Attracted by the Alan Davis cover, I bought The Mighty Thor #18 for the Alan Davis art within. It’s been a while since I’ve checked into the doin’s of my favorite Norse god. Last time I checked, Loki was a woman; now s/he’s a young boy. There have been other changes as well. For example, “Asgardia” is now ruled by a triumvirate known as the “All-Mother,” composed of Freyja, Idunn and Gaea. (All of this knowledge and information was imparted via the introductory text page.) This issue’s story is the prologue to a multi-part story which continues through issue #19-21 and Journey into Mystery 642-644 as well. It’s off to a rollicking good start, and Davis provides at least the covers to all six parts (as illustrated by an ad on the last page). If he does the interior art as well, I’m there.

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I have read Mighty Thor #18-19 and Journey Into Mystery #642 and found them thought provoking and a little sad. Bottom line, it's about occupation and prejudice. The Aesir want the Vanir as part of their empire, despite them not wanting to join. There is a war, with Surtur giving added power to the Vanir but they lose and are "added" to the Kingdom of Asgard as citizens but never as full equals. Now there is another Surtur-backed uprising with the Vanir possessing a terrible mystic fire that cannot be extinquished so "Everything Burns"!

The sad part is that none of the characters come off well. Everyone seems to want this renewed war and Vanir-born Asgardians like Freyja and Heimdell are under suspicision. Even the Warriors Three don't act normal.

The root of this turns out to be Loki, the Boy Prince of Mischief but he apparently had the best intentions and wants the destruction to end. He has no self-serving goals as far as I can tell but then again, this is Loki.

Thor tries to stop the violence but fails, learns of Loki's involvement and protects him from the Asgardians. Is he too trusting? Mayhap but the young Loki strikes a powerful bond in him. He will give Loki the chance for redemption.

Odin still acted like the "benevolent" tyrant he always was!

If you want a Thor-as-superhero story, you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a political/social thriller, you should like far.


Last week’s Daredevil #18 is a prime example of the kind of comic book storytelling I’m talking about. It is a standalone chapter in an ongoing arc that has been building since the first issue, yet it is perfectly comprehensible on its own. Check it out… and if you haven’t read the new series up until this point, so much the better.

Well, his wife's name was Sif. Hm. What might "sif" be short for?
the_original_b_dog said:

Is this story about what Thor told his urologist?

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