I was looking through some old comics when I thought of a new game. I call it Three of a Kind. Here's my first entry. 


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Pringles Pretzels and Ace Pretzel Co. both make the weirdest looking pretzels I've ever seen.


I'm not positive, but I think Ace may have invented a Moebius Pretzel.

Yes, I'm not quite sure where that one that curls under the center piece goes or where the other piece is coming out of. It seems pretty labor-intensive for sure. It makes me question if Bob White had ever seen a pretzel.

-- MSA

More pretzels.  Maybe these make more sense.

One more set of pretzel covers, although I had to cheat a bit with the last one by relying on the blurb in an ad to fill in the required “pretzel” info.

Earth 1

Earth 2

Infinite Earths

No so much "Three of a Kind", more "Three Exactly the Same".

September 1987:

October 1988:

June 1991:

Nothing clever here, just three "Defenders" covers I like.

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