This is a re-post of something I originally posted on the old board, which I will update and edit as I can.  It's my thought and reflections on all the Dalek stories (and a few non-Dalek stories that refer to the Daleks), with my thoughts and questions. It's not done in "broadcast order", but instead in the order that I imagine the stories occurring from the Daleks' viewpoint, which sometimes is broadcast order and sometimes isn't.  Readers (if any) are encouraged to praise, mock or ignore my theories as the spirit moves them.

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Well, considering that the title had been given out as "Asylum of the Daleks", I had sort of expected that.  Be funny if it turned out to be a Cyberman story.  ;)

The ultimate Dalek nightmare:


We are the Daleks. We wuv you.

We will hug you and kiss you and call you George.

The Daleks will be the supreme beings of the universe. Our heart is as big as all outdoors.

All you need is wuv.

Wuviate! Wuviate! Wuviate!



If it was a Japanese show, I'm sure there would be chibi-Daleks.

"Asylum of the Daleks"

The Daleks kidnap the Doctor and pals in order to compel them to infiltrate the Daleks asylum.


55)The Doctor initially meets a woman on Skaro, inside a building shaped like a giant Dalek. Skaro was supposedly destroyed in "Remembrance of the Daleks". I suppose this meeting could take place before that, or Skaro could have been "un-destroyed" at some point during the Time War. Kudos to the design team for making the Dalek architecture resemble that from the first Dalek story.


56)The Daleks are now seen to use nano-technology to create Dalek zombie/puppets. An interesting idea - they'd hardly need to bother conquering planets anymore, just release the nano-swarm and let it convert enemy planets. In certain cases, they do complete conversions, althoug with Oswin it doesn't seem to have completely worked.


57)The Daleks also now have a fleet of saucers again. So, obviously, they've bene busy since "Victory of the Daleks".


58)The Daleks are now seen to have a Parliament and a Prime Minister.  Parliaments and prime ministers seem oddly "democratic" things for Daleks to have. Presumably the Parliament is something more like  the old Soviet Politburo used to be.  The Supreme Dalek seems to be subordinate to the Prime Minister.Interestingly, the Parliament seems to be made up of "old paradigm" Daleks.


59)The Daleks maintain an asylum planet for damaged or insane Daleks.  I tend to agree with the Doctor that this all seems unlikely - the Daleks have never failed to destroy suboptimal Daleks in the past.  It also seems odd that no Daleks could be found who would go to the asylum planet - Daleks don't ask for volunteers, they issue orders. The asylum also apepars to include Daleks from different factions, and has an intensive care ward for Daleks that have survived encounters with the Doctor.


60)The Daleks are connected by a telepathic web called the Pathweb, which is so secure even the Doctor couldn't hack it. Oswin accesses this and erases all info about the Doctor from it. Even if the Daleks don't remember the Doctor, aren't they eventually goign to wonder why they lose all the time?

"The Last Day"

On Gallifrey during the Time War, a new recruit is shown the ropes only to be present at the fall of Arcadia.


61)Not much to add here. The Time Lords are seen to defend their planet with something called "sky trenches", but at Arcadia, at least, the Daleks manage to break through them.

"The Day of the Doctor"

Attempting to use the Moment to end the Time War, the so-called "War" Doctor encounter the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. They battle the Zygons and then work together to prevent the destruction of Gallifrey.


62)We are shown more of the fall of Arcadia.  The Daleks are described as throwing everything they have into the battle. While it's not explicitly stated as such, my personal impression is that it was an "all or nothing" attack for them.


63)The Daleks apparently have a "Doctor Detector", since they immediately know when he is nearby on Gallifrey.

"The Time of the Doctor"

A mysterious signal attracts races from all over space to the planet Trenzalore. When it turns out to be a message from the Time Lords, the Doctor spends the rest of his current incarnation defensing the town of Christmas.


64)By this point, the "new paradigm" Daleks seem to have disappeared.  There were a few in "Asylum of the Daleks", but I don't see any here. Guess they just didn't work out.


65)The Daleks are seen to be able to take control of the Silents. That makes sense to me - presumably they have built-in technology that fills the same function as the eyepatches the Kovarian Chapter wore.


66)The Dalek regain their knowledge of the Doctor's existence when they "interrogate" Tasha Lem. Well, they were bound to find out sooner or later. He's surely the most significant non-Dalek figure in their history. Even if they did forget him, they would quickly relaize that there was a gap in their knowledge of their own history.


67))Tasha Lem is shown to be able to overcome Dalek control, at least temporarily. Well, the Doctor does describe her as a "psychopath" at one point.  Perhaps that type of personality is harder to control.


