not sure whether I'll pick up next issue or not, but I don't regret buying these last two.

Aquaman 19: Love Paul Pelleteir's art! The Atlantis intrigue is nice, too, and Mera gets an unwelcome surprise at the end. I'm looking forward to Ostrander's done-in-one fill-in next issue.

I also picked up Dial H, but haven't read it yet.

I was actually interested in both The Movement and The Green Team, but I simply just can't get everything I want. I'll pick up a trade or cheap back issues later I think.

The Spider 11: The Fly and new villain Lawgiver have teamed-up to really put the screws to the Spider. If you've been reading the series you know who the Lawgiver is. Also, the cops finally get the proof they need to search Richard Wentworth's apartment, and he is arrested for being the Spider. I liked the first artist better on this series he has a certain style and his dark colors fit the series. The new one isn't bad, but it is just average superhero art.

47 Ronin 5: This has been a slow moving series, but since you know it is only 5 issues that it will be finished soon. Anyways, the ronin have been very patient in getting their revenge. Kira has finally let his guard down due to time and needing money to pay for his new home. Oishi brings them all back together for one last feast before they go and take their revenge for Lord Asano

Suicide Risk 1: The new series by Mike Carey out of Boom! Studios. Superpowers are just now getting on the scene, and most of the people out there are villains, or good guys who soon side with evil. The heroes there are, are few and far between, and usually end up dead. These leaves cops as the only ones to fight them, and they are getting massacred. After a really bad day Officer Leo Winters is trying to find some answers as to what is going on.

Fairest 15: It was pretty easy to tell by the cover, BUT Prince Charming is back, baby! A village with almost no males are being constantly harassed by creatures called Dhole (look like fox/wolves to me), and takes on a journey to request aid from the new Maharaja. I hate the lettering here though, really hard to read.

Ten Grand 1: Joe was a mob hit man sent out on a job. He was sent to kill a guy into the occult, and came in during a ritual. That man sent demons to kill him and his girl. The girl stayed dead. Joe was brought back to life by an angel, and makes a deal. He will have to set things right, because right now he is headed for hell. But everytime he dies a righteous death he will get to spend 5 minutes with his love, Laura, and then be brought back to life. He takes jobs at the cost of ten grand, but this first one will be for free. Since it is the same person who killed him and Laura. The same person he thought he had killed already.

FCBD: Fubar: A collection of stories that are all zombie war stories. There weren't any clunkers, but nothing that really stood out either. One was written by Chuck Dixon so that was nice to see.

FCBD: The Strangers: If, like me, you thought this was a new version of Malibu's team The Strangers, well then there is something really wrong with you. This is more like a supernatural spy story. We have three agents sent to a Carribbean island who has just shut down there borders to America (like Cuba back in the day) They are sent in under various guises to uncover what is going on. Since they know that the nefarious organization O.C.C.U.L.T. is involved. This was a great FCBD comic. Truly a whole issues entertainment, written by Chris Roberson whose comics I've always liked.

I'm behind in comics reading but I did read the latest Superior Spider-man. WOW! You might think you know what's going on, but you really have no idea.

IRON MAN #258.1: I haven’t read an Iron Man comic book since… well, since the last time David Michelinie and Bob Layton collaborated on an Iron Man mini-series. Here’s the deal: Michelinie and Layton produced the original “Armor Wars” storyline back in the late ‘80s. In 1990, John Byrne and John Romita, Jr. produced “Armor Wars II,” beginning with #258. This mini-series presents “Armor Wars II” as Michelinie and Layton ,ight have told it. the numbering doesn’t make much sense (sequentially, it would fall between parts one and two of the Byrne/Romita version), but other than that, it’s off to a pretty good start.

And I stole the "Armor Wars" name for one of my Champions adventures. I just renamed it "Gadget Wars"

Jeff of Earth-J said:

IRON MAN #258.1: I haven’t read an Iron Man comic book since… well, since the last time David Michelinie and Bob Layton collaborated on an Iron Man mini-series. Here’s the deal: Michelinie and Layton produced the original “Armor Wars” storyline back in the late ‘80s. In 1990, John Byrne and John Romita, Jr. produced “Armor Wars II,” beginning with #258. This mini-series presents “Armor Wars II” as Michelinie and Layton ,ight have told it. the numbering doesn’t make much sense (sequentially, it would fall between parts one and two of the Byrne/Romita version), but other than that, it’s off to a pretty good start.

You know what's weird?

I know I've said this before, but I was always a DC guy. For the first 20+ years of being a comics reader, I've been a DC guy. But not anymore. What made me realize this now was this evening, while I was in my LCS. I started to pick up Justice League of America, because I'd enjoyed the last two issues for the most part.

But then I realized that this title has a future, and that future would be a part of the Trinity War, and I just don't care about DC crossover titles anymore. And I don't care about DC anything anymore, because there must be a reason for the "brain drain" (a term my home state of Indiana knows all too well) of creators at DC.

Yes, I did pick up Batman still, but it won't be long. I guess I just don't want to reward DC with my dollars anymore while I don't appreciate what they're doing, not only creatively, but for what they're doing to creators.

It's like we say in education: The pendulum has to swing back, doesn't it? We will hold onto that. But if it doesn't, I will still have a lot of comics from Marvel, Dark Horse, Image, and IDW to take up my time.

It's because it is a DC book that I put Justice League of America back on the shelf. I never thought that would be my reason for doing anything.

I did have to pick up the Rocketeer Adventures Treasury Edition yesterday at the shop. I picked it up and looked inside at that oversize art by awesome artists. I thought, "If this is ten bucks, I'll buy it." Couldn't believe it was only $9.99. What a great product!

I flipped through that Rocketeer treasury edition yesterday and the only thing that kept me from buying it was that it would have been a duplication for me.

Regarding being a “Marvel guy” or a “DC guy,” I am historically a Marvel guy. Around the time I joined this community, though (10 years ago next month), I threw myself wholly into DC, reading Archives exclusively over Masterworks for a period of about two years. Then, right around the time of the “Death of Captain America” storyline, I switched back.

Regarding periodicals, I had been reading more DC than Marvel (and close to zero Marvels, at that), but as I have stated on this board perhaps too often, DC’s “New 52” holds no interest for me whatsoever. I am currently reading zero DCs, but I plan to try two new series soon. Largely due to “Marvel Now” I am reading more Marvels than I had been (but still only four titles regularly).

I’m now happier than I’ve ever been with my selections because of my new criterion: each book I read has to make me glad I spent the money it cost or I drop it.

I bought Iron Man #258.2 yesterday but I haven’t read it yet.

I tend to be more of a DC guy too, but I'm enjoying very little of what they're currently putting out.  I see myself reading some things out of inertia and realize that it's not worth it.

I think the only (tangentially related) Bat-Comic I'm currently reading is Red Hood and the Outlaws--well, unless you consider Teen Titans a Bat-Comic.  I find it amazing that I've been pushed away from some of my favorite characters so easily.

If it makes you feel any better, Randy, you're reading the opposite of the Bat-books I am.

There is a dynamic here I don't think any of us understand yet, but I'm willing to work with it if you are!

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