I was looking through some old comics when I thought of a new game. I call it Three of a Kind. Here's my first entry. 


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These could fit with this month’s “A Cover a Day” thread; here are three giant, amazing, fantastic women from the pulps.

And then there's...

I wish I'd had the office-furnishings contract for Action Comics in the Silver Age.

-- MSA

It's déjà vu all over again!

Peter Wrexham said on April 25, 2019 at 5:48pm:

What has Superman got against desks?  Does he get kickbacks from an office furniture supplier?

There's even a bonus appearance of the trope when Perry White apparently starts thinking that he is Superman.  Clearly, this behaviour is a well-known thing in the Daily Planet newsroom!

Whoops! That shows how good my memory is. I saw two of those today and knew there were more, and since they were all in the same title they weren't hard to find. Great minds think alike, just 18 months apart! 

Mr. Silver Age said:

Great minds think alike 

Blush.  Why, thank you for the kind words!

Looking at these again, I'm amused that, on three of the four, Curt Swann even recycled the idea of the telephone being flung into the air and its handset flying off.

Entry to the Fortress of Solitude was often a recipe for antagonism...

And here is Charles Addams’ cartoon from 1940, which I believe was the first cartoon he ever sold to The New Yorker.

Does anyone know why suddenly a number of posts are "invisible" (just an outline) or, alternatively, "invisible" until clicked on? For example, in Steve W.'s post, I can see the first one, but not the second and third without clicking, and I get a warning saying I shouldn't click through.

JD, I wonder if it's related to the problem I encountered last month, and reported here on the "Tips on using the board" discussion?  I'm still sometimes getting that "Ning has been reported for containing phishing threats" warning.  When I click through anyway, reporting to Microsoft that I don't think there is a threat (which I suppose might be naïve of me), the problem seems to go away.  After that, I'm allowed to click through without interruption, at least for a while.

Would be kind of nice to have both these problems investigated.

I mentioned yesterday over on the “A Cover A Day” thread that I can’t edit or delete my posts.  Maybe all these problems are related.

Let’s see.  I can do this the easy way

or the hard way

Alas, not a cover

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