68)The Daleks know the rules of regeneration, and know that the Doctor has expended all of his. Well, considering that they fought a war against the Time Lords, I suppose it makes sense that they learned all that sort of thing.

"Into the Dalek"

When humans capture a damaged Dalek, the Doctor discovers that its injuries have caused it to develop a conscience.


69)The humans refer to themselves as the "Combined Galactic Resistance" and the Daleks refer to them as "rebels", so this would seem to be set in a period where the Daleks either control or claim control of at least a portion of humanity.


70)The Dalek's travel machine is shown to have a "cortex vault", a sort of supplementary electornic brain. This controls their memories so as to prevent them form deviating from ortohdox Dalek thinking.


71)The Dalek travel machine is shown to have "antibodies" - mechanisms which defend it from any internal attack.


72)Daleks are shown to require protein for nourishment, which they occasionally harvest from the bodies of their victims.


73)The Dalek's travel machine is shown to have trionic power cells. Damage to one of these cells causes a radiiation leak which alters the way the Dalek thinks.

Between the two of them I liked Day of the Doctor better. I'm still not used to his new incarnation.

I like Capaldi's performance as the Doctor, but I feel as though he hasn't been given the best writing to work with.

"The Magician's Apprentice"/"The  Witch's Familiar"

The Doctor is summoned to Skaro by Davros, who is dying. Clara and Missy tag along. Davros tries to trick the Doctor, who manages to outwit him.  Clara and Missy mostly do exposition disguised as character development.

74)During the story, we see that the Twelfth Doctor visited Skaro during the Kaled-Thal War, encountering the boy Davros. Actually, we see the Doctor visit Kid Davros twice, once where he leaves him trapped in a field of hand-mines, and a second time where he goes back and saves him after all.  It seems really unlikely to me that the Doctor could visit Skaro without knowing where and when he was.  After Earth and Gallifrey, Skaro is the planet we see him visit most often. How could he arrive there without knowing it. Also, was it really wise for the Doctor to leave his sonic screwdriver - a piece of Time Lord technology on Skaro in the past? He himself once described Davros as having "one of the finest scientific minds in existence". Wouldn't he at least have considered that Davros might eventually have considered taking it apart and figuring out how it works?  Mind you, having said that, it looks a though Davros never touched the thing, so maybe it didn't matter.

75)Davros now employs Colony Sarff, a sort of gestalt snake creature, as his personal bodyguard. Sarff is an interesting critter, apparently able to infiltrate the Shadow Proclamation.

76)Davros has only now, at the end of his life, figured that the mysterious sonic screwdriver-wielding figure he met as a boy is the same person as the mysterious sonic screwdriver-wielding time traveler that he's been fighting for centuries. Makes him seem a bit slow.

77)We see that the Daleks have "puppetized" the Doctor's friend Bors. So, either they did that very quickly, or they already knew where the Doctor was before Sarff showed his face.

78)The Daleks appear to have re-made Skaro after its destruction at the end of "Remembrance  of the Daleks".  Also, it's invisible until you're standing right on it.  A bit wacky, but not beyond the level of technology that one might expect a race capable of making war on the Time Lords would have.

79)Davros has recordings of his conversations with the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Tenth Doctors. He also has a recording of a conversation between the Doctor, Sarah and Harry that he wasn't present for.  It was established in "Genesis" that the Kaleds had a pretty extensive surveillance system in the bunker, so I'll assume that Davros got that footage by reviewing surveillance tapes.

80)There are Daleks from a range of eras and factions present on Skaro.  No in-story explanation is given for this.  I suppose that a race capable of time travel might gather individuals from different times and places. I note that there are no "New Paradigm" Daleks present here. I almost feel bad for them. It's like, "We're gathering Daleks from every possible era except you guys, 'cause you suck so bad."

81)The Doctor is seen to steal Davros' chair and tootle around in it himself, until he discovers it is boobytrapped.  We're shown that Davros has no body below the waist, so how does the Doctor even fit into his chair? How is there possibly room for his legs? Also, he might have expected that it would be gimmicked against misuse.

82)We learn that Daleks do not die of old age, but eventually decay into a sort of angry soup, which lives in the sewers of Skaro.  OK, this is sufficiently wacky.

83)Missy hooks Clara up to a Dalek travel machine. On the one hand, the idea that humans can use Dalek travel machines goes back to the very first Dalek story, so there's continuity behind it. It still seem unlikely to me.

84)The Dalek travel machine "converts" Clara's speech into "Dalekspeak", making it difficult for her to communicate. This seems problematical to me. What if a Dalek needs to lie to someone? What about all those Daleks that pretended to be friendly? Also, I'm pretty sure that a Dalek said "mercy" in the Pandorica story, already, so it shouldn't be a surprise.


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