Attracted by the Alan Davis cover, I bought The Mighty Thor #18 for the Alan Davis art within. It’s been a while since I’ve checked into the doin’s of my favorite Norse god. Last time I checked, Loki was a woman; now s/he’s a young boy. There have been other changes as well. For example, “Asgardia” is now ruled by a triumvirate known as the “All-Mother,” composed of Freyja, Idunn and Gaea. (All of this knowledge and information was imparted via the introductory text page.) This issue’s story is the prologue to a multi-part story which continues through issue #19-21 and Journey into Mystery 642-644 as well. It’s off to a rollicking good start, and Davis provides at least the covers to all six parts (as illustrated by an ad on the last page). If he does the interior art as well, I’m there.

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Is this story about what Thor told his urologist?

"You're thor? I'm tho thor I can hardly pith!" [rimshot]

Thank you very much, I'm here all week. Try the veal.

I'm curious to see how this plays out.  I've been enjoying Journey Into Mystery a lot, and to a lesser extent Mighty Thor.  The team up between Thor and Lil Loki should be interesting.

I laughed out loud at work.  Now my co-workers want to know what's so funny and I can't tell them. LMAO!

the_original_b_dog said:

Is this story about what Thor told his urologist?

Jeff, your avitar reminds me of this Thor cover A LOT!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"You're thor? I'm tho thor I can hardly pith!" [rimshot]

Thank you very much, I'm here all week. Try the veal.

Ooh, a Kirby! High praise, indeed!

Kirk, if I could like your comment, I would.

Journey Into Mystery #642 – “Everything Burns” Pt. 1: Alan Davis drew only the cover, not the interior. I didn’t buy it.

Thor #19 - “Everything Burns” Pt. 2:

It used to be that one could pick up a random issue of a mainstream superhero title and be treated to a standalone story (or a standalone chapter of an ongoing story), but those days are past. Perhaps I have unrealistic expectations of what superhero comic books should be. Certainly, if these were series I read regularly I wouldn’t be complaining, so maybe I’m hypocritical as well as unrealistic. Obviously, I decided to follow this story (the even numbered chapters, anyway) for the artist. I couldn’t even tell you without looking who the writer is, or if the writers of both series are the same. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that I’m going to have to either buy all chapters of both series or just drop it.

What a strange post!   Do you only read every second chapter of a novel and then complain because you couldn't understand it?


Yes, if you were a regular reader of Fraction's Thor (a benighted bunch!), I can see you might have a point, but going in at the outset to read only this crossover and deciding to only read every second chapter, and then complain becasue its not making sense...


Yes, there are all the downsides of being manipulated by cynical corporations into buying more product than you really want to, and the coinciding problem of them producing more rubbish than they would produce if they were more discerning about what they are publishing, but the upside here is that you get a story functionally in weekly chapters, which is fun.


Matt Fraction is a bestselling Marvel writer who is apparently an official 'Architect' of the current Marvel U, so his work is worth a proper look and a bit of discussion on that basis.  Keiron Gillen is pretty highly regarded from the critical end of things, a young writer who shows some of the integrity with his storytelling that the likes of Gaiman, Moore and Miller showed in their heyday.  I'm surprised you wouldn't jump on this opportunity to get 'down with the kids' and see what is going on in today's books, instead of dismissing the producers of them out of hand.


I love grouching myself.  Fraction's Marvel work is generally hopeless as far as I can see. His position as 'Architect' says a lot about where Marvel are now.  Still, at least I made the effort to get to know some of the new guys' work before I started dismissing them out of hand just for being 'modern'.

The odd thing is that I had been talked into buying part two of the "Everything Burns" arc by my LCBS clerk...and yes, it has the Alan Davis artwork inside also.  So now he's offering to order the first part for me... but I haven't told him up yet.

The artwork that shows up in the Parallax View (one of my favorite movies!) also features the Man-Beast from another Thor cover in only another month or so later.

(I was SO surprised when I noticed both of them in the video clips.   That really was an incredible job of editing and juxtaposition in that video test!)

I'd add for what its worth that Gillen's work on crossovers that I've seen so far has been exemplary.  His weekly crossover with Abnett and Lanning's New Mutants was pretty seamless in tone and theme, and this one runs together nicely too.  Gillen seems to put a lot of work into producing books that work best in todays publishing conditions


Jeff - I know you are thinking of the old style crossovers where you have two or more different teams doing books that look entirely different to each other and pretty much doing different things, but that isn't what we've got here.  It's one story from my single readthrough of it.  Gillen and Fraction are working very closely together on it.


As a reader of JiM and avoider of Mighty Thor, I have had a little trouble with the background status quo changing all the time.  The whole series kicked off with Loki being a boy without a real explanation for it, then Odin comes back,  then Thor is gone and then he is back, then Odin vanishes, then three goddesses are running things.  All actually happening 'off-stage' as far as I was concerned.  I will read Fractions Thor eventually and Fear Itself, but only to fill in the blanks in Gillen's enjoyable longform story.

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