I was looking through some old comics when I thought of a new game. I call it Three of a Kind. Here's my first entry. 


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Red-haired cowgirls, you betcha. 


Western redheads?

I would have put up many Three of a Kinds before I got to red-headed cowgirls. So I'm glad you got to it faster!

Introducing Fleet the Wonder Horse.  "Never work with animals or children" is apparently something that The Shadow doesn't know!

Next, here's Black Fury the Wonder Horse.

Finally, a hero from my childhood, Champion the Wonder Horse.

I never realised Champion was associated with Gene Autry until I found this cover, and researched further.  I just remember watching the TV show "Champion the Wonder Horse", probably in the very early 60s.  That was the title used when the show "The Adventures of Champion" was rebroadcast in the UK.

I'm pretty sure The Shadow never called people his "pals" and that he never worked with a talking horse. I'd say the license holders weren't paying much attention.

Image result for beebo legends of tomorrow

And here's another Beebo for fans of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, of which I am one. A fan, not a legend.

Is there a third Beebo out there for this topic?


How about Bebo, the famous social networking site, which appeared some years before Facebook!  The couple that started Bebo in 2005 were British and they eventually sold the company to AOL Time Warner in 2008 for $850 million. In 2010 AOL announced that they were closing the website, due to intense competition from Facebook. Now that's what I call profit!

Skip Williamson had a character, Bebo Rebono, who appeared in a 1-page story, "The Thrilling Adventures of Bozo Rebono" in his Bijou Funnies #7 UG. Sadly, they're not on the cover or on the Interwebs. I'd try to dig it out and scan it, but it doesn't quite fit the requirements anyway.

Bebo are a scarce commodity in comics!

-- MSA

The Sphinx is way more talented than he gets credit for.

-- MSA

Meh. Looks like a one trick sphinxy to me.

According to the GCD, the stories in Mystery in Space and Action Comics were both written by Otto Binder.  The two issues were published slightly over a year apart, in Feb/March 1957 and May 1958.  I wonder how closely the plots are related?  I notice that both covers issue a challenge to the reader to guess the secret behind the story.

The Wonder Woman story was from April 1960, and written by Robert Kanigher under the pseudonym Charles Moulton.

It's hard to imagine the plots are very similar, given the different situations depicted and how distinctively complex Superman stories often were. But I wouldn't be surprised if Binder figured he could use the concept for a Superman story.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Kanigher remembered those two stories when he did his own version. That they're all in a 3-year period is pretty coincidental. Thanks for checking out those details!

-- MSA

Someone should write a story about the Sphinx vs. The Riddler.


Mr. Silver Age said:

The Sphinx is way more talented than he gets credit for.

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