I thought a thread of this kind might help out our new members. If anyone has a question, just ask away.

When you're writing a post, you can make the html tags in it visible by pressing the 'html' button (the rightmost one above the reply box). This is particularly helpful if you want to put a "reply" quote at the start of your post. When you press the "reply" button immediately below a post you want to respond to, the board brings up a box with the post's text in a blockquote (at the bottom of the box). If you bring up the html, you can place your own text after the quote by placing it after the /blockquote instruction.

I sometimes write my posts in Word and then transfer them across. This can result in unwanted formatting effects, so when I do this, I switch to html format and cut out the chaff I don't want.

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The Reply box has a series of buttons at the top. The Image button is the one next to Link.

If you click on this using your mouse you get a pop-up that gives you the options of adding an image from your computer or an URL. I always upload the images from my computer. To do this you hit its Browse button, find the image on your computer, left-click on the image, and hit Open.

I believe we shouldn't hotlink to images.

The Reply box also has an HTML button. This allows you to switch the box into a mode that shows HTML instructions.

When you upload an image in normal mode the box automatically places it at the top of the Reply box. You can move it to where you want by cutting and pasting.

When you upload an image in HTML mode the box places it where the cursor is. In that mode you see the HTML that represents the image, not the image itself.


I make cuts by saving the images I mean to cut to my computer and opening the saved version using Paint. Then I use the Select tool on Paint's Home menu.

The Rectangular selection setting is the default. If this is the one you want (and the setting hasn't been changed) you left-click on the button, move your mouse cursor to one corner of the rectangular area you've chosen, left-click and drag the cursor to the opposite corner, and then right-click and choose Cut or Copy.

The area you select might be the area you want, or the area you want to get rid of. If it's the former, you'll have to save the cut somewhere. I often do this by pasting it into Word, right-clicking on it, and choosing Save as Picture. Alternatively, you can open a new Paint window, copy it to there, and save the window. The New and Save options are in Paint's File menu.

When you open a new Paint window you get a white space. To paste your cut onto it you either use the Home menu's Paste button, or hit Select, put it on the Rectangular selection setting (if it isn't already), and right-click and choose Paste.

When you paste it the cut automatically appears at the top left, even if there's something there. While it has the Select box around it you can move it to where you want by left-clicking and dragging. You can also change its size using the Home menu's Resize option. The Select box turns off when you click outside it.

When you save a Paint window the white space around your cut is saved as part of the image. If you don't want this you can get rid of it by moving the borders to the image. The right edge, bottom-right corner, and bottom edge have tags that can be used to move the right and bottom borders. You left-click on them and drag them the way you want. If your cut has space at its top or left you don't want you'll have to move it to the upper left corner.

You can make an irregular cut by choosing Free-form selection and tracing the area you want with your left mouse button depressed. When you're done you right-click and choose Cut or Copy. When you paste an irregular cut Paint automatically surrounds it with a square or rectangular white background.

If the bit you cut is the bit you don't want all you have to do is save the change. If you choose Save (rather than Save As) you'll change the original image, so you have to remember not to change images you want to keep.

When the cut you want to post is ready and saved you just upload it from your computer like any other image.

Paint's View menu has a Gridlines option you can use to turn the gridlines off and on.

The first version of this post displaced the thread Comics Guide for Nov. 16, 2016 from the homepage.

When you click ADD IMAGE you get the options "From my computer" and "From a URL".

"From my computer" uploads the image from one's computer. It looks to me like "From a URL" hotlinks. The uploaded images get a board-address, but the "From a URL' ones retain their original address.

Hotlinking fetches the image from the source site, and uses some of its bandwidth doing so. So I believe we shouldn't do it. I'm surprised the board offers that option.

This post displaced the thread Flash Season 3 -- SPOILERS from the homepage.

Linking to an image instead of importing the image itself is a bad idea. If the originating website goes away or deletes the image, it will not be available for Round Table members in the future. I have run into this problem on old postings. Better to save the image and unload it.

This is has been a big problem on other sites with linking youtube videos, since you never know what might get deleted when. Out of four or five videos of Enrico Caruso singing Santa Lucia, they naturally deleted the one I linked to somewhere years ago. I believe the others are all still there.

I got a free Photobucket account just to save images that I link to here.

I'm no longer getting the pop-up that says who's around. It's useful to me. Is there a way I could turn that on again?

I haven't been getting it either.

Thanks Richard. It must be a ning thing, then.

Why am I so useless at uploading images via the iPad... I've read through the Tips but can find nothing.

That's a function of the chat board, which I turned off (at the request of another Legionnaire). Sounds like it has a use beyond just chat, though, so I've restored it.

Luke Blanchard said:

I'm no longer getting the pop-up that says who's around. It's useful to me. Is there a way I could turn that on again?

Thanks, Cap. I like knowing when others are around. (Most of the time someone is, but the number goes up and down.)

Again, can anyone tell me how to post images via iPad

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