I thought a thread of this kind might help out our new members. If anyone has a question, just ask away.

When you're writing a post, you can make the html tags in it visible by pressing the 'html' button (the rightmost one above the reply box). This is particularly helpful if you want to put a "reply" quote at the start of your post. When you press the "reply" button immediately below a post you want to respond to, the board brings up a box with the post's text in a blockquote (at the bottom of the box). If you bring up the html, you can place your own text after the quote by placing it after the /blockquote instruction.

I sometimes write my posts in Word and then transfer them across. This can result in unwanted formatting effects, so when I do this, I switch to html format and cut out the chaff I don't want.

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Some of those are hilarious. I'll have to remember they're there!

-- MSA

I especially like the "beating a dead horse" one.

Me too, but I can't imagine we'd ever get to use it around here.

-- MSA

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It's SO much easier to use the smilies this way!

Droll, MSA. Very droll.

Mr. Silver Age said:

Me too, but I can't imagine we'd ever get to use it around here.

-- MSA

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but lately every time I try to add a link or an image, it goes to the top of my reply, even if I try to add it in the middle. Even editing it in won't stop it. It's very frustrating and limiting!

I haven't heard of such, but that doesn't mean it's not happening.

When it comes to images, you can always cut and past the thing anywhere in your post, and right click to select a wraparound option. As for links, I dunno. Have you tried moving it where you want in the HTML view? That seems to lick just about anything.

That happens to me too, Philip. I cut and paste the link from the start of the thread to where I want it. You can also get around the problem by switching to HTML mode, adding the link using the "Link" box, and then switching back. I don't add images but something similar might work with them.

Sometimes one posts and the text doesn't display in the post. I don't know why this happens. The last time it happened to me I noticed the text was briefly visible as the page loaded. I was able to freeze it on-screen by clicking the stop button before it disappeared, and then highlight and copy the text.

The way I do links is to highlight some of my text, click "LINK" and put the URL where indicated. The highlighted text becomes the link. I've never had any problem with this approach. Have you tried that?

...Does the " Blog posts " function still exist ?

Not as such, no. I believe the redesign swapped it out in order to better highlight the columnists.

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